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Sunday, 8am 29-August-2021
Teas to Please
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2021-Sep-03, 01:48 AM
Though he preferred the evenings and certainly couldn't be called an early bird, Asher wasn't one to coop up in his house until mid-afternoon, either. That being said, his light stroll around the city limits could have been better with a hot drink on hand - a morning aide wasn't against the rules if he was going to be smart about his sleep schedule, right? As it happened, he wasn't in the mood for coffee and, as he rounded a corner looking for something else that might strike his fancy, the harsh tones of Metallica hit his ears from a block away. It helped that he wasn't particularly hard of hearing, but the noise wasn't one he'd expect to hear before nine in the morning, either. Nor was it usual that it should be emanating from as quaint a little store as he thought it was coming from - which, of course, made it stand out among the relative quiet of the other businesses, likely not getting started until a half hour from now. Surely not, though - the tea shop?

Now that the music had drawn his attention to it, Asher decided with a shrug of his shoulders that, perhaps, a nice black tea would go down well. Technically, it had even more caffeine than coffee. Besides, he was half on his way to deciding that he needed to make a name of himself around town - one that wasn't associated with his true nature. What better way than to become a regular at a cute little unassuming tea shop that happened to occasionally play Metallica?

By the time he got there, the sign had been flipped to open - though he assumed only in the last few seconds, as he spied a woman just having turned away from the door, heading for the counter - and the music had changed. A shame, but he wouldn't complain. Instead, he assumed that it described whoever this woman was, in some capacity; at the very least, it would be a talking point. Asher waited by the front a moment so as not to surprise her - best not to start their working relationship off with a fright, he figured, and he was imposing enough that an unexpected encounter could definitely start everything off on the wrong foot. So, pausing as if to look over the shop's front and keeping the woman in the corner of his eye as he did so, the alpha set his hand on the door and pushed it open only once he was sure she'd see him coming.

Posturing as modestly as he was able, Asher wandered in, his eyes traveling across the selection of baked goods arranged atop the counter.
      "Morning," he greeted, a brief but warm smile touching his lips as he dipped his chin and cast his eyes down and away. Though humans didn't consciously read displays of submission, the subtle signs of body language tended to put people at ease, he found. In fact, many polite people exhibited them unintentionally - the difference was that Asher's use was manipulative. Not maliciously so, at this point, but certainly calculated in such a way as to not get her guard up from the go. It was a practicality, if not a necessity, for someone who knew that their mere physical presence presented a possible threat to most people - let alone the slim, albeit relatively tall, woman before him. "Do you do table service here, or should I order before I sit?"

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