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Morning Coffee - Alexander Robinson - 2021-Jul-19

Alexander had had one hell of a morning.

First, his daughter had woken him up unusually early, around five am – when her normal wakeup time was closer to six-thirty. That was fine. He could deal. He’d put her in the stroller and taken an extra early morning jog, lulling the toddler back to sleep with the motion. A sweet relief that was short lived when he stood in the dog shit left behind by some unthinkingly obnoxious owner. So that had been fun. He’d scraped the turd off the bottom of his shoe on some grass, but the stench followed him.

When they got home, his shoes were thrown into the washer – which was usually no big deal, but apparently he fucked that up too because it overflowed and made a mess of his laundry. So while Juliette occupied herself by making her usual morning mess of breakfast, Alexander had spent his time cleaning up the laundry, a task that shouldn’t have need to be done and was breaking into his otherwise perfectly routine morning.

Once the laundry was clean, it was back to tidying up his daughter. She had fruit smeared all over the place, and had knocked over her bottle of juice which had, of course, come undone when it hit the floor, creating a puddle. Alexander had sighed and cleaned that up, before focusing on his daughter herself. She was quickly wiped up, and he got her dressed in a cute outfit for her day at playgroup. At least she would be safe from the growing frustration Alexander was feeling as the morning kept getting worse.

Dropping Juliette off at daycare was uneventful, thank god, and Alexander decided he needed to unwind, and a local Timmy's would be the perfect place to do just that. Making a beeline in the direction of a favourite, Alexander kept an eye out for stray dogshit or potholes or who knew what else – ladders and falling pianos wouldn’t be out of the question, as far as he was concerned.

Ordering his coffee went smoothly; the woman behind the counter was sweet and actually got a smile out of the exhausted father, and he gave her a tip as he turned around, following the path everyone took when they were leaving the counter, so as not to get in the way of those behind them in line. Unfortunately, as he stepped out to choose a table, Alexander collided directly with another body, and his hot coffee spilled down his front, causing him to gasp and swear under his breath as he pulled his teeshirt away from his chest. “Fantastic,” he growled, before looking up to see who he had run in to, caught between wanting to apologise, and starting an argument.

RE: Morning Coffee - Jesse Vance - 2021-Jul-20

It was too early. That much was sure. It wasn't an especially terrible one so far, Jesse had just been in a haze since waking up. Normally falling into her bed at 2am was all fine and dandy, but something had happened only three hours later to wake her up with a pounding headache and a need to expel a few things. How she'd built up that much magic she wasn't sure, she didn't remember anything noteworthy happening lately. Just some shopping, going out and about... actually maybe it was the street performer she'd passed by. He had seemed a little flustered when one of his tricks didn't pan out quite like he expected. Though it was also entirely possible he was just another mundane illusionist who hadn't practiced enough. It had been a while after all, it was possible it was just a result of natural passive collection from the areas she'd been around... or it was possible that someone had cast a large enough spell somewhere outside of her shop. Hopefully it wasn't the latter.

Either way Jesse couldn't just go back to sleep when she had to filter and bottle and refine, and by the time she was done it was far too late to do anything except stare at the ceiling miserably until the sun peeked in through the blinds and chased her out. She might as well go hit some thrift stores and pawn shops and get some watch hunting out of the way. But first, she was going to need some coffee. Maybe a donut. Or maybe just a sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich... or both. Both was good.

She didn't have a favorite coffee shop so much as she had a favorite thrift store that had a staff notorious for poorly researching their donations, and she stopped in the first Tim Hortons on the way. One vanilla cream cold brew in one hand, a bag with a sandwich and  old fashioned plain donut in the other, and she was ready to hit the road again. Jesse blinked, brain still trying to catch up as she wondered if maybe she should just eat here with a table instead of trying to handle it in the car. Table was probably better, she was not feeling quite up for the juggling just yet. She turned to the side, veering away from her original course and suddenly found herself wide awake as she collided with some poor man. Her coffee sloshed but stayed secure but... "Oh fuck, I'm so sorry. Just, hold on."

Her things were quickly abandoned on the closest table as she quickly stole some napkins and started to dab them at the man's shirt. "So very sorry, I should have been paying more attention. It's too early for any of this... Are you okay? Let me at least get you another coffee."

RE: Morning Coffee - Alexander Robinson - 2021-Jul-21

Alexander smiled wryly as the small woman before him started swearing and then wiping at his shirt with a handful of napkins. Her worry settled his mood, allowing him to be more amused by the situation than angry about it, and he waved her off carefully when the napkins in her hand were more wet than dry. “I’m fine,” he said slowly, taking a step back to get a bit of personal space between them. “I’ve been in worse scrapes.”

