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Rafe Dubois

CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Violence, Blood, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Rafe Dubois
Vampire, Sired by Currently Unnamed

Jason Morgan

The Wraith

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
671 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Owner of Indulge Night Club; Spymaster

Occupation Indepth:
Rafe owns Indulge, a night club that is mostly frequented by vampires to dance, drink, and more. Humans can get in, though they only stay on the ground level that is the most normal portion.

Rafe is also a spymaster for the vampire Senate. Some vampires will know this.


Eye Colour:
Dark Blue


Hair Colour:
Blonde, slightly shaggy


General Dressing Style:
Depending on what is required of him, Rafe will usually be seen in public in either the finest made Italian suits or his version of dressing down of khakis and a polo. In his off time, he often only wears comfortable pants that he can work out in.

General Description:
Eyes: Naturally a darker blue but turn almost icy when mad and powers spiking.

Hair: Rafe keeps his sandy blonde locks cut in a slight shaggy style where it often falls into his eyes even when he hasn't styled it forward.

General Appearance: Aside from his light-coloured hair and large blue eyes, Rafe attracts attention with his dashing yet wicked smile. He is a master of giving everything from sly smirks to large, full blown friendly smiles. He doesn’t really have a care in the world and it shows when he smiles and laughs. The icing on an already beautiful cake is the dimples that appear when such smiles are given. Typically, though, he maintains slightly less-blinding smiles and sticks to his smirks and grins that are slightly crooked and most definitely mischievous.

Jason Morgan


Physical Activities: This ranges from bedroom fun to exercise. Rafe loves being in motion regardless of the reason. The actual ‘clean’ activities he prefers to invest his free time into would be swimming and running, finding both to be relaxing since they won’t have any impact on his actual wellness.

Swords: Rafe is an expert in swordplay and has a small collection of swords from varying periods in time and location.

Fortitude: Rafe has no qualms with charging ahead, being the first to attempt something, or conquering a fear or tackling an issue that most would try to ignore. Rafe dares where others would not.

Cunning: Rafe is good at mind games and working out ways to get what he wants. He’s also not afraid to work at something to achieve a goal that may take some time.

Vampire Powers: Rafe is a Master for many reasons and some of those lie in how well he performs at his abilities that include shadow meld, mind-reading, and controlling emotions.

Sappy Emotions: To Rafe, there’s no reason to cry over anything or pine for what was and no longer can be. He wants to have fun and how can he when he’s tied down by such useless feelings or the person he’s chasing is a weeping mess. A flower in its prime attracts attention, not the wilted flower tossed aside.

Arrogance: He believes himself to be the hottest and best thing around and everyone else should know this as well. His arrogance, coupled with the thrill he gets out of bending the rules and having fun on the wild side, can also lead him into interesting predicaments but Rafe fancies himself a master of getting out of trouble.

Doesn’t Trust Many: Letting too many people get close to you leaves your back open for more stab wounds. Only one person exists that he fully trusts.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Rafe is good at watching and reading people.

General Personality:
Rafe is what most think a vampire (at least in Hollywood's standards) would be. He is calm, in control, suave, charming, and a complete playboy. He can also be rather intimidating with his stature and hard gazes but some find that just as attractive. He's easy to keep pleased, however, so long as you provide him with what he asked for. He likes secrets and information on rivals and in exchange will offer his protection, regardless of your species. Though, if you're not a vampire, you better hope what you know and can keep finding out will be enough to keep his fangs at bay.

However, due to his nature and so much time spent in war, he can also lose that control and show the other side of the Hollywood vampire coin. If he isn't careful, he can easily lose himself in the grips of bloodlust, enjoying the hunt and the kill in equal measures. Sometimes the hunt can last for days where he toys with his prey in various creative ways before enjoying the crimson reward.

He typically has a tight hold on those urges and feeds them in small doses in the form of what would be called a sex dungeon. If he does give in to the madness, it often takes one special person in his life to bring him back to sanity.

Known as the Wraith due to his ability to suddenly appear from the shadows and strike down his target before they know what's happening. The name actually comes from his human life but easily carried into his eternal one thanks to the wars his Master liked to participate in. He proved himself formidable on the battlefield but his true strength lied in espionage and more subtle take downs of key players. His current surname comes from time spent in France a few hundred years ago where the rumour of ‘the wraith that comes from the woods’ spread about him. He found it charming and so adopted Dubois as his own.

