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Asher Bishop
Last seen 2021-Dec-22, 12:53 AM


CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Violence, Blood, Abuse, Drugs, Death, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Asher Bishop
Werewolf, Turned by Unknown
Part of the The Red Oaks Pack

Jason Momoa

Asher, Bishop, Sir, Mr. Bishop

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
162 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Wealthy Businessman (financial advisor); Pack leader of The Red Oaks

Occupation Indepth:
Asher was born to old money, and when he was turned, nothing about that changed. The Bishops did their best to hide their son's malady, allowing him to get through school with relative normalcy and excusing his monthly absences with travel to other countries where he would "study abroad". Always, Asher had been interested in business and communications, and with all of the networking made possible by his influential family, he managed to become a well-educated, well-connected man who dealt with the finances of the wealthy. Now, he works infrequently and from afar, posing to the public a decline into retirement despite his monthly "business trips".


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Dark brown

Broad, muscular

General Dressing Style:
Comfortable in his physique, Asher generally wears loose, comfortable shirts and bootleg jeans. He can often be seen getting around barefoot - unless, of course, he's in a suit; none of which fit him well due to his veritable breadth. And yet, he manages to look dapper in them, and usually wears them to their full extent; three pieces and shiny shoes, simple ties, and shiny cuff pins.

General Description:
Asher is the kind of man who is used to having influence not just through his money, but also due to his appearance. Threatening when he wants to be, his features are incredibly masculine and broad, thick in every sense, but also capable of great shows of mirth. He's the sort of man with an easy smile despite an indisputable RBF, he's attractive even in middle life. Though age shows in the crow's feet of his eyes and the tightening of skin around his cheekbones, there is still power to him, with a broad, protruding brow and calculative eyes.

Even those who do not know the intricacies of his pack life are likely privy to his indomitable presence, perhaps in part due to his sheer size. Not only big, Asher is tall, and often gives the impression of a bull in a china shop - though rarely will he knock anything over, due to an apparently preternatural grace which doesn't quite fit his supposedly cumbersome frame. Perhaps contrary to the rest of his decidedly sharp appearance, Asher has long, floppy, beach-waved hair, the tips of which barely brush his collarbones.

Werewolf Description:
As a wolf, he is huge, black, and shaggy. The hair of his human form translates into the wolf's long coat, though the colour is slightly different. A light grey - perhaps nearer to white - undercoat is often visible through the swaths of black. Considering his relative youth in terms of the species, Asher is strong and agile, just as in spite of his size as his human presentation. Though not outwardly scarred, the flesh below all of his thick fur is smattered with the light pink, ropey flesh, and his paw prints are well-known for a notable break cut diagonally across the front right pad. His eyes as a wolf are no longer brown but sapped of all colour, represented as cold, silver discs with hollow, discerning pupils.

Jason Momoa


A good whiskey
Black coffee
Assertive women
People with "potential"

Strong-willed but not stubborn

Orange juice
Being questioned


Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Despite all of his markedly negative traits, Asher can come off as charming and kind to get what he wants.
He is also quite protective of his pack members and a loyal companion - once his hard-earned trust is achieved.
When disgruntled, irate, or upset, he is known to "growl" even in his human form.

General Personality:
Leader of the Red Oaks Pack, Asher Bishop is a vicious, hard Alpha who will do whatever he feels he needs to, to protect his pack from outside - and from within. He is not someone to be betrayed or disloyal to, and has no qualms about making an example of those whom he feels have been led astray. He is methodical and decisive in this, and has an innate understanding of the lines one must cross in order to stray into a realm from which they cannot return. Perhaps in spite of this - or perhaps due to it - he is loyal to his pack; his family, and will do anything to protect and serve them as their alpha. He will not take any form of insubordination, and though he certainly doesn't accept questioning, he will often open himself up to constructive criticism or opinions in order to best meet the needs of the pack as a whole.

Asher is protective of his members - especially the younger ones, and often treats the youths as though they are his children, or he is their doting uncle. He is capable of warmth and compassion, but his trust and this behaviour is hard to earn and only comes after a series of 'tests' known only to his own mind. Certainly, amongst his good graces, it is likely that Asher's pack members feel like his family - but they may also feel possessed and controlled, as this is an integral part of the leader's personality that, even when he is trusting and kind, he simply cannot shake.

Jason Momoa


Though Asher's family protected him when he was turned and was the cause of much of his continuing wealth, he did not hold a particularly warm bond with them. His parents protected him in order to protect their influential name, and made sure Asher made something of himself for the same reason. As such, when he felt himself in enough control of his shifts and ready to move on, he killed both his mother and father while in his wolf form, and collected on inheritance with ease due to the authorities having no knowledge of his condition. The attack was considered one of wild animals, and happened when the family was out on a hike. Asher made sure that they would not survive and turn. Outside of his parents, he has no relatives - to his knowledge, his parents had been only children, and his grandparents died when he was young.

To this point, Asher has not maintained a romantic relationship, due in most part to his lifestyle. He feels that any he truly loves would never accept him - and if they did, they would do so out of fear. Most women likely do not yearn to feel possessed and controlled, and this is a flaw of himself that Asher understands - one that makes him a good alpha, but not a good partner nor father. As such, he fosters these instinctive urges within his pack, treating them like family - albeit family that must obey him, under penalty of death.

Asher has been known to whisk away those he feels will benefit the pack and attack them after their first transformation. Those that survive the ordeal - after also surviving the Turn - are considered strong enough to become a member. This is known only to those aware of the world of vampires and werewolves, and is often a fact kept secret from the mundane population - which makes them easier to prey on.

