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Apryl Weather

Apryl Weather
Arcane Mage


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
33 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Information Broker; Tech mage

Occupation Indepth:
works independently trading information and enchanted jewelry


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:


General Dressing Style:
She dresses as casually as possible, butt on the rare occasion when she has to look good, cleans up nice.

General Description:
If you saw Apryl on the street, you might mistake her for a college student. In addition to appearing young, she's rarely without headphones and a hoodie she can pull up over her head to hide from those around her., Her dark hair, glasses, and deadpan sense of humor earned her the nickname Daria, which she secretly loves. She's an average 5'6, and pale-skinned.


cats, caffeine, Netflix, reading, technology, hanging out and doing nothing, satire, sleeping in, gaming, poking her nose where it doesn't belong

smart, brave, self-sufficient, curious, animal lover, nerdy

overly perky people (esp in the morning), sports, tea, ferrets, shrimp

blunt, lazy, aloof, can be judgmental, impatient

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
habit of bouncing her leg;

General Personality:
Apryl is a loner by nature. Given the option, she would avoid most social gatherings to spend time by herself. Her hobbies include gaming, cruising the Internet, programming, binge-watching TV, and reading. Though she has a deep abiding love for all things digital, sometimes holding a physical book is a nice break from her powers. She also has a raging caffeine addiction and a sweet tooth. She's not a mean person, just sarcastic, and sometimes people assume that means she doesn't like them. If she doesn't like you, you're gonna know it.
Intelligent and curious, Apryl will look far and wide for the answers to her questions. If that means she has to hack into places she isn't supposed to be, she doesn't see a problem with that. After all, it's for her own personal use.


Derrick and Quinn Weather - parents
oldest of 3 siblings



tech mage services and information broker


Important History:
Apryl was born to Derrick and Quinn Weather in 1986, the oldest of three children. The Weather family has a long psychic legacy in New York City. Derrick was a pyrokinetic and Quinn was a telepath who used her ability to better understand her children. Hiding thoughts from her mother was one of Apryl's earliest uses of her psychic shield. She was also the first member of the family to possess technokinesis.
In high school, Apryl used her ability to look at her student file as well as fix grades or procure test answers for the less academically-inclined students for a price. It was a great source of pride for Apryl that she never cheated herself. All she did was facilitate. When a student got busted and threatened to expose her, she changed all of his grades back to their originals and he got held back a grade. Nobody messed with Apryl after that.

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Inactivity Preference:
Fade Out

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Original FC: Aubrey Plaza

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