Jason Morgan


Master: A Master now himself, he prefers not to mention his own Master.
Sired: Aislin Moore, Jasper Jacobs, Chance Warden, Mikhail Sokolov, among others.

Lovers/Partners: Plenty. Nothing of note or of a serious nature.
Enemies: Likely plenty. Currently nothing noteworthy.
Feeders: Malachite

Most don't know that he is a spymaster for the vampire Council.

Owner of Indulge.

shadow meld, mind-reading, mind control, and controlling emotions. He's extremely powerful with the mental abilities and can break through most walls/shields if he wanted to bother with it or tamper with memories. (ooc: such interactions will always be discussed before hand so as not to god mod.)

Important History:
Born during the Hundred Years' War and just after the Black Death had worked its way through the land, Rafe didn't know much of peace. His family struggled to keep them fed and pay taxes that seemed to always be rising until the Caroline War, the second phase of the war, began when he was nineteen. Because of the way the Black Prince treated the people of his land, Rafe supported the Gascons when they went to the King of France for support. When the Black Prince refused to answer to a summons and the war broke out, Rafe found himself turning his back o England and going to France to support their side. He had been a proud British man that was to be wed a month later but he saw the French held not only the power but justice.

He took easily to fighting with a sword and his courage impressed fellow soldiers and officers alike, despite initial hesitations that he could be a spy given he was British. He quickly worked his way up the ranks after that and was always among the first to rush out to meet the foe. Eventually he earned his nickname of the Wraith with how silent, swift, and deadly he could be both during a sneaky operation or out in the open battlefield.

During the Treaty of Bruges, Rafe was among those camped out as part of the Duke of Burgundy's immediate show of power while the rest of the army hung back.It was during this time of 'peace' that finally saw the end to the Wraith as a British operative couldn't resist tempting fate and jumping him in a market square after an evening of drinking. The man approached him with a concealed dagger and stabbed him in the stomach, doing what two epidemics of the Black Death couldn't do. While he should have been left to die where he fell, Rafe was instead given a second chance. A vampire had been impressed with his fighting over the recent years, stalking him, waiting for the right time to intervene and take him as his own. A quick path to death had the vampire acting swiftly and bringing Rafe into his Family.

One year later in 1376, the Black Prince was announced to have died of dysentery. True, he had been ill for years and well on his way to dying from it, but in truth, Rafe had been the one to sneak in silently one night and hold a pillow over the man's face until he stilled. History believes what it wants but Rafe will always have the personal satisfaction of taking the man's last breath.

Rafe proves himself capable and skilled within a few years of being Changed, though he still isn't given the lead on large jobs or even on the team for some of the major things their Master has planned. Instead, he's slowly trained in the finer details of war and subterfuge. By the time he's one hundred--in vampire terms--Rafe has moved up the social and political ladder within his Family and the European vampires as a whole.

With his two hundredth year as a vampire approaching in another decade or so, Rafe begins showing signs of Master level powers focusing in the area of mental abilities, making him all the more important to his Master and the political moves he'd been trying to make. This increase in power grants him the status of Master as well, though he continues to stay within the Family to further develop his powers and connections.

Around 1625 when he's 250, Rafe decides to break free to start his own Family. He parts ways with his Master on good terms, knowing not to burn bridges that he might need to travel again some day. He continues to spend time in Europe, Changing humans he sees something worth while in or acquiring vampires from other Masters to form his own loyal yet still considerably small Family.

By the early 1800s, Rafe finally gives into the curiosity he's had for centuries about the new world that was now being settled. Some of the stronger vampires broke off from the European Senate to form their own in America and Rafe decides to try his luck there as well. He pledges his loyalty to the American Senate and easily finds himself a seat there as well thanks to his mental powers and abilities when it comes to gathering information.

Just before the turn of the millennium, Rafe relocated to Greenrbooke. He was due another change of scenery and had always liked the city. He’s now fully immersed, owning a mansion in a fancy secluded neighbourhood where his Family stays, as well as the feeding den and club Indulge. The move wasn’t entirely recreational; the Senate liked the idea of him being closer to a major hub of mages and their Society of Guardians. Having a strong master vampire loyal to them and good at intel ensured they would always be kept in the know of what was going on with the other factions.

Jason Morgan

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Jason Morgan

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