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2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

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2022.02.19 - Welcome to 2022! We hope you had a good holiday season! While we were quite slow over the second half of 2021, we're chomping at the bit to get things underway, and increase our community! Have a wonderful day <3 BT Team

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Sunny Song
Last seen 2022-Mar-17, 02:27 PM


CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Violence, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Song Sun-Hi
Mundane, Preternaturally Unaware

Jung Ho-Yeon


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
21 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Nail Tech

Occupation Indepth:
School is a tough subject for Sunny. She was forced to drop out of high school and currently daydreams about attending an art school she could never afford— let alone have the talent to be accepted. Luckily a friend helped her score a gig at a salon. She does nails, and finds it kind of relaxing to finally have an outlet to get her creativity out.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:


General Dressing Style:
Oh, you have no doubt that her entire outfit was acquired at the thrift store-- and we're not talking in a fashionable sense. Sunny dresses for functionality.

In truth, her clothes are often too big for her. It helps keep the comments about her weight at bay for the price of being a joke to the more trendy girls. Sunny would say she just likes to be comfortable. You might argue she never seems to be dressed well enough for the weather. Though for those that don't give her a hard time and commend her for her free-spirited approach to life (is that a compliment?) she accepts it... only slightly relieved to be spared the need for an explanation.

General Description:
When meeting Sunny the immediate concern is her health. You can't help but ask if she's been eating properly, to which she'll provide an awkward smile and admit her appetite is about as small as a bird's. Sunny is quite underweight, but luckily not enough for a therapist to raise a brow at (is that because she avoids healthcare workers like the plague? Absolutely.)

Once you get past the concerning ratio of her height vs. her weight, Sunny's actual appearance is... average. Her dark hair is soft and curly, though cut short and haphazardly around a typically somber expression. Overall, you're not enamored by Sunny's disposition, but the intensity of her presence.

The dusty freckles across her nose give her a youthful appearance, while her narrow cat-shaped eyes seem to cut straight through your bullshit. You might say her features are always at odds against one another.

Jung Ho-Yeon


. tending her balcony garden
. painting at the park
. being clumsy with sculpture
. helping her brother with his homework
. cooking a new recipe
. making flower colleagues when she can't afford new paints

. resourceful
. can totally stretch a shit paycheck
. embarrassingly loyal to those she cares for
. practical maturity due to childhood trauma
. basically trained herself to need little sleep

. not a fan of sweets
. loud noises in general
. being lied to
. the color red
. tax season
. rent week
. cameras
. celebrities and socialites

. can come off pretty standoffish
. reluctant to ask for help
. generally anti-social out of embarrassment
. has an "I'll do what I have to" mentally
. she holds one HELL of a grudge

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
. so good at parkour you kind of wonder WHY?
. she picks around her nails when she's lying
. needs her brother more than he needs her

General Personality:
A bit prickly, this one. She’s hardly the type to walk right up and launch herself into a conversation with you. Not that you’re surprised. Nothing about Sunny’s energy strikes anyone as welcoming or friendly— and for the most part… she isn’t. Sunny is reluctant to talk about herself and a conversation with her is usually limited to the bare necessities. Need something from her? Be brief. Does she need something from you? Just give her a straight answer, and for the love of God don’t lie. There’s one type of person she could never forgive and that’s a liar. You easily get the sense that Sunny can be a little abrasive? Blunt? Cold. Well, you’re right… but at least she has a reason to be so distant.

It’s all a front, really— that tough girl act she puts on? You’re looking at someone that’s clearly been hurt and she’s not likely to trust you without some effort. Sunny is actually just incredibly cautious. Her entire world consists of one important thing and that’s her little brother, and she absolutely cannot fail in the department of caring for him. She’s simple in that she sticks to her priorities: keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Anything outside of that is just… noise at this point. Which is a shame because if by some miracle you break through her walls you’ll find that she’s got one beautiful soul.

A sensitive and romantic soul. She could see the beauty in every little thing, appreciate every shade and texture of the greenery flooding her balcony and the scenes she blends with acrylic onto canvas. Her heart is big and beyond expressive, and if you look closely enough you might catch it flickering in her eyes. She’s barely holding herself together, sometimes even holding her breath when it gets rough just so she doesn’t look weak. “I can handle myself,” her face says. “I don’t know how much longer I can do this by myself,” says her eyes.

Jung Ho-Yeon


Nam-ra Song -- Mother. Her whereabouts are currently unknown. Sunny hasn't seen her in 4 years and they didn't exactly part on good terms.

