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Phoenix Raine

Phoenix Raine
Incubus Fae

Seonghwa Park


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
303 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Escort, Odd Jobs

Occupation Indepth:
Going with what he does best, Phoenix is an escort, usually for rich older women but he's not too picky. He also oddly enjoys helping the elderly with odd jobs like getting them groceries. That pays more in stories and snacks than much money but he likes it that way.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Usually pink

Slim but toned

General Dressing Style:
Phoenix goes all out when he's out prowling. If he's hitting the clubs, there's a lot of leather, zippers, and tight-fitting tops. However, his normal day-to-day clothing can lean to that extreme but often sits closer to jeans and some sort of shirt that fits his mood. He doesn't believe in gender-based clothing and a peek in his closet would show a lot of his shirts are meant for women and even his tighter pants as well. Somewhere in the middle of it all lies his enjoyment of dressing up in fashionable and sometimes quirky suits or simply rocking a traditional one when a more sophisticated approach is needed.

General Description:
His human form was inspired by what he noted at the time of his crossing the barrier to be a fascination with a style of music known as k-pop. Given his survival relies on attraction and sex, Phoenix easily adapted and shifted from his old form to that of a tall and lithe Korean man. His features are slightly on the delicate side with high cheekbones and plush lips but with a jaw line that could cut someone. Since dyed hair is normal now, he likes going with pink as it is a part of his natural look though he also likes to have fun with it and sometimes it fluctuates to blonde or black.

His fae form is a sight to behold (in his opinion). He has long dark pink hair that flows to mid-back and black horns similar in texture and curl to that of a ram. His eyes are pale pink with a faint glow when he's aroused and/or feeding with kissable lips. He maintains his slim form with defined abs, however, he has black leathery wings, a long thin tail, and long claw-like nails to complete the look.

Seonghwa Park




Extreme cold


Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
He has a slight tongue and lip fetish where he will lick/bite/touch his lip when he's upping his flirt game. Depending on the accessories he has that day, he may even suck on his necklace.

His body temperature runs warmer than most so he can forget to bundle up in cooler weather, though he does start to feel it after a certain point.

General Personality:
As a fae that thrives on sex, that's where Phoenix's vast portion of his personality lies. He's created to seduce and pleasure as many people as he desires. He's very flirty which also makes him extremely outgoing and bold. He doesn't have much of a filter from brain to mouth when it comes to just blurting out what he's thinking in regards to getting someone into bed but sometimes he's able to temper it a bit as he works to find the right angle for seduction.

Being Unseelie, his darker nature can come out more easily than his so-called 'good' brethren. While he really does boil down to more of a lover than a fighter, Phoenix isn't afraid to lash out when needed whether with words or claws. The wickedness and anger comes out the most when he's being territorial over literal territory or a person he's claimed as his own play thing.

On the very rare side of things and with the absolute right person(s), Phoenix can show a sillier side where he allows himself to simply open up and enjoy the simple things without any sort of act. Some might say they have seen this side but it's done intentionally as a way of seduction or even misdirection from his true nature and intentions.

Seonghwa Park


Currently back in Otherworld and of little importance.

A lot but nothing with any meaning.

Very few people will know he's a fae and even less will know he's an incubus or what his true name is.

His birth year of 1718 is when "Phoenix" was born aka his first trip to this world. He's actually older than that but that's the date he'll toss around when pressed for it.


He feeds during sex, skimming a small amount of energy/life force from his partner. He can kill this way if he intentionally takes too much or loses focus.
He can walk through dreams as that's how he fed originally, though he prefers in-person.
He can shapeshift but only between his fae and human form, though he can alter how the human side looks.
His magic is sex-based in that he can send out pheromones to easily seduce his target or an entire room.
He also has his version of "mage hand". Invisible hands that can help in playtime.
He can turn invisible.

Important History:
If you were to ask Phoenix about his childhood, he would state he was birthed into existence from someone’s dream as a fully sexually mature adult, as it was for all incubi and succubi. Depending on his mood he’d either smirk as he said it to show he’s joking or keep a straight face and have you believe he’s serious; though most know such creatures aren’t real so he’s clearly joking and simply doesn’t want to talk about his childhood.

1718 - Originally having no desire to see earth in person as he was able to get an idea from the dreams he walked, Phoenix’s first trip over was near the end of everyone returning from earth. That was what drew him to visit more than anything else as he wanted to see firsthand what the horrible changes were and experience some things for himself. The main gates were now being guarded and going earth-side wasn’t as easy anymore, especially for Unseelie. So he purchased a private portal that was attuned to somewhere in the place known as Norway as that was where he had been visiting dreams lately and knew the language.

He had appeared in a cemetery, the power of the portal breaking the tombstone he now stood beside and drawing the attention of several people that had been praying at a grave a few doors down.

And that was how he accidentally started a cult and earned the name Phoenix.

For five years, Phoenix led his group of believers in a sex cult, happily living amongst them on a large parcel of land. Earth really wasn’t that different from his home realm when it came to the orgies and earth seemed a lot better with the way they all regarded him with a sense of awe and worship, not letting him do any of the menial tasks. He needed to ‘rise from the dead’ more often! He did have to kill a naysayer here and there, secretly at first but more openly as time passed and the nearby village started asking too many questions.

Eventually things started to sour and Phoenix was growing bored anyway. He blessed his adorable minions with one last wild night, deeply feeding from them all to store up enough energy to make his long journey to one of the remaining portals he had heard still existed and he could pass through. By morning he was gone and his cult members were dead or near enough to it that Phoenix didn’t expect them to live long.

Time moves differently in otherworld so when he was next bored and curious about the new world he saw in dreams of his victims, Phoenix was surprised to find nearly 300 years had passed when he looked further into it. He also had enough dirt on the right people to acquire the proper paperwork to legally cross through a portal and avoid starting another cult—as much fun as it was.

He chose one of the portals in a young country called Canada and while it seemed his human appearance of blonde hair, blue eyes, and masculine was still attractive, he also learned about k-pop and how popular that look was. Going off of what would work the best for his feeding habits, Phoenix changed his appearance and adopted a lot of their fashion style as well, finding it fun and even erotic in some cases.

Seonghwa Park

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Seonghwa Park

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