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2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

IC, school is back in swing after Easter took place in April. This month, May 23 is Victoria Day, meaning all the schools will be closed! You can find more information about Ontario's school year here!

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-  How Is It You Sing?
Thursday, Late Morning 10-March-2022
The Trails @ Queen Victoria Forestry
Light Flurry
Burber Fae

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2022-Mar-15, 11:53 AM
A gentle melody drifted through the solemn Victoria Forestry. Nameless. She did not know where it had come from, only that it’d been with her the longest. The song might have been just a remnant of the past, something hummed into her infant ears during the time before. Today it filled her heart with some warmth on this lightly snowing afternoon, though the organ was capable of holding very little.

Actually, she strolled the grounds with no intention but to wander and listen. That morning the Robin paused during her breakfast and turned her nose to the open windows where they could hear the birds chirping. “They are calling, Constance. Do you hear their prayers?” Whatever words the Cardinals sang to Robin were not understood by her adopted daughter. Constance could only hear their little melody echoing through the snow tipped pines. She needn't be told to venture out into the grounds and find the one that’d been kissed. Though there were plenty of times she wanted to ask Robin why they couldn’t simply wait for the bird to settle on the windowsill.

“Don’t you want to enjoy the snow?”

Not particularly, but then that was what made Robin a good mother. She may have nurtured their bloodthirsty desires, but she never failed to nudge them towards simpler delights. Constance found herself quite content to be lost in the white blanket. Not many had walked the trails and the snow was almost entirely fresh. It was quiet. Even the city beyond couldn’t penetrate the silence. There was only the rippling river, the birds, and the humming assassin.

Constance dug her hands deeper into the pockets of her crimson overcoat as the wind picked up her curled hair. The breeze was bitter, but she wasn’t a stranger to the cold. A streak of red drew her attention to the peaks of the trees. She could just faintly see a Cardinal settling into its nest while it whistled happily.

“Do you have something to tell me?” Constance softly questioned, but received little more than another tune. She continued on her stroll until eventually she was confronted with not another of Robin’s precious birds, but a person. Constance simply raised a hand in greeting.

“And here I thought I was the only one mad enough to stroll in the snow this early…”

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