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Unknown Territory - Chiara Angeles - 2022-Mar-04

Though Chiara had been away from home before, she hadn't been this far from them. An entire country away seemed far too different than a few states over, and although it had been only a few days since she had settled down into her rental cabin she was already feeling homesick. Could it be called homesickness, though? It wasn’t exactly that. She didn’t miss her family any more today than the rest of the time, but she was feeling something. It was as if something had been holding her back and now it wasn’t there. As if someone had poured glass upon glass of nostalgia into her and she had been fighting to keep it in, only for it to seep through the cracks of her soul.

My Chemical Romance blasted on her ears as she ran along the edge of the lake, her feet sinking ever so softly into the sand. She wasn’t running because she wanted to, but on days when she couldn’t shake unwanted feelings she did her best to drown them. The worst part of it was that she wasn’t even supposed to be listening to this music - the devil’s music, as her godmother would say - but there’s always something exhilarating about doing things you’re not supposed to. No matter how small.

A couple more songs full of drums and electric sounds and she was out of comfort zone. Coming to a stop, she rested her hands on her knees, letting her breath come back.

“Almost forgot how much I don’t like doing this…” Soliloquy was her favorite word for the simple reason that if she were a character in a play, she’d be talking to herself all the time. Maybe she shouldn't have done this, Eli definitely would be against running to let out the anxiety but she couldn't handle another batch of emotional eating in the same week.

Over the lake, she could see the sun preparing to set. Chiara found a good spot to sit down and turned off her music, hoping to catch the sunset before heading back to the cabin. She still had to find a place to rent, preferably closer to the life of the town, but she had given herself two weeks to detach from everything that drove her here. She was fixing her shoe, watching the sky turn from a happy blue to a soft orange, when the gentle shuffling of leaves behind her caught her attention. It could have just been someone else making their way back to the cabins, but she turned around anyway. Just to make sure.

RE: Unknown Territory - Nocturne Jackson - 2022-Mar-04

Due to the winter months, Nocturne wasn’t able to take Lyric (and Cody when they begged to have him go as well) on trips to forests outside of the city as easily as they would like. It was doable but the weather dictated how long the trips would take and even visiting the cabin Cody’s family owned wasn’t that enjoyable given how much snow could bury the land. But the start of March started to see warmer days and the only snow that remained within the city was in massive piles in parking lots.

The forecast for the weekend was also promising so Nocturne gathered up his teenage nuisances and even let Lyric drive since they could reach cottage country via back roads. It was a longer drive than she had done but technically an easier one with less stop-and-go like the city provided. The drive was a bit tense, at least for him, as he kept his eyes on the road and the ditches that surrounded them as much as he hoped Lyric was doing. But they made it in one piece and other than their usual snarking at each other, tempers didn’t flare either. Nocturne called it a success and rewarded them all with adventuring out into the wild for a bit with a promise to heat up the dinner he brought for them in a few hours.

He wandered off away from the pair of troublemakers, not worrying over them. They were both attuned to nature in their own ways and if Cody took his bear form, any threats would likely steer clear of them once they caught a whiff of him. That left Nocturne to wander, finding his own peace and recharging in his own way. Lyric likely could draw in energy from the forest and finding a balance to her mind and magic but Nocturne could only pretend he was doing that as he enjoyed the sights around him and snapping an occasional photo with the digital camera he had brought with him.

His path took him closer to the lake as he was curious to see if it had started breaking up yet. As he neared, he swore he heard someone panting and he dodged around a few trees, moving swiftly to see what he was hearing. There he spotted someone running along the beach and he couldn’t help but watch with curiosity and smirked when she came to a halt and mentioned something about hating it.

He was just turning to leave her to her self-inflicted torture when she also turned and seemed to spot him. Grinning, Nocturne instead stepped out onto the beach but didn’t approach her since he probably seemed like some weird stalker emerging from the trees with a camera in hand. “I was just wondering who was crazy enough to jog on the beach with winter barely melting away but it sounds like you were wondering much the same thing.”