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We are an 18+, Preternatural RP site, set in a fantasy location based near Toronto, Canada. We are set in AU current time, and have a loose wordcount of 200. While we draw aspects of our site from many forms of common media, we are unique and not expressly set in those worlds. As such, no off-site knowledge is required!
We welcome you to join the site with your chosen OOC name: your Character accounts will be linked to this primary account. You should register with correct capitalisation: eg, John Smith.
Any questions, and you can easily reach the staff on site or through our Discord. Guests can post via our embed discord located in the footer.
Enjoy your stay!

Our site is rated 333 using the RPG Rating website. We allow mature themes, and may not be suitable for all viewers.
2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

IC, school is back in swing after Easter took place in April. This month, May 23 is Victoria Day, meaning all the schools will be closed! You can find more information about Ontario's school year here!

2022.02.19 - Welcome to 2022! We hope you had a good holiday season! While we were quite slow over the second half of 2021, we're chomping at the bit to get things underway, and increase our community! Have a wonderful day <3 BT Team

2021.09.17 - From today until 19th, we're celebrating our first Site-Wide event! Welcome to the Apple Fest! You can read more about the Festival here.

2021.08.03 - We have added some new IC-communication forums for you to use! More information here.

2021.07.28 - Welcome to the Fae race! You can read more here.

2021.07.15 - Grand opening! Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay! -- TP

2020.09.21 - Added the character chatter box for status updates. -- TP

2020.09.14 - Updated profile code. Stickied the header of this info box. 'About us' block updated. -- TP

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[quick about them section]

General Species Info

  • Born or Made: Made
    • Mages and Mundane can be turned
    • Werewolves and Shifters can not be turned
    • When you are turned, a lot happens to your body. Any wounds inflicted before the turn will be prioritised and healed while some of your vital organs shut down or are shifted into a new purpose. If you had a terminal illness, like cancer, your turning may take a few days longer as the virus works to kill off anything that isn't needed for your new life. Bones that weren't set straight will mend properly at this time, relieving you of that nasty limp or ache you've had for yours. Previous scars, old piercings and tattoos are viewed as part of the skin and left alone. Because of the change into a nocturnal creature, any vision issues will also be repaired at your turning.
    • The Child has no choice but to follow their master's order. They might not like it and might even rage but they always do it.
  • Average Life Span: Immortal
    • any details
  • Age Restrictions: 18+
    • Cannot be older than 900
    • No PCs under the age of 18 when Turned.
  • Mastership: There are 5 levels of Masters and it is not a guarantee that you will achieve that stage when you hit the right age frame. It's based on your powers and the control of it more than simply age. But a general time frame, assuming you aren't overly pathetic in everything is as follows. Note that not every vampire will advance past 5th. They could be 400 years old but never gained more power in any regard.
    • 5th is 100-150 years.
    • 4th is 200-250 years.
    • 3rd is 300-350 years.
    • 2nd is 400-450 years.
    • 1st is 500-550 years.

