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Apple Fest September 17-19, 2021 - SunsetWay - 2021-Sep-18

Starting Friday, September 17th the Apple Fest is officially on!

This is located in a large open grassy field and park on the edge of the city that also has an apple orchard where you can pay to pick a basket of apples.

Open from 8am to 10pm all three days.

What you will find at the festival:

- Rows upon rows of booths/stalls/vendors that sell a variety of things from hand crafted items to the typical standard random items that always seem to show up at festivals.

- Food stands! Hot dogs, burgers, turkey legs, fries, poutine, ice cream, beaver tails (funnel cakes), fudge, cotton candy, lemonade, slushies... whatever else you know comes in a food truck and also always show up at these events.

- Beer tent! Pretty self explanatory but they also serve coolers like Mike's Hard lemonade. It's a large open-sided tent with rows of picnic tables where you can hang out drinking from noon onwards.

- Large stage where local bands perform sets most of the day. The larger known bands will go on stage 7pm-10pm. Most bands get an hour but the larger ones can see 90 minutes. "Local" also means anything from Ontario as some will travel for these sorts of events. Sometimes local dance groups/classes will do some shows as well.

- Apple pie contest! This is not an eating contest but one where judges are tasting pies that were entered. All must be entered for Saturday at 10am and the winners will be announced at 2pm Saturday.

- Some rides popular in travelling fairs. Mostly smaller rides for little kids but a few rides for everyone else like the tilt-a-whirl, the scrambler, and the salt 'n' pepper shakers.

For parking, a portion of the field is designated for this. Volunteers will help direct cars to where open 'spots' are and to keep the rows organised.

There is of course security roaming around day and night but that doesn't mean they will see everything if anyone wants to sneak in and what not.