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Helen Baneberry
Last seen 2021-Oct-03, 09:21 AM


Helen Baneberry
Dark fairy/Unseelie Fae

Queen Mother, Navia of Unseelie

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Running a tea house; Solving issues of magical nature

Occupation Indepth:
Helen owns and manages a small tea shop on the edge of the city. She will serve you tea, have a pleasant chat, discuss gardening topics or if you know to ask, read your future through squirrel bones or make a potion to relieve transformation pains.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Curvy with a slim waist

General Dressing Style:
Nor human, nor fae had seen Helen Baneberry in anything but dresses. Be it a gem-encrusted black fairy silk evening dress, casual black lace dress or alluring nightgown. The fae's colour pallet is black, greys, whites and bright reds with rare copper or gold on special occasions. Her accessories are always big and eye-catching.

General Description:
Helen is a tall woman with a narrow waist, full hips and large breasts. Many would say that she is an odd mix between brutish and feminine, sharp and soft. Her nails are long, her hair long, she is tall and the woman's veins are quite pronounced in her arms. At the same time, Helen's curves are soft and her mouth is small and petite.


Plants, children, scaring people, cooking, long walks, forests, sophisticated conversations, indulging in a long project, teaching, tempting fate, threading the grey area of morality.

Caring, educated, polite, with good manners and with an "it's never too late" attitude.

People that are convinced that their way is the right way, pollution, littering, sunny weather, being reminded of her fae life.

She may seem dense in certain situations and has little patients for macho men. Also, it may feel like Helen is taking an eternity to decide on anything.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Helen's movements are very soft and careful, as well as, her voice makes it seem that she's always on the verge to start a song.

General Personality:
Helen is an experienced, calm, polite woman that loves children, adores dangerous animals and hates what human's had done to Earth. Most people would find her to be a joy to be around or a complete nightmare. The fae loves good gossip, and educated conversation or an particularly gruesome murder mystery.


Husband: Old king of Tir Na Nog,
Daughter: Orlagh The Golden Queen,
Son: Rowan of Hundred Swords.


That she's a fae or that she was the queen of Tir Na Nog before retiring. It's also a secret that she has been involved in multiple big factory collapses.

Comes from UK, is separated from her husband, kids stayed with him. Took her pre-marriage last name. Dabbles in earth magic, specifically, plants and downsizing. Knows her way around the kitchen.

Glamour - As any fae out there, she can cast a glamour on herself and others to seem different. With slightly more effort, Helen can make a body to remember a sensation from the past.

Voice - Being fae, her voice is pleasant to listen to. Spells can be mixed in her songs to boost their effect.

Human Blood pendant - A small tear shape ruby that changes one's presence/aura to that of a human. Once a month during a full moon she needs to submerge it in a pint of blood for the amulet to keep working.

Dark Forest magic - While, for most, it functions the same as nature magic (manipulation of plant life and animalism), it also includes minor blood magic for growth and strength, divination through different forest resources, as well as, fear magic and darkness manipulation. Most of these effects can be bound to items made from forest materials for consumption of others.

Fairy wand - Being a fairy she can only cast the most simple spells without a wand and it will be on the level of a newbie mage. At the same time, with her want the fae is capable of marvellous magic control. To make a wand a fairy needs a branch of her birth tree and the ritual must be done during a full moon.

Sun/Moon cycles - If exposed to sunlight Helen's magic dissipates and becomes much weaker and the woman will become quickly tired. At the same time, she will gain an amazing boost of power during a full moon or solar eclipse. During the red moon, she can perform more complicated blood rituals.

Nightmare pixies - Small winged dream-harvesting humanoids that love to play tricks on humans. Their glamour keeps them invisible. A swarm of them follow around Helen, serving as her little helpers and the last reminder of her years as the queen of Tir Na Nog.

Important History:
Once upon a time, she was the queen of Tir Na Nog and its people. It was a different age, when people believed in magic, nature flourished and fae didn't need to fear the dreaded iron. Back then her name was Navia and she was the only princess of the Unseelie court. In attempts of unifying both fae courts, she got pulled into an arranged marriage, though, with her consent.

After their marriage the next two hundred years were relatively peaceful. Her husband wasn't terrible and their matching affinities for plants did help the fae society to bloom. In the early 13th century Helen gathered a group of humans she liked and taught them some of her magic. With them, she hoped in preserving the Earth nature, though, unsuccessfully.

The fae couple left Earth together with the last fae at the beginning of the 19th century. With the spread of iron, they didn't see another option and as their rulers, the couple saw it as their responsibility to see to it that every fae would have a comfortable settling down. The last thing to do was close all the portals and forget earth ever existed.

Unfortunately, it's hard to forget your birth home and so it was for Helen. After her husband joined their ancestors and the queen was left alone she gave the throne to her daughter and her husband, the fae's son being too busy being a hero, and departed for one last time to Earth, her home. She gathered what she needed to survive over there, cut ties to what bound her to the fae and became Helen Baneberry. A human witch with a passion for plants and tea.

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Original FC: Anjelica Huston
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