Strengths & Powers

  • Superhuman
    • Vampires are viewed (at least by themselves) to be at the top of the pecking order. They are faster and stronger and have better vision than humans and most shifters. Some breeds of shifter may rival this.
  • Immortality
    • all the details
  • Generic Skills These are the skills all vampires come with, though their strengths and weaknesses will vary from vampire to vampire.
    • Enhanced speed
    • Enhanced strength
    • Enhanced senses
    • Enthral/ Suggestion/ Charm
    • Telepathy You are able to telepathically communicate with members of your Family
    • Glamour
  • Mastery Skill: You obtain one new power with every level of Mastery you achieve, giving you 1-5 powers from the list below.
    • Mind Control You take the simple suggestions and go a bit further by directly ordering your target to do things.
    • Mind reading A highly skilled Master can get through most mental walls.
    • Control emotions: This is done more by touch. You can help calm someone or even rile them up if you're looking to cause trouble. Those more skilled in this area do not need to touch their target and may be able to influence more than one person at a time.
    • Scrying: You can stretch your mind out toward a certain person or location to look in on them. However, Masters that are strong in the mental fields may sense you and 'slap' you away from them.
    • Telekinesis: You can move items with your mind or a wave of your hand for dramatic flare.
    • Energy burst / Knock back: Vampires are not mages but they are essentially made up of magic. With a bit of focus, you can shoot out enough of your power in a concentrated form to attack with.
    • Psychic scream An actual scream that is almost deafening but definitely stuns and even knocks back enemies. This can also be done mentally if you feel someone poking around in your head. A weaker master can likely only do this once before needing a few hours to recover. Stronger masters can perhaps get two out or recover more quickly.
    • Touchless Feeding this means you don’t actually have to drink by piercing the skin. You are powerful and focused enough to draw blood through the target’s skin and absorb it through your own. This isn’t something that can be seen by the naked eye and unless you intend to drain someone dry as an attack—which can take only seconds to do—the target won’t even notice anything amiss, save for maybe being a little woozy.
  • Unique Skills: Unless you are a first level, you can only ever pick one from the 'unique' section. First levels can have two, with an overall total of five skills still.
    • Shadow meld You become one with the shadows. You can blend into them, masking your very presence until you step out of it again. If shadows touch, you can safely move from one to the other without detection.
    • Dream-walking: You are able to enter someone's dreams if you are standing near them and influence them or communicate. If you have a strong enough bond with someone, you can jump from your dream to theirs regardless of distance. Typically used to spy and gather information or influence the target. You usually aren't seen, unless you want to be.
    • Shift into an animal: Only one specific animal; you cannot become various ones depending on the situation. This is more an animal that has always had a special meaning to you, like a snake or eagle.
    • Veil-walking: You are able to phase between planes for a short time. This is kind of like invisibility but you are completely off the plane and away from any harm. An example: if someone was shooting at you, you are phased out of existence and the bullets won't hit you. Lasts no more than five minutes (half that if you bring someone else along with you) and it will take several hours before you have power/energy enough to do it again.
    • True Sight: You are able to see through all illusions and glamours. This is always active and a slow light burn of your power. So low that you don’t notice a decrease.
    • Mirror Image: Create a duplicate of yourself. It’s a realistic mirage that can’t fight or speak. You can create it standing, sitting somewhere, or even running away. A good way to confuse an enemy and perhaps buy you some time if you’re in danger.
    • Fire Resistant: While not entirely fireproof, you can be set ablaze for up to ten minutes before it finally starts to eat away at your skin. You are not a daywalker. Sunlight will still kill you as any other vampire since that is a part of the curse and no cure or work around has been discovered yet.
    • Swarms: You can summon (calling to the area around you) and control swarms of insects, rats, or bats for several minutes.


  • Sunlight
    • Day walking may be possible but also extremely expensive and rare. If possible, a powerful mage needs to know a complicated spell that can either enchant an item or create essentially a second skin for the vampire, both of which would only last about ten hours.
  • Silver
    • all the details
  • Decapitation
    • all the details, etc.
  • Starvation
    • all the details, etc.
  • Werewolf Bite
    • A vampire cannot be Turned by a werewolf, but the bite is poisonous to a vampire and can leave a vampire sick for a few hours to several days depending on how strong they are.
  • Stake to the Heart
    • all the details, etc.
  • Religion
    • Religious symbols only hold power over a vampire if the person wearing/holding the item has a strong belief in that faith. The item will flare up brightly and act as a temporary shield around the person, preventing the vampire from getting closer.
  • Fledglings:
    • Closely watched after Changing because of the chance of magic left in mages (their body stores magic and after the Change, a few spells can still be used before it is fully depleted) but also because they are in a way still changing from human. Their eye sight is still trying to adjust, their hearing is enhanced, their body is faster than they can really control, getting used to the Family in their head… They typically stay close to home to learn how to control all of this. This could take months depending on the vampire before they are allowed to start going out and assisting the Family.

