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Dear Joshua, - Alexander Robinson - 2021-Aug-04

May 15, 2021 @9 PM

Well, Joshua, its certainly been a day.
I don’t even know where to start, love; Juliette woke me up in the wee hours of the morning, and I still expect to find your warmth beside me, and wouldn’t settle so no more sleep for me. So breakfast it was. On moving day. I forgot to put aside some food for either of us before everything was packed up. I’m not made for this, Jay! We got breakfast sorted by a trip to Timmy’s and Juliette liked the treat. The coffee helped, too. 

We hung around town until your mother and sister were expected to arrive, and then we finished packing up the few leftovers, put everything into the moving van, and I gave Juliette over to your sister to take to our new home in Greenbrooke while I drove the van. I’ve never felt more alone in those hours than while I was driving by myself to a new place, without you and our beautiful daughter. I cried more than once, but your mother and sister were sweet and didn’t mention any blotches when we finally arrived.

The city is lovely. I wish we’d come here together instead of like this. The house your family helped me pick is too big for just Juliette and I, but they wouldn’t stand for me settling us into anything smaller. It’s a big property on the edge of the forest; I think most of the people here are old blood. You would have known, I know, but I don’t feel like asking your sister - I’m sure it’ll come up sometime but its hardly important. What is important was that we found a daycare nearby that will look after Juliette for three days a week. Your sister has promised to take Juliette on any other days if I need a break, but I have no idea what that means. What on earth would I do with so much time to myself? 

Fuck I miss you, Jay!

Juliette is crying; I don’t think she’s used to the new house yet. Neither am I. It’s so big, with so much empty space; I have no idea how the two of us will ever fill it with everything we had at our old home. I better sign off and make sure she’s okay. Maybe I’ll let her sleep in the portable crib in our— my room tonight.

Love always,