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Jasper Jacobs

Jasper Jacobs
Vampire, Sired by Rafe Dubois

Erika Linder

JJ, Jasp

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
He | Him

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
32 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Bartender; Spy

Occupation Indepth:
Jasper is a bartender at Indulge Nightclub, owned by Rafe Dubois. He also plays the role of messenger, relaying the general communications from his fellows back to Rafe, to do with as he sees fit.

Jasper has been working at Indulge since 12 July, 2009.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:


General Dressing Style:
Jasper tends to dress with casual comfort. He enjoys the security that an oversized hoodie offers, and is most often seen in one, especially during daylight hours if he happens to be up and about. He also likes to wear jeans, usually a loose pair with straight legs.

At night, when he is working at the bar, Jasper wears a ‘uniform’ that fits the Nightclub; a skin tight black tee-shirt with low slung leather pants that cling to his narrow hips tightly. Leather boots that go to midcalf with laces and studs decorate his feet. Bangles and jewellery hang from his wrists, and jingle attractively when he pours drinks.

General Description:
Jasper is of a slim, waif build, with no muscle bulk. He has a wiry strength to him, but rarely displays it. His face is small, with narrow features – a straight nose, and high cheekbones add definition. His eyes, beautiful blue, are startling under their narrow eyebrows. Full lips are often chewed upon and worried, when not forming a sad pout.

Brunette hair, often mussed or tussled, is usually long enough for the locks to fall around his ears, but not long enough to rest much on his neck. Long fingers, almost delicate, are prone to fidgeting. His long limbs tend to be slouched slightly, making him look smaller than his full height.

Erika Linder


Dancing; Jasper loves to dance, and will often spends his nights not working dancing out with the masses at the Nightclub. If he's on duty, he can usually be seen dancing along to the beat of the music behind the bar, if a bit more tamely than he would be out on the floor.

Make-up; While Jasper doesn't wear it often, he does love wearing makeup, and finds it a great deal of fun to play with. Mostly, he just wears eyeliner and a bit of mascara, but occasionally he might go all out, with eyeshadow, blushes, and all manner of creams and powders.

Intelligent; Jasper is highly intelligent, more so than he appears and most people assume. He keeps his intelligence to himself, since being a knowitall usually results in mockery or pain. But he's a quick thinker, and knows when to open his mouth, and when to keep it closed.

Socialite; Jasper loves being the centre of attention - when he is in the mood, and when the audience doesn't frighten him. He enjoys being with and around friends, gossiping, chatting, and sharing stories. Jasper needs to socialise the same way most people need to breathe air, and too much time without friends causes him to become sad and withdrawn.

Most Drunks; people tend to get grabby and obnoxious when they are drunk, and Jasper really doesn't like being around them so much. He doesn't mind some drunks, but most are just such drama.

Sunrise; Jasper used to love the sunrise, and the way it would bring forth the new day. Now he hates it, with a passion, as it causes his whole body to crash into a need for sleep, and he knows that a touch of the beautiful light would be his destruction. It makes him sad - he used to love to be out in the daylight.

Feeding; Jasper hasn't mastered how to feed without making a mess of himself, and as such, dislikes doing so without preparing by not wearing his favourite clothing. He tends to need an older vampire around when he feeds, to prevent him from killing his dinner by mistake.

Smoker; Jasper was addicted to cigarettes before he was Turned, and the familiarity of the actions and taste are reassuring to him. He enjoys smoking – especially now it doesn’t affect his health – and the low key nicotine kick before his vampirism removes it.

Anxiety; Jasper is an anxious mess at the best of times. Before he became a Vampire, Jasper was on a cocktail of medication to help combat the negative emotion; since Turning, however, the medication works even less than before and he doesn't take it. Instead, he smokes when it becomes too much to bear.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Smoker; as such, Jasper always has a packet on him, a lighter in his pocket. The lighter was a gift, and is silver with his name engraved in it, wrapped in an elaborate heart.

Worrier; Jasper is quite the anxious little vampire, and has a tendency to display his worry by chewing on his bottom lip, which is often home to little scabs and cuts as a result. He also has a tendency to fidget and can almost always be found with something in his hands, being fiddled with to help dispel his anxiety.

