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We are an 18+, Preternatural RP site, set in a fantasy location based near Toronto, Canada. We are set in AU current time, and have a loose wordcount of 200. While we draw aspects of our site from many forms of common media, we are unique and not expressly set in those worlds. As such, no off-site knowledge is required!
We welcome you to join the site with your chosen OOC name: your Character accounts will be linked to this primary account. You should register with correct capitalisation: eg, John Smith.
Any questions, and you can easily reach the staff on site or through our Discord. Guests can post via our embed discord located in the footer.
Enjoy your stay!

Our site is rated 333 using the RPG Rating website. We allow mature themes, and may not be suitable for all viewers.
2021.09.17 - From today until 19th, we're celebrating our first Site-Wide event! Welcome to the Apple Fest! You can read more about the Festival here.

2021.08.03 - We have added some new IC-communication forums for you to use! More information here.

2021.07.28 - Welcome to the Fae race! You can read more here.

2021.07.15 - Grand opening! Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay! -- TP

2020.09.21 - Added the character chatter box for status updates. -- TP

2020.09.14 - Updated profile code. Stickied the header of this info box. 'About us' block updated. -- TP

2020.09.13 - Site Statistics in the footer updated. Discord embed-ed. This information box added. -- TP

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News, Information and Site Updates within!
New Forums!
Post by ThistleProse 2021-Aug-03, 07:21 AM


4 posts // 4 threads
Petal Pots Designs
Post by Arya Jacobs 2021-Aug-27, 04:26 AM


Site Wide Events

1 posts // 1 threads
Events that impact the whole site in some means will be posted here. It is up to the characters how the event impacts their day to day life.
Apple Fest September 17-1...
Post by SunsetWay 2021-Sep-18, 12:56 PM

Texts & Telepathy

15 posts // 4 threads
Character communication goes here, via the means of texting, phone calls, or telepathy.
-  As Promised
Post by Persephone Miller 2021-Oct-15, 07:21 AM

Blogging & Social Media

9 posts // 5 threads
Characters can keep a journal, a diary, or a blog and post here. Journals and Diaries should be considered private to that character, but a blog may be public if prefixed as ‘open’.
Post by Nicholas Erobern 2021-Sep-18, 03:38 AM



68 posts // 11 threads
Greenbrooke’s residential area lies to the North of Red Oak Forest, and South of Downtown. Most of the residential area is made up of multi-story complex buildings, separated by town houses with various sized yards. There are several small playgrounds scattered between the blocks, and a dog park down near the Forest. Some small family owned businesses have spawned on corners – a café here, a general store there.
-  Spirit Thievery
Post by Aislin Moore 2021-Dec-12, 09:59 AM

Lake Front Residential

105 posts // 9 threads
Home to some of the richest that Greenbrooke has to offer, the Lake Front Residential area is primarily made up of single and double story houses, with large yards and excellent views. There are a handful of condos scattered between, their small living space fetching high price tags and are highly prized by those that can seize them. More sparsely located still are the businesses that satisfy the needs and desires of those who live in the area. Food, drink, sex, drugs – the rich name it, and it is provided.
-  Minty Fruit
Post by Nocturne Jackson 2022-Jan-19, 04:52 AM


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North of the residential area, south of cottage country, Down Town is where all the action is. Home to multiple story buildings, shopping complexes, super stores, and more coffee shops than a caffeine addict can shake a stick at, Down Town has everything covered.

During daylight hours, Down Town is a tidy, civilised place where families are often seen, and children can wander around in relative safety after school. However, when the sun goes down, the shadows run wild. Down Town isn’t somewhere for the skittish to visit in the darkness. Home to its own red-light district, questionable clubs, and more drug runners than can be counted, Down Town is as two faced as the moon.
-  Old Movie, Fresh Popcorn
Post by Chance Warden 2022-Jan-19, 05:25 AM

Cottage Country

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A solid 2 hour drive north, Cottage Country consists of open forests, a small lake, and assorted cabins for rent or to own. Popular for shifters to run free and mages to practice elemental magic.
No posts have been made in this forum.


Player's Corner

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Where Players play when they're not Playing~
SunsetWay's Characters' P...
Post by SunsetWay 2021-Dec-19, 03:34 AM

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