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Theodora Beckwith

Theodora Grace Beckwith
Light Mage

Carmella Rose


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
21 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her


Occupation Indepth:
Heiress to her parents' fortune and businesses. Mostly a party girl.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Light Brown


General Dressing Style:
Ted is comfortable in jeans (or jeans shorts) paired with shirts that are usually off the shoulder with billowy bell sleeves or a shirt that shows her midriff. When she feels like being a bit fancier, her object of choice is a flowing summer dress of light material and of varying lengths.

General Description:
Tall and slim with just the right touch of curves draw the eye, though she is nowhere near being considered underweight. She's toned thanks to years of taking dance lessons and enjoying yoga, giving her decent hidden strength.

Ted's hair is of a light brown shade though during the summer when she spends a lot of time in the sun, it fades into something closer to a blonde. Her hair reaches mid-back and is often worn down or thrown up into a stylishly messy tail or bun.

Carmella Rose




Early Mornings


Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Ted will often call close friends 'babe'.

General Personality:
Ted loves to have fun. She has definitely taken the motto of living life to the fullest to heart and despite her longer than normal life span, she lives fast and hard. She can slow down and rest later but for the moment, she wants to have fun with friends and enjoy her freedom that comes with youth and a lack of responsibility.

That isn't to say she's only a party girl as Ted can enjoy time alone (briefly) or with friends that are more mellow than she will ever be. But she can make it work for an evening. Sometimes there might be a string attached where she wants the calmer friend to come do something wild with her on another night, but she knows who she can nudge and when to do it.

But nudging is something she finds fun as well. She'd hardly call it 'corrupting' but sometimes there's a desire to pull the good girl into trouble, helping that friend to loosen up and forget about everything weighing them down for a night.

Carmella Rose


Parents: Edward & Suzanne Beckwith
Brothers: Henry (b.1983 d.2010), Thomas (b.1995 d.2011)



People familiar with her family name will likely know about the deaths of her brothers and the gossip that it's her fault due to being a third child of mages and therefore dark magic or a curse was involved.

Ted can heal basic wounds but she's strong at curing/drawing out poison when she realised it works on hangovers.

Important History:
Theodora was a blessing; a second child born to mages. Some of the more superstitious or simply suspicious, believed some kind of dark bargain had been made, but those were mostly ignored as they liked to believe that about the Beckwith fortune in general.

Early childhood was rather normal for a girl growing up wealthy with nannies and staff for everything and Theodora enjoyed her easy life. It changed when she was ten and her brother Henry died on a business trip of what was believed to be natural causes. His heart had simply given out, the family was told. It left them all devastated, but they found the willpower to continue on until tragedy struck again a year later.

Her brother Thomas died at seventeen while out driving. The inspection of his vehicle afterwards found the brake line and steering system tampered with but they couldn't explain how both had gone at roughly the same time when there had been no reports of seeing his vehicle have issues beforehand. He was coming home from dropping his girlfriend off at her home and she reported the same; nothing had seemed wrong with the car.

Naturally, the talk of curses returned before he was even in the ground. Henry's death had sparked some of it, especially since he was young and healthy, but with the second eldest son now also meeting an untimely end, it was clear that something unnatural was happening.

Theodora endured the whispered gossip and glances at school and everywhere she went for over a year before she finally broke. She couldn't find enjoyment in anything any more and felt like even her friends didn't trust her and were afraid to be around her. Her parents agreed it was time for a change and to give some time and space between it all so they sent her to Canada to live with long time family friends that would pose as her grandparents given their physical appearances.

The trio packed up and soon found themselves in Greenbrooke as it boasted a good magical community and a school for mages and shifters. It was an adjustment for Theodora who was determined to have a fresh start and identity and insisted she be called Ted. She found it was easy to make friends and while people were curious about her life and what like in England was like or why she moved to Canada, it was mostly easy to shrug it off and skirt a lot of questions.

Ted soon had a life carved out for herself and after graduating high school, didn't feel the need to continue her education for a time, and took to enjoying the new freedom she now had. Her "grandparents" were accepting of it, and for her twentieth birthday, vouched for her to her parents that she could be given more for her monthly allowance and an apartment of her own as she seemed to like the idea of staying in the area for a while longer.

Carmella Rose

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Carmella Rose

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