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Audrey Mason

Audrey Gabriella Mason
Werewolf, Turned by Asher Bishop
Part of the Red Oaks Pack

Regan Kemper


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
19 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Barista at Starbucks

Occupation Indepth:
Audrey is a part-time employee at Starbucks, where she's been since 2018; she started as a weekender after turning 16.


Eye Colour:
Dark Brown


Hair Colour:
Dark brown


General Dressing Style:
Most of Audrey's clothing is stuff that can be doubled as work wardrobe; so lots of greys, dark blues, black and browns. She does have a few brighter pieces that she wears, usually in the summer, in the form of sunny dresses and cute teeshirts.

Audrey has a preference for wide legged jeans that sit comfortably, and a pair of comfortable runners when she's not needing to wear boring work shoes.

General Description:
Standing at a tall 5'7, Audrey's height comes primarily from her long legs, which seem to go on forever. Her body is slim, with long limbs and delicate fingers. Her bust is small, her hips barely there. Overall it just adds to the impression of a very tall young woman.

Surrounded by her very dark brown - almost black - hair, Audrey's face is small and round and filled with her features; high cheek bones, full lips, per nose and wide eyes with slim eyebrows. Her ears, which are usually hidden by hair that floats freely around her face, are small and pieced three times each.

Her hair is usually kept at about shoulder length, not much longer, and has a natural wave to it. She doesn't wear bangs.

Werewolf Description:
Audrey is a light grey coloured grey wolf, with bluish mottling down her back, and a black tail tip. She retains her long legs, standing slightly tall for the average wolf.


Regan Kemper


Cuddling and holding hands
Sweets, especially cake
Starbucks drinks

Quick and Witty

Miserable weather
The dark
Black coffee
Finishing books
Bad movies

Grudge Holder

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Tugs on a lock of her hair when she’s thinking.

General Personality:
Audrey is a pretty sunny girl, with a cheerful disposition and a curious and impulsive nature that can get her into trouble – like having her walk in on a pack of transforming werewolves – but it also helps her survive her day-to-day life, and the lot she’s ended up with. Quick, and witty, Audrey has a silver tongue and a sassy tendency that can be a great deal of fun to be around – or it’ll drive her companions to their wits end.

Fearless, to the point of stupidity, there is no situation that Audrey will back down from our run away from, not when there is a chance – any chance – she can fight her way to success. She’s fierce, and determined to make the best of every situation she goes brashly walking into. Even before Turning, Audrey was extremely loyal, and that loyalty has only been enhanced by joining her new family and working alongside her pack members. She loves her friends and family from before, but even blood has nothing on the loyalty she feels towards the Pack.

While Audrey doesn’t have much of a temper, she is capable of holding grudges, even long after she forgets why she hates someone, she will continue to hate them with all the burning passion in her soul. She knows its unhealthy, but that doesn’t stop the continued progression from simple irritation with people, to outright hating them for any reason, big or small. Usually, though, Audrey needs a good reason to build that kind of fire for someone.

Regan Kemper


Pack Leader: Asher Bishop


Pack Knowledge
Turned: February 27 2021, Full Moon by Asher Bishop


Audrey has taken to being a Wolf really well; she finds transformation to be easier than the average Wolf her age, and enjoys being in wolf form for the duration of the Full Moon.

Important History:
Audrey had an unremarkable childhood. She made friends easily, and enjoyed playing sports but wasn't good enough at anything, in particular, to get a scholarship when she entered high school. Not that she minded; Audrey enjoyed school well enough but had no real intention of going to further her education at college or university. Instead, she applied for and got a job at Starbucks shortly after her sixteenth birthday and has been content working there ever since.

Until the events that lead to her being Turned, Audrey was preternaturally unaware, though now she occasionally wonders how it was that she was so blind to the depth of the world around her.

Audrey was Turned by accident in early 2021, when she stumbled upon the Red Oaks pack in the midst of transforming. She'd been looking to have a conversation with her manager, Cassidy, about something work-related and had followed the woman in confusion when she'd gone to a strange house. Audrey had visited Cassidy at home before, as they'd been working together for a couple of years and got along well -- Audrey occasionally babysat her daughter.

Asher, the pack Alpha, decided to maul Audrey and see if she was strong enough to make the Transformation rather than kill her outright or leave her in a weird state of confusion at what she'd seen.

Regan Kemper

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Regan Kemper

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