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2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

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Sunday, 8pm 10-October-2021
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2021-Oct-18, 11:30 AM
Percy wasn't one to stick to a fitness regime but she did sometimes find herself going out for a jog in the evening when the weather was nice. Typically, crunches were used when she was feeling guilty for eating too many cookies. That evening saw her doing both. As she was out for the jog, wireless headphones on and synched to her phone in a zipped up pocket, she hadn't noticed the text that came in. She still didn't see it as the motivation to work out continued as she got home. A quick drink of water and she threw herself on the floor, feet tucked under her couch to help keep from moving as she did the crunches.

Finally, as she flopped back with a sigh of relief and a decision that she had worked out enough for at least four days, Percy pulled out her phone and saw she had a few missed messages. She replied quickly to her mom as parents always got top priority in her mind but completely ignored her friend when Asher's name caught her eye. With a smile she had his message open and laughed aloud at his question.

Have you ever been to The Dubois Annual Masquerade Ball?

Really? Her? At a fancy pants masquerade thrown by one of the richest people in the city? Yeah, okay. She hoisted her legs up to rest on the seat of the couch and sent the reply, wondering why Asher was asking. Maybe he was invited and was trying to get some more information on it before RSVPing. A part of her hoped he was going to ask her to go as his date but they'd really only exchanged flirty texts and Percy figured they were more likely to go for beers and hang out rather than dress to the nines. Not that she didn't think Asher wouldn't splurge on a fancy date as he definitely gave off the rich boy vibes and his clothes were of good quality.

His response interrupted her ponderings and Percy bit her lower lip in how to reply. She was now leaning toward the possibility of being asked but did she dare get her hopes up for it? She went for a sassy little joke instead. That depends on if someone I know asks me to go as his date and isn't simply passing along a job posting he heard about.

A wince met his reply. That had been a bit offensive, hadn't it? Damn it, she was out of practice with dating and dealing with men and their fragile egos in general. But Asher did seem to be a decent man and from what she knew of him so far, he really wouldn't pass along a job posting, especially with the way he had first brought up the topic. Still, she didn't apologise and instead stared at the words on her screen a bit longer.

"Gertie!" Percy called out for her roommate of sorts, smile stuck in place as she started a reply and then hesitated. When Gertrude still didn’t appear, Percy sighed and shouted again, “Gertrude! It’s about a boy!” Seconds later her live-in ghost appeared, standing by her head. It would have been an odd view if Gertrude wasn’t solid to her thanks to her abilities. Percy still wondered how many ghosts she had spoken with over the years without knowing it since they looked like everyone else; minus the clothing in some cases. Gertrude had died at age twenty in 1910 while hosting a small bridal shower two days before her wedding. It was out in the garden while they played croquet and her friend was now forever wearing a lovely ankle length lacy dress. It really suited her.

It’s Gertie, bitch!” Gertrude announced herself with a pleased grin and Percy rolled her eyes. It seemed someone was in her Britney Spears mood again. Percy normally didn’t mind but that phrase was something she wished the popstar hadn’t uttered.

“Remember me telling you about Asher? He just asked me to go to a freaking ball with him!” Percy excitedly announced while sitting up and spinning around to see the ghost at a more appropriate angle.

Oh! That is lovely! You accepted of course?

She hadn’t hit send on the message yet, not wanting to seem too eager but she also didn’t want to make it seem like she was thinking too long and hard on it. Checking the time when Asher’s message was sent and the current time, Percy decided five minutes was perfect and hit send. Still no apology to be seen but she implied it would happen in person. “Just did. But I don’t know anything about it and I can only imagine how much a dress would cost for it. Do you think grandma would mind if I used some of the inheritance to buy the perfect dress for it?” She missed her grandma every single day but did her best to live a full life like she always wanted for her favourite granddaughter.

Gertrude giggled and waved off the fears before sitting daintily on the couch. Percy couldn’t figure out the logistics of ghosts interacting with objects since sometimes they could pass through something solid while other times they acted like they had mass like a human. “You know she wanted you to use it to live comfortably and to be happy. I think splurging on a dress for an important night and with an attractive man counts.” Of course she did. Gertrude was a bit boy crazy and Percy chalked that up to dying a virgin before she was wed since she figured she’d be a thirsty ghost in that situation.

You will have to shop online, of course, so that I may assist you in finding the perfect dress.

“We will definitely start there! We need to research as well; check out some photos from past events and get an idea of what we’re looking for.” Percy glanced at her phone again and saw another message come through and smiled again. Asher had never been either and that put her at ease. She would likely still be nervous at the Ball but at least she wouldn’t have to worry about floundering on her own.

Oh good, we can sink or swim together.
I think I have some shopping to do.

“Let me shower first and then we’ll start the hunt!” Percy laughed as Gertie squealed with excitement and vanished again, likely to go wait in the den where she was pretty sure she’d left the laptop the last time she used it.

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