Important Details

  • Sex
    • Yes, these vampires can have sex. No, they cannot reproduce in this manner.
  • Reflection
    • Yes, they cast a reflection. They will also show up in photographs.
  • Blending In
    • Food and beverages are okay to have. They have no nutritional value for vampires, but most simply just enjoy the taste and the ritual of eating together. It does also serve as a handy way to blend in with humans.
    • Breathing is also not needed but, again, it serves as a good way to blend in.
    • A vampire is always aware of the time of night and how close sunrise is. The newly turned fledglings will likely fall instantly asleep when the sun breaks the horizon but the older they get, the longer they can stay awake. Masters can stay awake for days if needed, but it does exert a lot of energy.
    • Day walking may be possible but also extremely expensive and rare. If possible, a powerful mage needs to know a complicated spell that can either enchant an item or create essentially a second skin for the vampire, both of which would only last about ten hours.
    • Garlic does not repel vampires though their heightened senses might not enjoy it.
  • Healing
    • Vampires don't need to sleep in a coffin to heal or feel rejuvenated; a bed works just as well. Back in the day of poorly built homes, coffins or underground crypts were a lot more secure with a lot less stray rays of sunlight. So some of the older vampires may prefer it still if they wish out of habit or a stronger sense of security.
    • Minor wounds like a slash or even stab wounds and shallow bullet wounds can heal almost instantly. For anything major like their innards spilling out, a little medical packing and a good healing trance (essentially a coma and you can still hear people around you) will fix you up. Vampires can re-attach their limbs so long as they still have enough blood in their system. Everything will knit back together, though nerves may need a day or two to adjust once more so some mobility issues may abound. Nothing fixes full decapitation, though!
  • Family
    • The Child has no choice but to follow their master's order. They might not like it and might even rage but they always do it.
    • Staying with the Family makes everyone stronger. Strength in numbers, sure, but also the ebb and flow of energy through the bloodline. The Master can give some of his power out if needed but he can also just as easily absorb all of his Family's power if he's in a bind. If a Master draws from you, you'll feel yourself weakening, possibly even falling instantly unconscious.
    • As part of a population control effort, because you don't want to outnumber the feeding source, only Masters are allowed to Change someone and they must take responsibility for that baby (no changing and leaving them behind). Everyone has the ability to do so but if the Senate learns of a non-Master doing so, it will be investigated and in most cases, the fledgling will be punished by being staked and their sire may not fare any better, depending on line and their own reputation.
    • To become a Master, on average, your age is around 100 years. It has more to do with your personal strength and mastery over skills, including gaining new ones. As a Master, more powers may come to you.
    • If you obtain master level, you can be emancipated. Whether you wish to start your own Family/court or stay with the current one is up to you and your Master. If you stay, you have a lot more free will and aren't compelled by the bond to follow orders, but do so out of love and loyalty. If you leave to start your own Family, you are still a member of your sire’s bloodline and will answer to him/her if they ever call upon you, though again it’s more out of respect (possibly fear of repercussions). Some prefer the comforts and safety and not having to run anything and are content to stay with their Master.
    • Vampires are never solo. They are always a part of a Family and Masters can pass a vampire to another Family. Some ways in which this can happen is a trade or perhaps a duel with a vampire as the prize.
    • The Family can mentally communicate with one another. The closer they are, the easier it is. You'll be able to clearly reach out to anyone within the city but outside of that, you may have to rely on a cell phone.


[Information about their collective]


    Many believe vampires came to be thanks to Apollo's temper. The Greek god created a new and better version of humans and blessed them with beauty, strength, and immortality. There's a lot of debate over what triggered the act of vengeance but everyone agrees that Apollo cursed 'his children' to never be in his presence again, denying them the ability to walk in the sunlight and stole away their ability to find nourishment in food as they had known it. If they tried to venture out during the day, they immediately caught on fire and quickly burned to ash. His twin, Artemis, took pity on the creatures and allowed them to walk safely under the light of her moon while also giving them hunting skills to survive--including night vision and fangs to help drink the blood of their prey.

    Around 800 A.D. with Charlemagne doing his best to grow and unite Europe and Christianity growing stronger with each passing year, the vampires realised they needed their own rulers and those that would enforce the laws that had thus far only been strongly recommended. It took several bloody years of battle, bribing, and negotiation before a ruler and their council were selected to oversee Europe and again in Asia. Later, as the population of humans and vampires began to spread and conquer more land, several other councils were created to help keep everyone in line.

    The loss of respect and belief in all things preternatural forced the councils to create stricter laws that further pushed vampires into the shadows but kept them all safer. It was at this time that it became law that only master level vampires could Turn someone and they were in charge of that fledgling's education and safety. Killing when feeding wasn't stopped but massacres were frowned upon and leaving when suspicions started to rise encouraged. In modern times, killing is now frowned upon by many masters and they enforce their own Family law but the councils don't intervene too much with those that allow killings so long as the numbers stay low.

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