Like that time he, Joshua and their daughter had all gotten some type of twenty four hour bug, and spent far too much of that timeframe puking and wishing they were dead while Juliette screamed and puked on them. Fun times, fun times indeed. What was a little coffee on his t shirt when he was used to Juliette coughing up or throwing her lunch at him? “Thank you, but you don’t need to. I think there is still some in my cup.” Maybe, but probably not, judging by how wet and cold his shirt was now. Ah well, if the lass wanted to buy him a new coffee, Alexander wasn’t going to put up too much of a fight.

“It was just a double-double,” he said. He’d expected parenthood to change him to a straight black coffee kind of man, but honestly, he needed the double dose of cream and sugar to get by. Plus it tasted a hell of a lot better when it dulled down the bitterness of coffee. Hot chocolate was far more his style, but given the day, he’d hoped coffee would put a bit of spark back into life. Well. It hadn’t worked quite like he’d thought, but at least he had no plans for the day except to head home. “I’m Alex, by the way.” It only seemed polite to introduce himself.

RE: Morning Coffee - Jesse Vance - 2021-Jul-22

"I can get more napkins, just," Jesse let out a soft annoyed huff, more at herself than anything else as she grabbed another handful from the table to try and dab even more. An infinitely absorbable handkerchief... that might be a thing worth trying to invent. At least it didn't seem like he had burned himself with the hot coffee. She wasn't even sure what she would have done at that point other than feel even more horrible and maybe drive to the drug store for some sort of ointment.

"A double-double," she repeated with a nod, ignoring how he kept trying to insist she didn't have to do anything. "Sit tight, Alex, I'll be right back." Without waiting for a response she made her way back into the short line to get in that order, trusting that he'd make sure nothing happened to her own coffee and food. And if something did then... well she would just have to reorder that too. That was probably a fair enough penance to pay.

She was glad to see that he was still there along with her food when she returned with his coffee. "Here you go, sorry about that again. I'm Jesse." With a tired grunt she plopped down to sit and took a very long sip of her iced coffee. "This is what I get for only sleeping three hours... hopefully the coffee helps. And hopefully you have a better day after this." That thought made her pause and frown as she asked, "I haven't made you late for anything have I?"

RE: Morning Coffee - Alexander Robinson - 2021-Jul-23

Alexander watched his companion fuss around, growing more amused by her antics as time passed. She was like a small but fierce whirlwind of activity, even doing simple tasks like rushing off to get another coffee for him. Alexander peered into his first cup, and saw there was a little bit left in it. He downed it, finding it more cold than hot, grimaced, and glanced around for the trashcan. Spotting it, he quickly made his way there to deposit the cup and the wet napkins that had been used on his shirt. He managed to make it back to the table before his new friend – Jesse – returned.

“Nice to meet you,” Alexander said wryly, his smile tight but not unfriendly. The comment about three hours of sleep had Alexander raising an eyebrow and he nodded slightly. “Kids?” he asked, knowing Juliette could and did keep him up at all hours, even when she was sleeping peacefully. Sometimes those were the worst nights! He’d suddenly worry she’d stopped breathing and rush into her room, just to stand there and watch her sleep for a few minutes, or hours, before trudging back to bed. Or the couch. Or whatever he’d been up to prior.

“And no, I wasn’t going anywhere, just home.” It was lucky that he’d already dropped Juliette off and would have the day to get his shit together before picking the toddler up from daycare. Though if the morning was anything to judge by, his housework chores were certainly going to prove interesting. Broken dishes and a clogged vacuum would probably be his future. Alexander scrunched his nose up. “Just delaying the housework,” he said, and smiled.

RE: Morning Coffee - Jesse Vance - 2021-Jul-24

Jesse managed a small smile as Alex said it was nice to meet her and she gave him a nod before apologizing yet again. "Nice to meet you too, and sorry again for the spill." At least he didn't seem upset or too out of sorts, or was at least a talented enough actor to seem it. Either way, this miniature crisis of the morning was handled.

"Hm? Oh, no kids. Just went to bed late and then woke up early," Jesse blinked as she tried to think of how best to put it since she couldn't just say she had to expel some random magic. "Sinus headaches. You know, when it just builds and you almost want to stab yourself to release the pressure? Anyway, I got that taken care of but by the time it was gone I couldn't go back to sleep. Figured I'd go hunting for watches at a thrift store, try to do something productive."

She took another long sip of her coffee as she let her brain get a bit more warmed up. Home and housework... wasn't it Monday? A quick glance at her phone confirmed that. "Day off or just a stay at home dad?" If he thought she had kids, maybe he had some himself.