General Personality:
Jasper is a bit of a mixed bag, ranging from the socialite who demands to be the centre of attention, to the cowering mouse who would rather be hiding under a rock than seen. He has anxiety issues, and constantly worries that he is going to displease people of power – or whom he considers to be powerful in some way – and goes out of his way to become invisible to them, so as to avoid upsetting them. When he is the centre of their attention, he does his utmost to be unworthy of further attention, doing tasks to the best of his ability as quickly as possible.

When Jasper is comfortable – usually when he’s surrounded by his fellows and friends – he enjoys being the star of the show, often taking on the role of class clown, filled to the brim with silly antics and tall stories. He’s bright, bubbly and filled with chatter. With these people, Jasper feels like he can be himself and thoroughly enjoys it.

Jasper’s high intelligence is something he does his best to disguise, partly because it got him beaten up a lot in school, and partly because it was his intelligence that caught the eye of Rafe and got him turned into a Vampire. Not that Jasper particularly dislikes being a vampire, simply that catching the eye of important people is not something he ever wanted to do.

Erika Linder


Sire: Rafe Dubois - Turned 15th of October, 2019

Father: Elijah Jacobs, business lackey
Mother: Haylee Jacobs nee Martin, housewife

Siblings: 3 older sisters,
Autumn Jacobs [F. 1983]
Allison Jacobs [F. 1985]
Arya Jacobs [F. 1987]

Aislin Moore

Nocturne Jackson


Edwin Jameson
Gavin Piers

  • The man that gave him the cigarette lighter dumped Jasper shortly after he was Turned, citing he had changed, though didn't know how or why. Jasper still holds a tender ache for him.
  • Very few are aware that Jasper works as a spy for Rafe, even the vast majority of the Master's own lackeys are unaware that Jasper reports back on what they've said.


Spy: Jasper is excellent at making himself seem invisible, unworthy of notice, while being a magnificent eavesdropper. He is also very good at recalling details, and repeating what he has heard word for word. It is this talent that has him working on the floor for Master Rafe, parroting back to his master the interesting things he picks up while working.

Vampire Skills: Jasper's strengths lie within enthralling people, and glamours, which he finds particularly useful with his work. Partly, this is due to the fact that he is constantly using these particular skills, and partly due to a natural affinity with the skills. He was delighted to learn of his heightened senses, and also uses his bettered hearing to assist in his eavesdropping.

Important History:
After three girls, Jasper’s parents incorrectly assumed their fourth child would also be female, and while they had a girl’s name picked out, they were unprepared for a boy. As such, Jasper spent several days without a name, before his parents came to the hasty agreement to name him Jasper; there had been a lot of arguments over whether to continue the trend of ‘a’ names with him (had he been a girl, his name would have been Anita), or not. In the end, they gave him his own letter, but doubled down hard on it: Jasper James Jacobs.

Jasper grew, often called JJ by his family, to be a quiet little boy who was incredibly observant and preferred to watch rather than participate. Wide blue eyes took in everything that went on around him, and little ears heard far more than he ever should have, though he rarely let it be known. For as long as he can remember, Jasper has known that things overheard should rarely – if ever – be repeated.

The early years of school, Jasper quite enjoyed. He made friends easily enough, and excelled in almost all of his subjects. It wasn’t until he hit his early teens that things started to get a bit uncomfortable. His family barely batted an eye when he came home one day, around fourteen, and admitted with a crimson face that he had a date that weekend with another boy from school. Jasper – looking back on that moment – isn’t sure if he was embarrassed about the fact he was going on a date, or who that date was with. Regardless, he’s never been ashamed of who he is, though he is often flustered and embarrassed by the actions of current or potential partners.

While his homosexuality didn’t cause much of a ripple in his life, his intelligence did. Bullied for being a know-it-all, Jasper often found himself being harried into doing homework for other students, or his own books and homework being destroyed, thrown around and mucked up. Highschool was, overall, uncomfortable and a lot less fun for Jasper than his junior years had been.

Jasper moves out at 17, shortly before graduating his final year of school early; taking up extra classes and credits, Jasper completes his full education only a year earlier than his agemates. A small flat above a family run corner store becomes his home, and Jasper works in the shopfront some evenings, and spends the rest of his time out partying and clubbing, using a false ID he bought a year earlier to get into clubs and buy alcohol.

