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-  The Rise of the Phoenix
Sunday, 6pm 31-October-2021
The portal
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Incubus Fae

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2021-Nov-04, 01:50 AM
It was time.


He supposed he shouldn't have been too put out given he was pulling strings and calling in favours but he wanted to go back to the realm of the humans because he was bored and waiting around was only adding to that. But when he had the official documents in hand that would allow him to cross through one of the remaining legal portals, a smile lit up his face.


He shouldered the only bag he was bringing, having packed light as he wasn't sure how long the trip would be this go-around nor was he certain what would be required. Mostly he'd packed a few articles of clothing that he already owned that, from meandering through dreams, seemed would be acceptable for the current time, a few bits and bobs, and a thick envelope stuffed with his destination's currency as he wasn't the type of fae that could simply make such things out of thin air. He'd also been given a little rectangular piece of plastic that carried even more money. It was a curious item and his contact explained it the best he could about how it was attached to a bank account and that the money wasn't infinite so he'd have to find his own ways to make more when it was needed. That sounded like it could be fun so he wasn't too worried.

As he stared at the portal humming just down the path from where he stood, he took a moment to perfect his human shape. The last time he had passed through, a broad shouldered blonde man seemed like the ideal type for that region and had worked well for him. Now, from the dreams he had visited in recent months, it seemed like that could still work but was a lot more generic now. Instead he found a lot of fascination with men from countries known as Japan and Korea. The K-pop boys, he found, were rather delightful and had marvellous fashion sense and he quickly latched onto that as being his new form. He was still a bit attached to the idea of blonde hair so he kept that for the time-being but altered the length a bit until he was satisfied.

The paperwork was shown to the portal guards before they were handed back to him and he was waved through. With a grin, he stepped through, delighting in the wave of disorientation that hit him as the realities and time collided and tried to make sense of his arrival. Some travellers became nauseated by it and some blacked out entirely, but it gave him a thrill and excited him as it was a more extreme version of when he entered dreams across the borders.

His grin was still in place as he stepped out onto a patch of grass, taking a moment to adjust himself to the light of the setting sun that gently illuminated the forest surrounding him and the small cabin not too far away. A man brimming with power emerged from within and he held his paperwork out as the man approached. Again, he was given the approval he knew he'd get and tucked his precious papers into a pocket of his bag.

"Tell me, good gatekeeper, what is the exact date today?" His arrival should have still aligned with the timeflows between worlds almost being in sync but it was hard to tell on his own since he wasn't trained in that art. It occurred to him that perhaps he should have since the wait for the documents could have taken him into a change of flow and he missed the era that had excited him. But the year was what he hoped it would be and all the worries flittered from his mind. In fact, a laugh was born from the news and he nodded, pleased with the coincidence that aligned with his first arrival to the human realm.

"Samhain, eh? The Phoenix rises again." He thanked the gatekeeper for the news and got a bit more information out of him about the local area before the incubus once again known as Phoenix made his way into the city.

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