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Nathaniel Lawrence

Nathaniel Justice Lawrence
Werewolf, Turned by Unknown
Part of the Willows Pack

Dawid Schaffranke


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
He | Him

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
24 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Personal Trainer

Occupation Indepth:
Nate has been an employee at Gymfluent since early 2018. He came on fresh out of school, and has been a popular trainer since.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Muscular, Fit

General Dressing Style:
Nathaniel favours a casual dress style; when he’s not at work or working out, he has a preference for jeans and tee shirts with a sweater. In the winter, the sweater is more likely to be woollen than fabric. He almost always wears sport shoes, and he walks on the balls of his feet. At work, or working out, Nate is often seen wearing sportswear of high quality and often expensive nature. He loves his sweatpants and shorts.

Colourwise, Nate has no real preference, though he looks excellent in blues and greens, both of which enhance the colour of his eyes.

General Description:
Nathaniel has a striking face; with a broad forehead and startling blue-green eyes and high cheekbones that taper into a narrow, pointed chin. His lips are full, his nose narrow and slim. His ears are small, and often hidden under locks of silky brown hair. Like his other features, Nate’s eyebrows are slim and defined, curving just enough to give them a slight air of personality even when not lifting questioningly. He occasionally wears facial hair, but has never grown an actual beard – he actually finds excess facial (and body) hair gross, and routinely waxes his chest and back though he’s not genetically inclined to excess hairiness.

A tall man, at over six feet, Nathaniel has a swimmer’s build with a relatively narrow body and long arms and legs. Nate is clearly an active person, and takes pride in his body and appearance. He’s always clean and presentable. His teeth are neat and straight, having been a victim of braces as a teenager. There are a handful of dark freckles scattered here and there across his body, with a couple loud and proud on his face and neck, most others are hidden by clothing. Nathaniel’s not prone to freckles, though, so while a mole will pop up from year to year, his skin is otherwise clear.

High on Nathaniel’s thigh, near his hip, is a mess of pale scar tissue from when he was mauled by a young wolf as a child. He was very lucky that the femoral artery was missed and barely survived the attack. Over the years, the scarring has settled into a difference of skin tones, and he is purposefully vague about them when they are brought up.

Nathaniel is both physically fit, and a lot stronger than he looks. This is in part from his werewolf status, but largely it is due to his being a physical trainer, and taking his physical health very seriously. He loves being fit and active, and lives life to the fullest going bike riding, running, swimming, rock climbing – anything out in the sunshine and if it's out in the depths of nature, all the better!

Werewolf Description:
Nathaniel is a pretty average looking grey wolf.

Dawid Schaffranke


Sweets, sushi, swimming, keeping active, twilight (the time, not the series),


Hunters, vampires, the full moon, cats, coffee, Twilight (the series).

Full Moon: Like his fellow wolves, Nathanial is ruled by the moon.
Loyalty to the Pack: Nathaniel has been a part of the Pack since he was a teenager, and he has an unquestioning and deep loyalty to the Pack that has thus far been unbreakable. He would never dream of questioning the Pack.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Being a proud young man, he walks with his head held high and his shoulders proud; he's never one to shuffle along looking at the ground or avoiding attention though he won't actively seek it, either. Nathaniel is incredibly quiet-spoken, and only chooses to speak up when he feels that what he has to say is of importance. In combination with his proud stance, Nathaniel can command a crowd and demand attention without having to actually work hard at it.

General Personality:
At his core, Nathaniel is a traditionalist; he likes both stability and consistency and believes that the way things have been done has worked, and will continue to work, and as such there is no need to change or move away from traditional methods.

Valuing hard work and responsibility, Nathaniel is someone who puts his head down and gets tasks done in a timely manner, making sure that they are all done correctly and to the best of his ability. Unable to abide laziness in others, Nathaniel will be quick to cast dark looks to packmates or co-workers who are slacking off and has been known to frown disapprovingly when laziness is mentioned.

Far from being a socialite, Nathaniel is quite and withdrawn young man who only speaks up when required or when he feels that what he has to say is of importance. As a result of this, his friends are fairly sparce, though his popularity at work as a trainer mean he has his share of clientele that he is forced to interact with and be overly friendly towards.

Nathaniel takes pride in keeping promises, especially to his few friends or those who rank higher than himself in the Pack. A broken promise is something Nathaniel finds shameful and will mull over for weeks at a time on the rare occasions when he fails to uphold his word. Additionally, Nathaniel has a need for people to play by the rules, though those rules aren’t always the social norms; he has expectations for each rank within the Pack, and those outside of it; when someone falls outside of those expectations, he can become confused and flustered.

Schedules and routine are important to Nathaniel, who finds it easier to function when he knows what is expected of him, and when. Sudden changes to his routine can cause the young man’s mood to sour with little warning. Hand in hand with his daily routine, Nathaniel loves structure; he loves knowing where he fits in, and the why of it all. He needs to know his rank, and how it fits in with the other members of his Pack.

Dawid Schaffranke


Parents: William Lawrence and Annabelle Lawrence, née Harris
Siblings: N/A

Partner(s): Assorted, but no one serious

Friends: @name
Enemies: @name

Nathaniel is allergic to cats



Important History:
Nathaniel was an ordinary child, born to his parents to grow up as their only child, despite their attempts to add to their small family. His family travelled a lot, and Nathaniel was home schooled by both parents rather than putting him into, and taking him out of, various schools. The family travelled all over Canada, rarely putting down roots for more than a couple of months before moving on to the next town, the next city.

When he was seven, Nathaniel began training in how to use a knife, as well as hand to hand combat. Due to his isolation from the rest of the world, he did not find this at all odd, and thoroughly enjoyed the time he got to spend with his father, practicing and learning. His father was pleased with his progress and bought him his own pocketknife to carry for his tenth birthday. It was on that birthday that Nathaniel learned that the monsters under his bed were real – vampires, werewolves, magic wielders, shape changers – everything! He also learned that his father was a Hunter, one who tracked down and, most often, killed werewolves that had ‘gone feral’ and did not obey the laws that governed them.

It was when Nathaniel was fourteen that his entire world was shaken up, and his life changed forever. His family had taken up residency in a caravan park, his father Hunting while Nathaniel’s mother continued his classroom lessons. One evening, after dinner, Nathaniel decided to go for a walk along the creek they were parked nearby. It was while he was walking that he was suddenly attacked by a wolf.

Nathaniel barely survived; his father being hot on the tail of the wolf was a large factor in his survival, as the man managed to kill the werewolf before it killed Nathaniel, but the damage was done. William carried his son home to Annabelle, unable to bring himself to kill the child who was begging to be saved. He loved his son. Nathaniel passed out somewhere along the trip back, and Annabelle was startled when William stumbled into the campervan with their bloodied teenage son in his arms.

Growing up, from the age of fourteen, without a Pack left Nathaniel feeling more than a little bewildered and lost. His family did the best they could to help him each month when he Turned, but leaning on the fly made the experience all the more difficult and while Nathaniel’s parents did the best they could, they simply couldn’t offer the support and comfort that being a part of a Pack would give him.

When he was sixteen, Nathaniel ran away from home.

His wandering feet took him to Greenbrooke, though he couldn’t say what it was about the town that drew him in. He knew it was a supernatural hub, thanks to his father’s work as a Guardian, and after a bit of research upon reaching the town, he learned of the Willows pack. It took a little while to find someone, but after some careful initiation, Nathaniel was welcomed into the fold. For the first time since he was a child, he felt like he belonged.

Dawid Schaffranke

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Dawid Schaffranke

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