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Key Locations - Blood Ties Team - 2020-Sep-21

The Society Base:
Located on the edge of the city, the building looks like a standard rundown warehouse to those that don’t have any magic in their blood. Like the Society-run stores around the city, there is a glamour over the property to hide what’s really there. It is also heavily warded so only those meant to be there can get in. Not to mention the more technical aspect that needs palm prints to open doors.

What’s inside?

Basement Level 2:
This is a secured and even more fortified and warded hospital and prison if needed. Shifters and vampires that are in need of more care than their families can provide can request assistance where properly trained medical staff will oversee their care. It is, however, typically used more for Guardians injured in the line of duty or holding the more powerful creatures roaming around causing trouble.

Basement Level 1:
This is where the techno-mages are usually found. The labs for creating new weapons, enchantments, and whatever else their minds and skills can come up with are located here.

Main Floor:
Locker rooms, fitness rooms, and training rooms to practice various forms of combat fill this area. However, a main reception area does greet anyone that comes in the front door. Here, you can file to register your type of magic or make an appointment to meet someone.

Second Floor:
This is where any private offices will be housed as well as the main monitoring area with computers, trackers, access to local emergency services (both eavesdropping and intercepting the calls that sound like they might be supernatural), and whatever else they can come up with to help keep an eye on the city and help prevent or cover up incidents.

Third Floor:
Small sized dorms that consist of a bed, desk, and dresser. They aren’t really meant for long term residents, more for out of town Guardians to stay while visiting or when there’s a crisis and people are working around the clock. Some newer recruits do move in to focus on their training instead of getting distracted by the outside world and materialistic needs.

Indulge Night Club:
Upon entering, it looks like every other club in the city with a large bar, some booths lining one wall, and the rest open as a dance floor.

The VIP Room:
Also located on the main floor, through an always guarded door lies a more secluded and quieter area. Music still plays but usually quieter and more hypnotic. Private booths will be found here like the main room and a small bar as well. This is where vampires will usually take either their date from the main room or a feeder to dine more privately.

Second Floor – The Orgy Room:
As crude as it may sound, it is also accurate. The floor is dedicated to a large open room that has sofas and cushy pillows scattered around the floor. If a vampire prefers sex while feeding, this is the place to do it. Access to this floor is also guarded to avoid innocent humans from wandering where they shouldn't.

Third Floor – The Living Space:
The floor is divided into six small bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. Some of the feeders live on site as they don’t belong solely to one vampire and don’t have anywhere else to go. They aren’t paid since they’re typically addicted to the bite and sex but also given the lodging for free.

The Basement:
Mostly just storage and supplies for the club though the manager’s office and staff room are also located down here.

The Second Basement:
Rafe’s private entertaining area. Often he prefers to mingle with everyone else but sometimes he brings a companion or two down to what would pass as a lavish apartment if it were in a high rise. This also doubles as a safe room should he ever need it with a secret escape tunnel only his most trusted family members know about.