It was shortly after his eighteenth birthday that Jasper stumbled (literally) across Indulge, and entered the lavish bar with curiosity. He kept using his false ID, even after he turned nineteen; he was rather attached to it and figured explaining how he’d just turned 19, not 23, would be a bit obvious. Completely oblivious to the nature of Indulge at least, Jasper wasn’t aware that his age could easily be known by whomever wanted the information.

Disinclined to touch drugs, Jasper never got hooked to the drug, V, that was common within Indulge. Instead, after several weeks of flirting with the bartender, he got up the courage to ask about work. Before he knew it, Jasper found himself working behind the bar at his favourite nightclub. In the beginning, he was a bit of a mess at mixing drinks and taking orders, but he learned quickly and was soon comfortable. Mixing drinks, flirting, dancing, and genuinely enjoying himself, Jasper found Indulge to be the perfect place for him. He loved it.

Jasper didn’t mean to, the first time he overheard something, but he did – and after his shift finished, he sought out Rafe, the owner, to let the man know what he had heard. To say that Jasper was intimidated by his boss would be to put it lightly; he found the man both stunning and terrifying. Jasper is ashamed of the amount of stuttering he is sure he did that first time, reporting to his manager. Then he fled home. A day or two later, after which Jasper is sure Rafe confirmed what he’d heard, Jasper was called to him and offered a ‘bonus’ every time he came to Rafe with something interesting he’d overheard. Jasper was too frightened to say no – afraid he’d lose the job he loved – but also quietly proud he could do more to make the gorgeous man like him. He liked being useful to boot.

Earning his weekly bonus came easily to Jasper, who had already found that working behind the bar made him an easy ear for loose lips; it was the things he overheard when he was on the floor dancing, or using the bathroom that he found most useful, however, and he quickly honed his skills for eavesdropping. It was always something he’d unintentionally been good at. It was more than a little fun to need the skillset. The years flew by, with Jasper growing more comfortable with his reporting to Rafe (he was still enamoured by the man, but less intimidated, even though he was still terrified of him – Rafe was very confusing to Jasper) and getting to know many of the regulars as well as those that called themselves Rafe’s family. Which Jasper found to be a rather odd assortment of individuals and doubted they were actually related. Not that that didn’t make a family, of course, but still.

The 15th of October, 2019 was a fateful day for Jasper. He had, somehow, upset a drunkard during the evening – he thinks he may have rebuffed the man’s advances but he’s not sure – and the man waited for him to come out for a cigarette when he was on break. While in the back alley with a couple of co-workers, chatting and enjoying the crisp night air, the man approached from the shadows and pounced on Jasper, stabbing him several times in the chest and side, puncturing his lungs and clipping Jasper’s heart in the process. Leaving Jasper gasping in shock, bleeding to death on the dirty alley floor, the man fled. Jasper doesn’t know what happened to his co-workers, but one of them at least must have gotten Rafe.

And didn’t that lead to the most shocking discovery in his short life! Rafe, who had found Jasper rather useful over the past decade, took the turn in Jasper’s life in stride, and Turned Jasper into a vampire. Jasper, who was completely oblivious to the fact that vampires were real wasn’t asked if he wanted to be one, so much as Rafe offered to save him, if he chose. Jasper didn’t think he’d likely done more than babble blood bubbles, but Rafe had saved him. Turned him. Jasper didn’t like thinking on that time very much.

The changes that had to be made to Jasper’s life as a result of his Turning was substantial, and Jasper staggered a lot through it. Learning he could never again bask in sunlight was rather traumatic to Jasper, who despite his nightly life at Indulge, rather loved the sun and its warmth. But he was alive, and that was worth it to him… The whole vampires-are-real thing was its own trauma, and it took Jasper a long time to cope with the fact that magic, vampires, and even werewolves were real.

Since Turning, Jasper has remained a staple in Indulge, staying behind the bar and continuing his service to Rafe as a spy amongst his own people. Jasper delighted in learning how to use his enhanced senses, and while some of their Family are a little more cautious around him than they were before he Turned, Jasper still finds plenty to report back to Rafe about.

Erika Linder

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