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SunsetWay's Characters' Parties - SunsetWay - 2021-Oct-12

Here are the parties my characters will be hosting for Halloween and some details about what each one will be like in case anyone wants to attend any of them.

The Dubois Annual Masquerade Ball
Saturday, October 30th, 2021
8pm onward

Taking place in the ballroom of his home, Rafe has hosted a true masquerade ball every Halloween starting a year after moving to Greenbrooke. This year will be the 20th anniversary, though that really doesn’t change anything, though perhaps some more lavish decorations and general opulence.

The dress code is strict. You must be wearing a full length gown (it can be more modern and form-fitting or go all out with a large ball gown) or a tuxedo (or a Victorian-style suit) and you must have a mask. Masks can be the ones held on a stick or a half/full mask tied on.

You will be sent away at the door if you do not match the dress code and/or forgot your invitation.

Fancy finger foods and champagne are served all night long via servers wandering around with trays while a string orchestra entertains the crowd as they dance or socialize.

This party is high profile and mundanes attend so while members of the preternatural community are also there, they know to behave themselves. The mayor and councillors and what not are always invited as well as some people from the various preternatural sects. The pack leaders and their seconds (and plus ones) are invited, for example. Essentially, if your character has a reason/connection to get in, they can.

Indulge Halloween Nights
October 28-31
During business hours

The club is decorated in spooky décor and patrons are encouraged to come in costume. If you do, you get access to a special line of themed drinks to order from. A costume contest will happen each night as well where the crowd votes by cheering for their favourite one out of people that volunteer to come up on stage when it starts.

The Evans Party
Friday, October 29th
8pm onward

A more casual affair where dressing up is fun but not needed. It’s only for mages and just a place to unwind, drink, dance, and talk. While they could have a live band, they prefer to use a playlist that plays on speakers throughout the main floor.

The food is still catered (by a mage-owned company so the employees are also aware) and while there are some staff that float around with trays, there’s a main serving area that is staffed.

If you’re a mage, you’re likely invited.

Jameson Vampire Bonfire
Sunday, October 31st
6pm onward

To properly introduce his Family to the other vampires of Greenbrooke, Edwin has invited them to come hang out at his property. He moved to the city a few months ago and bought the apple orchard (the one that had pick your own apples at the Fest) from a cute elderly couple that had retired and their kids didn’t want to run it. His Family is on the smaller side as he's just starting his own.

This is a very relaxed event. It’s held outside and is kind of like a family BBQ with the types of food and drink on offer (along with blood, of course) and the entertainment which is just someone’s Spotify playlist playing. There are a few bonfires scattered around as well if anyone wants s’mores.

RE: SunsetWay's Characters' Parties - SunsetWay - 2021-Dec-19

Winter Holidays 2021:

Christmas gatherings will mostly just be family affairs and nothing worth noting here.

However, New Year's Eve does have something special happening.

Rafe hosts a charity dinner every New Year's Eve for the last six years. (His club, Indulge, will still be open as well for anyone that just wants to drink and dance.)

Unlike his Halloween Masquerade, this one isn't quite as invitation-only but it's still going to host mostly the wealthy and influential given the price tag.

Each ticket to the event is $1,000 and only 200 are available.

His guests are treated to an elaborate six-course meal (hors d'oeuvre, soup, appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert), drinks, live music, dancing, and champagne and fireworks at midnight that can be viewed warmly from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the ballroom or the backyard for the daring.

The charity/group that he is supporting this year is the Children's Hospital and Rafe always adds an extra $100,000 from his own pocket to the donation.