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Chiara Angeles
Last seen 2022-Mar-04, 03:48 AM



CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Abuse, Death, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Chiara Angeles
Mundane, Preternaturally Unaware

Alexa Demie


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
23 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Freelance Editor, Translator

Occupation Indepth:
Currently: Freelance Editor, Translator
Previous: Assistant Editor at Casa de Oro Publishing, Freelance Writer, English/Spanish Tutor at Tidewater College, Server at The Sunshine Room.
Education: English and Communications double major at Sacred Heart University (USA)


Eye Colour:
Dark brown


Hair Colour:
Dark brown

slender, fit

General Dressing Style:
Chiara often wears dresses and skirts but she will wear jeans/leggings on her lazy days. She tries to look put together for the most part since it makes her feel more confident. The general color palette of her clothes is pastels for spring and summer, with darker neutrals for fall/winter.

General Description:
Chiara has dark brown (almost black) hair that, when she leaves it to air dry, falls in loose waves. Otherwise, she straightens it. She has an olive complexion with warm yellow undertones and very dark brown eyes. She stands at 5'2'', with a slender figure but fit enough as she's a runner and doesn't mind hitting the gym in the mornings. She only has a left dimple, the right one disappeared when shortly after her mother passed away and though there's probably logical explanation for that she will forever believe her mother took it with her.

Alexa Demie


The sunrise, cotton candy, intoxicating singing voices, poetry, big dogs, greenhouses, coffee with cinnamon, anything cherry flavored, dancing.

Nurturing, gentle, clever, faithful, optimistic. Loyal to a fault. Sociable and extroverted.

Lizards, littering, the smell of paint, the night sky, anything vanilla flavored (when there’s so many other flavors to choose from!), depressing weather, chocolate ice cream, smoking, alcohol/drugs.

Can be obsessive, jealous, and self-destructive. Strong fear of abandonment and failure. Struggles with commitment.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Chewing on the inside of her cheek when she’s upset to keep herself from acting out, humming in the shower, walks around barefoot whenever she can.

General Personality:
The one defining thing about Chiara - and the one she tries to hide - is that she is entirely confused about who she is, who she wants to be and who she can be. It’s a daily existential and identity crisis inside her mind. But see - that’s not who she was raised to be. Chiara grew up in a household where Mexican and Italian bloodlines forced certain traits and characteristics on her and her siblings. As the eldest child, and the only girl, she is expected to be passive, resilient, quiet. So to the outside world, Chiara shows the same side her family sees - the one that’s tame, soft and sophisticated - but on the inside she’s full of rage, pain and confusion.
Despite having a complicated relationship with them, family is a huge part of who she is. Family is not only a great aspect of her culture but it’s her anchor, her past, present and future. To Chiara, there’s nothing else worth living and dying for than her family, which is why she internalizes most of her pain and anger towards them. To them, it’s a sin to not stand by each other and so Chiara thinks the same. This is why loyalty is so hugely important to her - family can be by blood or by soul - and she considers her closest friends part of her family too. At some point, she would have considered Orion in that way but that chapter of her life is closed. Or so she tells herself.

Alexa Demie


Leonardo Angeles - father, age 54
Maria (nee Ciotola) Angeles - mother, deceased (age 41)
Lorenzo Angeles - brother, age 22
Sebastian Angeles - brother, age 19
Eleazar Angeles - brother, age 15
Mariano Angeles - brother age 11

Romantic: Orion Bennett - age 24, first and only love, separated.
Platonic: Elijah Coleman - age 24, best friend, still in contact.
Negative: N/A

-History of domestic abuse

-Death of her mother
-Mexican/Italian background
-Spanish as first language, English second and Italian third

