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Mayleigh Davenport

Mayleigh Davenport
Light Mage

Barbara Palvin


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
22 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Student, Barista, Waitress

Occupation Indepth:
Full time university student that works at a Starbucks and sometimes picks up shifts as a waitress at a pizza place.


Eye Colour:
Pale Blue


Hair Colour:
Long, light brown


General Dressing Style:
Typically Mayleigh will be seen in jeans or shorts with tank tops, t-shirts, or sweatshirts when she’s studying, has free time, or even sometimes attending classes. When she’s at work, she wears a bit nicer clothes, usually black pants and a nice plain t-shirt to go under her apron. If she has a date or big plans, dresses are preferred and make up put on. Typically, she’s more minimal when it comes to make-up and hair.

General Description:
Mayleigh is rather average in appearance until she smiles and her whole face lights up and you can see how pretty she actually is. Her body shape would be considered slender and she was happy with that--until puberty hit her hard the summer before grade ten and she was blessed with a nice chest and hips.

In the summer she somehow manages to maintain a light tan despite how busy she gets and her light brown hair picks up more golden highlights. Any free time she does have is in a pool or the lake and helps maintain her figure though she would never call herself fit or say she has muscles.

Barbara Palvin


Romance: It’s great being in love! Or so Mayleigh believes. She has yet to find the man that captures her heart but she knows exactly how it will happen. Well, she has enough fantasies of her prince swooping her off her feet to cover all bases anyway. Flowers, dinner, dancing, staring into each other’s eyes… why do so many people hate romance?

Sleep: Sometimes it feels like she doesn't remember what that is with how busy she's made herself. When she does sleep, it's the best feeling ever to curl up under a blanket and snuggle in.

Clever: Mayleigh, while not the smartest kid in any class she’s ever been in, is clever and prides herself in seeing the larger picture and figuring out all options.

Creative: Being creative helps her in areas where cleverness is needed as much as an unique viewpoint. Thinking outside the box never hurts!

Running/Exercise: Ew, getting sweaty! Mayleigh is not one to enjoy physical labour and there’s nothing at all attractive about running. You sweat, you smell, you pant, and you make funny faces. The pain in her side after running anywhere is not worth saving a few seconds or pleasing teachers enforcing healthy routines on them.

Trust Issues: Mayleigh is a bit shy when she first meets someone. This is due to her trust issues that sprung up from her ex-boyfriend. Once she gets to know someone and likes them, she’s very bubbly and open.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
She bites her lower lip when in deep concentration. This can happen while studying, writing a paper or exam, and making drinks at Starbucks when it's busy.

General Personality:
Mayleigh is rather sweet; once you get her to open up. She wants to make friends with everyone but it’s a bit difficult when she won’t blindly trust people immediately after meeting them. People can be deceptive and she wants to know their true face before falling for the false one. Once she’s comfortable with someone, she’ll open up more about herself and relax. She’s kind to everyone she meets but due to some events in her life, fully trusting again like she did as a naïve child is a bit hard.

A bad break up with her first boyfriend made her a bit jaded and partially convinced that all men are jerks and she gave up on the idea of dating for a while, though when she does, she won't put as much stock into romance and treat it casually both with sex and attachment levels until they prove themselves worth more than that. But she does want to believe in love again and knows it exists--hopefully for her as well.

She can come across as ditzy or shallow thanks both to her appearance and her comments on some things. Thanks to her curvier body, interest in fashion, and youthful face, some people see her as too young to know anything or someone that focuses more on her appearance than her brain. When she does decide to join in a conversation, she kind of skims the surface of most topics, only knowing enough to make passing comments and mostly keep up.

She is, however, rather book smart. She took an interest in crime shows when she was a child and knew her career path at age twelve. She studies hard and soaks up the information when she does apply herself. But given how busy she is with her jobs and classes, she doesn’t have time for much else and it leads back to her being a dumb blonde--or brunette, as the case may be.

Barbara Palvin


Damien Davenport and Beatrice Davenport (deceased)

Currently nothing of note.

She can't have children due to her injuries from the car accident that killed her mother.


Very weak healing magic. She's never focused much on them when younger and while she's tried to improve after her mother's death, she's still fairly basic and has started to neglect them due to how busy she is with everything else.

Important History:
Mayleigh's childhood was nice. She was doted on and daddy's little girl but she wasn't overly spoiled and was still taught the value of hard work and to enjoy the simple things in life like nature and sunrises--her mother was essentially a hippie. Unfortunately, when Mayleigh was 16 and learning to drive, her mother died in a car accident as someone side-swiped them. She tried to use the little bit of healing magic she had--but wasn't very good at--to help but it wasn't enough.

Her father started working more and didn't smile as often but he thankfully didn't blame Mayleigh, knowing the limitations of white magic. Still, she felt useless and put all of her free time into practicing the few spells she knew and the more practical first aid. A kit is always kept in her backpack as well so she's always prepared.

Her first boyfriend was at 19, during her first year of college, though it didn't last long after they had sex. She thought he was wonderful and he thought she was pretty and wanted to add her to his collection. This made her a bit jaded and partially convinced that all men are jerks and she gave up on the idea of dating for a while.

Especially since finances seemed a bit tight and Mayleigh decided to help out her father and get a job. Living at home meant she didn't have rent or many bills but the cost of college made up for it. Currently, Mayleigh is attending a full load of classes in her pursuit of being a forensic scientist and working at a Starbucks and a pizza place every chance she gets as well to help cover school costs and maybe a little extra spending money if she ever has free time again.

Barbara Palvin

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Barbara Palvin

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