A secret known to none is Asher's fear of living an entirely loveless, lonely life. He doesn't trust himself with the intricacies of romance and understands that he will struggle to see anyone as his equal enough to truly love them, and to trust their love in return. As such, he sabotages any possibility of romantic love despite a deep desire for it, and for a true, biological family rather than the idea of a family that he has constructed for himself.

Asher is known to be influential and rich, but much of his past is undisclosed. When questioned on this, he will often say that he came from a rich family who raised him with a nanny and didn't care too much for him - he waves off the notions of a sob story and will commonly espouse the phrase "it is what it is". To the majority of the public, he is a financial advisor who, monthly, disappears on business trips. There are, naturally, rumours of his true nature, but he will most likely laugh them off and follow this with a well-timed "accident" - such as knocking over a glass or tripping on a chair leg - to "prove" his indelicacy and lack of agility.

Having been a werewolf for the majority of his life at this point, Asher is skilled in shifting and retaining his true mind. He is capable of teaching this skill to younger members and will likely do so with immediacy upon their induction to the pack. Asher maintains all the preternatural powers that werewolves have, and is a veteran of them - they come as second nature to him and, as such, he is able to manipulate how much of them are shown in order to hide or express his true nature.

Important History:
He was twelve when it happened. He had been playing in the countryside of his family's extensive acreage, just recently freed of what might have been considered princely duties. His family had workers for their estate, leaving Asher free to pursue a more romanticised, wealthy childhood. It was for this reason that he had not been taught to care for his surroundings - he was perennially protected; no one in town would dare attack the son of such an influential family, and the grounds were surrounded by precautions against natural wildlife. But the intelligence of werewolves was beyond the simplicity of the local fauna, and one such creature had circumvented the Bishops' precautions with initially curious intent. However, due to the phase of the moon, the creature couldn't contain its bloodlust upon viewing the youth, and immediately attacked.

He could remember only flashes of detail, snatches of vivid red and searing pain. His throat had been torn first, and the blood loss immediately incapacitated him. When he woke, it was days later, and he had been hot with fever - but the wounds had closed. They were still jagged and raw, but it took mere days to heal what looked like months - if not years - of damage. His parents had initially thought him dead and, as such, had begun funeral preparations upon finding his motionless body rather than rushing him to care. However, laid out upon sheets by the house servants, he'd sputtered back to consciousness with great, heaving breaths and ragged screams. It was at this point that his parents understood that this was no natural attack nor accident, that their son was no longer their own.

Asher never did find out who turned him - they never came to claim him nor teach him the ropes, but he took to the lifestyle with relative ease. He was a child used to getting what he wanted, rarely heard the word "no" and was sometimes even feared as he aged by those who cared for him due to his cold, calculative nature and predisposition for manipulation even in his younger years. Even early on, he understood the need to hide his malady from the masses - no one would respect a monster, even out of fear. He understood the danger he would be in if anyone found out, and he learned to hide his true nature from day dot.

Asher learned his controlling nature by nurture; his parents possessed him as an item of prestige and lineage rather than loving him as their son. Truthfully, he had a better bond with the butler, who was a live-in and offered perhaps the most substantial, compassionate advice Asher learned as he grew. This butler was likely the only reason that the alpha has any positive traits at all, and Asher remembers him fondly. His parents, however, posed as nothing more than a barrier as he approached adulthood - so, in the way that many hot-headed teens do, he rebelled. Unfortunately, he had more power and less inhibition than most teens so, as well. But the death of Asher's parents was no impulsive accident - it was calculative and cruel, mapped out to occur when they were least expectant, made to look like an accident entirely removed from their son. Asher's only mercy to them was the efficacy of their murders - they were gone before they understood their fate, and their son tore himself up a little too, to add to the "truth" of his story.

He returned to the house quickly, before his wounds had time to heal, and told the family's servants what had happened - that he and his parents had been out on a hike, and had been attacked by wild animals. His parents had sacrificed themselves and told him to run - and he had. He was their only heir, after all, and they were oh-so concerned with the family lineage. His story told, Asher withdrew to his chambers to recover, and remained there for the time it would take a human's wounds to heal while his story was disseminated through the town by his loyal employees.

He inherited the house, the people, the land, and the money, but he still managed to get himself qualified and find himself a position as a bookkeeper. Here he climbed the ranks and eventually began to handle money for bigger businesses - which, in the 1800s, were mostly well-off merchants and bankers. Eventually, though, it was time to move on. Asher was being noticed for more than his astute business ability; it was noticed that he never took lovers nor long-term partners, and that he remained incredibly youthful though he'd been around for years and attained high-ranking positions in companies.

This began the man's predisposition to travel. He took jobs that enabled him to work over long distances, worked on-site and then was never seen again by his spellbound clients. And everywhere he went, he was loved. He was charming and sociable, capable of talking his way into the hearts of many, and talking his way out of sticky situations. Asher managed to avoid drawing attention to himself by hiding his abilities deftly and, eventually, when his face matched his status, he realised that settling somewhere a little longer-term was possible. It was at this point, representing a man in his forties nearly a century later, that Asher decided to begin to put down roots in Greenbrooke.

Over the course of his life, he had considered forming a pack - but up until now, he'd been a lone wolf - if you'll forgive the pun. Recently, the weight of a desire for a family has weighed on him and, as a result, Asher has begun to ... collect individuals that he sees potential in. The pack is in its early stages, but those who are accepted are strictly expected to uphold the belief system of their alpha; His word is the last word.

Jason Momoa

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