Important History:
--- Absquatulate: (v). To leave without saying goodbye.
To Chiara, there has never been anyone else like her mother. Most of her favorite memories include her mama, whether it be dancing with her in the living room or sharing their dreams from the night before over coffee and buttered toast. A soft-hearted woman, with a joyous voice and dramatic personality - Maria Ciotola raised her first three children to be passionate, loving and inquisitive. Her last child, however, would not be given the opportunity to be raised with those base values as his birth brought the death of their mother. In Chiara’s mind, death became a bittersweet, confusing and terrifying experience. She had gained yet another brother but she had lost her mother in an instant. One second, Chiara’s heart was bursting with happiness with the knowledge that her baby brother had just joined the world - and the next she was watching her father burst out of the hospital room screaming for someone to do something. Anything.

Thirteen-year-old Chiara let her mother’s rose-scented rosary fall to the linoleum floor.

--- Whelve: (v). To bury something deep; to hide.
With four children to raise, Leonardo Angeles struggled to keep himself afloat.. Having his extended family close was great when he needed help, but the man wasn’t keen on asking for it. Many times his own mother had to intervene for the sake of her grandkids and for a while Chiara thought things would go back to normal. She assumed her dad would return to his normal playful self, and that they would go back to enjoying ice cream after Mass on Sundays and listen to old Mexican songs while he cooked. The problem was - Chiara had expected things to be the same as when her mother was around.

Her father never did anything intentionally. His rage at the world wasn’t processed in a healthy way. One day, things were flying at the wall or his fist would be bruised and bleeding. His voice would rumble through the house, raising the hair on the back of Chiara’s neck. His hand would leave bruises on her arms, on the back of her legs, and occasionally on her cheek. Leo never hit her brothers, for her their sake Chiara made sure he didn’t and it’s because of this that she grew to eventually resent them. Nevertheless, they are family and she would throw herself into the fire for them if she had to.

Despite her resentment towards her younger brothers, Chiara was - in many ways - their mother figure. Whereas Leo provided monetary support for all of them, it was Chiara who cooked, cleaned, protected them and gave the emotional support their father was unable to give. But of course, nobody in the outside world knew about this. It was the kind of thing that stayed between the five of them.

--- Latibule: (n). A hiding place, a place of safety and comfort.
When she had the chance to run away - she took it. To Chiara, her family will always come first but the constant fear of doing or saying the wrong thing was getting to her. It wasn’t about her dad grieving anymore, but rather having lost all control over himself. She would always be a sister to her brothers, but to her father - she was nothing. Chiara came upon a brochure for Sacred Heart University during her senior year at St. Agnes Academy and immediately set out to work on her application. Although she had always been a straight-A student, managing her grades became a thousand times easier with the possibility of not returning home. For a little while, Chiara could go back to being young. Sacred Heart became her safe haven, the place she could rely on for safety and comfort. The walls of her dorm were full of pictures of her brothers, her desk full of books and journals.

--- Saudade: (n). A nostalgic longing to be near something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and then lost; “the love that remains”.
During her junior year at Sacred Heart, Chiara made her first friend outside of her comfort zone. Accustomed to chaos, Chiara expected him to be like her father but he was gentle and conscious of her history and soon she found herself falling in love with him. He was a safe place for Chiara to let her guard down, but some things are meant to burn out despite how great it seems life is going. She broke up with him on the day before her 23rd birthday.

Now, there’s not a lot of things that Chiara doesn’t like but chocolate ice cream is the worst food invention in the history of the world. In fact, all things chocolate could disappear and she’d be just fine. That lingering smell of cigarette smoke that still haunts her memories is one day going to be the reason she drowns the world in a sweetly invigorating perfume. And the night sky? Yeah, God really messed up on that one.

Of course, she wishes she could apologize to him, tell him that she didn’t mean to break up but that she was getting too comfortable for her liking. She was loving him too much, and that’s something she wasn’t ready for. Instead, she decided to run away again, packing her bags and settling on whatever place on the map a dart chose. Greenbooke, Ontario.

Alexa Demie

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Alexa Demie

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