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Enjoying a Walk - Apryl Weather - 2021-Jul-25

Apryl paused, taking a deep breath and enjoying the fresh air. She'd been working all day and it was time for a bit of a break. A walk often allowed her to both clear her mind and find answers to problems that had she had gotten stuck on. It was also a neutral location for meeting people. She saw a couple walking ahead of her holding hands and kids climbing on the playground equipment. 

She touched the crystal necklace around her neck. It glowed faintly, imbued with her powers should she need a boost later on. her phone rested in her pocket. She couldn't bring herself to leave it at home. As she strolled along, she found a phone resting on a bench. Apryl looked around, but nobody was there. The screen was shattered, which made no sense considering where she found it. "How strange.." She'd have to try to find the owner.

RE: Enjoying a Walk - Audrey Mason - 2021-Jul-27

Audrey enjoyed the day after Wolfday, even though she was physically and emotionally drained by the whole event. She was a young wolf, not even six months into her new life, but she’d taken to it well and enjoyed Wolfday, as she called it. The Full Moon had always been beautiful to Audrey, and she saw no reason to hate her affliction, unlike some of the sour members of her Pack. But that was their business, and she was busy going about her own.

Due to the full moon being that Saturday, Audrey had gotten the weekend off work – and the Friday, too, to the disgust of some of her co-workers – but she’d needed it to prepare and then come down from the high that transforming gave her. Which she was still doing; after eating an early dinner that evening, Audrey had headed out to the Red Oak Park to jog, wearing a cute outfit and with her hair tied into a bouncy ponytail she felt quite alive and loved the feeling. Unfortunately, at some point into the jog, she’d lost her phone.

Audrey grumbled to herself lowly as she jogged back through the park, eyes darting left and right over the footpath to try and find her phone. Her armband still had her iPod in it; she was a bit behind the times, preferring to keep her iPod and her phone separate. It was juts easier. Except if she’d had her music on her phone, she would have noticed when she’d lost the damn thing! Sighing again, she was just passing by another woman when she heard her talk to herself, and glanced at her. Her phone! Audrey came to a bouncing stop, and quietly approached the other woman. She seemed approachable enough, and some Audrey smiled at her.

“Hi, um, I think that’s my phone,” she pointed at the phone in the other woman’s hand. “My names Audrey, and it should have a photo of me and a friend as the screen saver…” Hopefully that would help convince this (hopefully) nice lady that the phone was really hers, and she wasn’t trying to steal it. Not that she could think why someone would steal an ancient iPhone with a cracked screen, but all kinds of people were out there.