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-  Thanksgiving Musings
Sunday, 2pm 10-October-2021
Jackson family home
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2021-Oct-14, 02:34 AM
Thanks to having a hippie-esque mother, not only did he and his sister have weird names, they were also raised vegetarian that bordered on vegan. Even after she abandoned them, they had both continued with it, though fish sometimes entered their diet and he was a heathen that loved eggs and dairy too much to fully abandon. When he was younger, being a vegetarian was almost a problem when the school did BBQ days or having dinner at a friend's house. It became easier, especially for Lyric, once people started accepting and acknowledging dietary needs but it did also help spur him into taking some cooking classes and watching way too many videos on YouTube.

His lessons also helped to keep them fed. With their mom gone and their dad busy with work even when he was stationed in town, they were left to their own devices. He may have moved into his own place above the studio when they converted the garage several years ago but it didn't have a kitchen so the one in the main house was still his domain and Nocturne was always relaxed in it. He had memories of his mom cooking and how she would sing as she whipped together a meal or how he sometimes tried to help, but they seemed so distant now that they almost belonged to another. Maybe they weren't his. Maybe they were from an old family sitcom.

It didn't matter; this was his kitchen now and filled with overpriced gadgets to help him create things that Lyric would not only love but would fit into her dietary plan the dance school insisted was good for her. Nocturne had his suspicions about some of it and took the plan to their doctor and all seemed to check out. He would have had no problems murdering someone if they inadvertently harmed his sister.

It was early afternoon on the Sunday before Thanksgiving which of course meant more memories were trying to ruin his day. Holidays were weird with mom gone as everyone tried to pretend things were normal, especially the early years when it was still fresh and perhaps some hope lingered. But she wasn't coming back and neither was a piece of their dad that died when she left. The three of them started making new traditions and it didn't hurt as much or at all but memories were a bitch. Nocturne turned up the music to help drown them out as he focused on the lyrics he only knew from reading translations. A girl he had dated was into Japanese rock and Nocturne found a lot of the bands she liked were damn good as Luna Sea blasting from his laptop showed.

His preparations for his contribution for dinner were almost done. Pops had been sent out of town to some problem that required the best and a lot of mage power so they were on their own again. It didn't happen regularly but often enough that Cody's family started to invite them to join their celebrations. At first Noct tried to just let Lyric go but he quickly learned how intimidating four adult bears were, even in human form. The little teins were also clingy and had already perfected the pouty look. And Cody... the brat used his own nicknames against him by stating Pooh and Piglet couldn't have a family dinner without Tigger. So resisting really wasn't an option anymore.

But they couldn't stop him from bringing some dishes as a way of thanking them for their hospitality. It was also a way to ensure he and Lyric got a proper meal, not that he had to worry with the Parks. They always cooked a lot of food with a large variety but it still made Nocturne feel like he wasn't entirely crashing the party.

A peek in the oven confirmed the extra two minutes was exactly what the stuffed acorn squash needed and Noct pulled the trays out and set them cool enough to be packaged up for transport. They would only need a fee minutes in the oven to reheat and add the final crisping the top needed.

He turned his music down before giving the pumpkin soup a stir. "Twenty minute warning, Lyric! I don't care if he's your friend. I'll leave you behind with a PB sandwich." They both knew he wasn't serious but one day he could very well shock them both and follow through with it.

A nod of approval was given as a taste test of the soup was had. It was a new recipe and he had tripled it to make enough for eight bears and two humans as speaking with mama bear had assured him they would all love to try his soup for a starting course. He was bringing a few extra servings of the squash as well but that dish was mostly for Lyric and him.

All that was left was to feed his cats, change, and bundle up the food before heading to the Jeep where Lyric would drive as it was a nice enough day out. As he went through those tasks, Kagrra now singing him on, Nocturne realised he was smiling as he was about to make new more memories of holidays. Ones that he could look back on without guilt, longing, or even hatred.

"I'm getting the peanut butter out!" Nocturne called out when he came back into the main house and heard Lyric still rummaging around upstairs. Teasing his little sister would always have to be a part of every holiday tradition.

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