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Dragonfly - Naomi Archived - 2021-Sep-18

It had been a cloudy afternoon with no presence of the sun as it once had been during the early morning. The weather only stirred the emotions that had been underneath the surface. It had highlighted the emptiness the feline felt within, magnifying the aches that had ravaged her muscles. The heart that had a large capacity to love had been battered and crumbled as she mourned those that no longer had been there. The mourning had turned into a torment as she found herself screaming within the pillow or drowning her tears in the flowing waters of the shower. She was feeling the weight of her emotions and Naomi knew she couldn’t allow to decrease more than she had been that day. There had been a sense of control, she needed control even if she hadn’t fully grasped the weight of what she had experienced in a short amount of time.

Most of the afternoon had been spent roaming Greenebrooke. It had been too early to shift in resume a form that seemed natural to the leopardess without the exposure of herself. Her coat had been dark and therefore would stand out without the back drop of darkness. She had itched to run and indulge in more primal nature which allowed an ounce of rest for her human mind. There still had been hours left until that could become a reality therefore she had opted for continuing to explore the city she now would call home.

The exploration of Greenbrooke had been mundane. More parks had been explored along with several businesses and most of downtown area. Nothing she had called to the woman’s spirit except for Petal Pots Designs. The shop had caught her interest and knew being around plants would help lift her mood. It also had dawned on the feline that she should gather plants to create a spiritual bath. She had seemed to be lost, withdrawn from the essence of her spirituality. It was a factor that Naomi had not wanted to admit to herself, but knew she needed to attempt help herself. Though she could not see the light through the fog, the leopardess knew she was a light.

A hand wrapped around the handle as she pushed it open. Instantly, the feline had been met by various scent as she inhaled the earthy mixtures. Brown eyes had glanced over the plants and flowers that had been in the showcase as she slowly started her walk around the area. “You have a quite impressive selection,” she said with a small smile as she greeted the woman that had been in the establishment. Naomi had stopped at the lilies to admire them. “Do you have any favorite plants?” Her words had been soft as she spoke to the woman.

RE: Dragonfly - Arya Jacobs - 2021-Oct-07

Arya's work week consisted of what some might have considered endless hours. However, naturally entrepreneurial as she was, it was a rare day when the woman considered it work at all. She loved being surrounded by flowers, nurturing them and arranging them and, finally, sending them off to the homes of people where they'd be cherished as gifts or just a little something to brighten the kitchen windowsill. And that was all without the mention of her shady little side business, which might have been a legal spot of greenery if not for the additional compounds that Arya enjoyed to experiment with mixing into their soil.

Today was no different from the others, and it found her floating through the store, adjusting bouquets and ringing up orders, recommending combinations and flowers for different occasions. She never bustled off to the greenhouse, nor left the counter unattended too long - this was possible without any employees at this time, though she was finding that the store often had busy moments that were beginning to be a little too much for her to handle alone. Perhaps it was time for her to consider hiring...

This was her thought track as someone approached her, shaking Arya from her reverie and bringing her back to the present. "Oh, why thank you! A favourite? It would have to be the humble tulip, though I don't recommend them for every occasion..." Brushing some of the soil from her gardening gloves and then removing them each with a pinch of the opposite hand's fingers, the florist offered her palm to shake. "I'm Arya. Can I ask what - or who - you're shopping for? I can give a better recommendation that way." The words were accompanied by a pleasant smile as slim tendrils of hair breezed across her face in the slightly humid air of the shop.

RE: Dragonfly - Naomi Archived - 2021-Oct-13

“Pleasure to meet you Arya.” As a hand had been extended, the leopardess had accepted and gave a pleasant shake.”I’m Naomi.” Once the friendly gesture was exchanged, her hand had dropped. “I’m shopping for no one, but myself.” Her response had been soft with a smile. In truth, it had been for herself. The feline wasn’t going to reveal what her intentions with them had been. Many people bought flowers for themselves whether to decorate a space or make themselves feel better. This was to make Naomi feel a bit of ease, but not in a traditional sense.

Fingers softly brushed over the petals of a Tiger Lily as she thought for a second what she might needed. “White flowers of any kind. Not particular picky on what kind. Just several,” she thought out loud. White or light colored flowers would make for a beautiful spiritual bath to calm her spirit. As her hand moved away from the Lily, dark eyes searched around the greenhouse. “Herbs if you carry them. What collection do you have? I will know which ones will be right. If not, flowers would do.” She could always get herbs from a grocery story, but would prefer to get them from one location.

The leopardess started to slowly move around the small greenhouse. The humid temperature felt pleasant against her skin. “You have an impressive selection of plants. How long have you been in business, Arya?” she asked deciding to make conversation. Most days Naomi had stayed to herself except for small interactions. Being around nature even in this setting had been comforting.