Soo-no Song -- Father. Sunny tries not to think about him because she only ends up remembering how he died. They were close though.

Rae-ning Song -- Brother (Age 6). You might as well call him her son given how Sunny practically raised him. It's been just them since he was 2 years old. Rae-ning is Sunny's entire world.

Few and far between for this loner girl.

Sunny and Raening are defectors from North Korea. They immigrated to Canada from China and are currently only residing in Greenbrooke through a refugee visa. Sunny is desperately trying to keep them afloat financially to meet the requirements for citizenship, but barely skating by has drawn some attention from social workers.

The Song Family’s residence is relatively new in Greenbrooke. For about a year and a half, their nosey little neighborhood suspected Sunny was a brave single mother finding her footing in a new city. Parents quickly learned that not only was Sunny quite young, but she was apparently the guardian of her younger brother. There’s been speculation towards the fate of their parents without any solid answers, some scrutiny towards Sunny’s ability to even foster her kid brother given their reluctance to open up to others, and before you knew it most ended up side-eying the Song Family and murmuring their theories about their mysterious origins. Unfortunately, all anyone really knows for sure is that Sunny walks her brother to and from school every day, you’re likely to find them in the park when they’re not held up in their tiny flat, and they’re definitely broke.

Important History:
It’s not like she couldn’t remember the good things. They would always be there, wouldn’t they? Deep down she knew who taught her how to paint. She could picture a seashell carefully poised between her fingers as she painted the smooth inside with the waves of the East Sea. She remembered the gardening club at school, always having dirt under her nails but her hands always smelled so wonderfully like Earth. She remembered laughing. But at what? Now it was all just a quiet echo in the back of her head, so easily snuffed out by all the bad things.

She was born in North Korea. That seems like a lifetime ago now. As if the walls around her country had the power to take her memories, that life ended with the sound of a gunshot. She just turned 14. The man she had always known to be gentle, whose painted brushstrokes were like the graze of a bird’s feather, the man she called father, fell face-first into the river with a hole in the back of his head. She’d decided from then on that she wasn’t so fond of the color red anymore. She didn’t quite like loud noises either. Her mother was always hissing, “Keep quiet! Calm your brother!” Rae-ning was just a baby then. He must have cried loud enough for all of China to hear them cross its border, and it was all because he didn’t like when Mother held him. He liked his big sister though… So she held him instead, and mother hadn’t touched him since.

“You can’t just leave!” She was 16. Her mother stood in the doorway with a suitcase at her feet. She’d said she was going to find them a better life, somewhere away from China, somewhere better. Sunny knew that she was lying. Her mother couldn’t look her in the eye. She kept rubbing her arm like she was uncomfortable and cried like she was being forced to leave her children behind. Life just got too hard for her. She couldn’t take care of them no matter how much Sunny tried to help her. She wasn’t like Father. She couldn’t sacrifice for her family the way he had. She would rather run away and pretend like she would come back for them.

She never did. Sunny had to drop out of school to find work, but there wasn’t much she could do with a 2-year-old to care for. If she wasn’t careful they would end up in an orphanage. She needed a miracle. There was a girl she knew once, a friend that turned out to be just like her Mother– pawning off her responsibilities onto another. She told Sunny about a man that liked to take photos of beautiful girls. One photo would pay her rent for the month. Just one. She imagined what a dozen could afford her and her brother, the life they might have if she made it as a model. She couldn’t believe how stupid she was.

Sometimes she still thinks about his tilted grin behind that camera. The way he looked at her made her stomach turn, but she bore it for the stack of cash he’d left out to motivate her. Sunny wished he would have just ended the session when he wanted her to remove her clothes. Instead, he got angry at her. He hit her and she got really scared. She didn’t even remember when she grabbed the tripod, but she remembered how it rattled in her hand when she hit him. He stumbled back and fell. His head hit the corner of the table and suddenly Sunny remembered why she wasn’t so fond of the color red. He died. She… killed him.

What would you have done? If she told the police they would have taken Raening from her for sure. She couldn’t stay. They would know she did this. She could feel it in her bones. Someone he knew would come for her. This wasn’t a good man and Sunny was sure he didn’t have good friends either. Would you have lost your mind as she did? All too calm as she counted the money he’d left out, what he would have paid if she had done what he asked?

It doesn’t matter, because for Sunny Song it was enough to disappear. That money was enough for 2 plane tickets, a visa, and a home for her brother as far as she could think to go.

Jung Ho-Yeon

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