RE: Morning Coffee - Alexander Robinson - 2021-Jul-24

Alexander grimaced in understanding at the description of the sinus headache; he wasn’t prone to them, but Joshua had been, and Alexander clearly remembered the misery they were capable of putting his husband through. Alexander did his best to hide a pained grimace as the familiar agony of remembrance shot through him, and he quickly did his best to distract himself. It had only been four months since he lost Joshua. Sometimes it felt like forever, sometimes it felt like yesterday. “Why watches?” he asked, though the curiosity was more desperate than genuine. He needed the distraction.

Taking a deep breath, Alexander blinked and then gave a small smile, less pained now and much more genuine. “Both,” he said with an amused twist of his lips. “My daughter is in day-care today, so I’m off duty.” As she would be on Wednesday and Friday, too, but he didn’t feel like telling that to a stranger. “So, I’ll be wrangling the house back into order before picking her up so she can destroy it again.” His gentle expression and affectionate tone belied the words, though. He’d do anything for Juliette and if destroying the house was what made the toddler happy, well, he’d just make sure it was ready for her destructive energy.

“She’s almost nine months old,” Alexander said fondly, “so she’s crawling and learning to walk so keeping an eye on her is exhaustive.” The little girl was a tiny whirlwind of activity at the best of time, but as she got better at pulling herself up on the furniture and moving around, Alexander found keeping her in sight and under control became a lot more hands on. To say nothing of the speed at which she could crawl around the house!

RE: Morning Coffee - Jesse Vance - 2021-Jul-25

"I repair watches and antique clocks, and sometimes I find interesting ones for at thrift stores that I can refurbish and clean up, or just salvage for parts. It's a bit like a fun treasure hunt that I do when I don't have any appointments." Jesse managed a small smile and forced chuckle as she added, "I know, terribly exciting hobby." She'd heard before that she needed to find something more entertaining and meaningful to do with her free time, but she really did just honestly enjoy her work. Why shouldn't she keep enjoying it even in her spare time? It wasn't like she was being inconvenient to anyone else after all.

She reached into her bag and pulled out the donut, breaking it half and offering Alex a piece as she nibbled the other. "Ah. Kids can be a lot of work." At least that was what she'd heard and all the memes on the internet claimed. "At least you get some time away to try and get things done." Wait, was that rude or mean? "Not that having your kid around is necessarily bad, just that sometimes it's easier to do things without distractions."

That still felt a bit awkward so Jesse decided to just go the easy route. "Nine months... I bet she's adorable." Complimenting babies and toddlers was easy; a lot of them really were cute, and even if they weren't, no one ever called you out for lying about it. "Must be hard to keep track of her though if she's starting to really get around. Does..." she trailed off for a moment instead of asking her intended question. Alex hadn't mentioned a mother in the picture, or a spouse. It felt too awkward a subject to just ask about after she'd thrown coffee all over him so she changed the question entirely. "Does she talk at all yet? I don't know much about babies and when they do things... only child." Yes, good save. Smooth.

RE: Morning Coffee - Alexander Robinson - 2021-Jul-27

Alexander blinked once, surprised by the answer. But he smiled slightly as his thoughts were successfully diverted from his own pain and onto the strange antics of the young woman before him. “Really?” He asked curiously, “that’s an interesting hobby. How did you get into it?” Alexander leaned forward slightly, genuinely interested, but politely waved away the piece of donut that was offered to him. Perhaps after he would get a bagel. That sounded good. But for now, he was more interested in this Jesse lady’s unique hobby.

The awkward babbling started a genuine laugh out of Alexander, and he waved away the unspoken apology. “She’s a lot of work. Just starting to get her feet under her, and making a mess in the process.” He said cheerfully. “I love her dearly, but I’d be in hot water without daycare and her grandmother!” He’d never planned to be a single father, which brought back the ache of longing and mourning for Joshua, and he took a deep breath. “She’s just starting to babble. Still waiting for the magical dada, but I’m sure she’ll get there.” He said with a snort. Of course, knowing Juliette, she’d probably suddenly start talking in full sentences just to send him through the loop again. Because being a father wasn’t enough of a hurdle to get over!

“Neither do I, honestly,” Alexander said with a wry smile. “I’m also an only child. Google is a fantastic help.” Especially when he couldn’t reach his mother in law, or his sister in law, but a stranger didn’t need to know that. Probably didn’t need to know he referenced google to make sure his daughter was hitting her milestones and whatnot, either. Did that make him a bad dad? Probably, but at least he wasn’t too proud to admit he was looking for help instead of just bulldozing his way through everything.