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[First] Alterum; A supernatural Theme Park
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2021-Oct-23, 09:26 PM

Just outside the sleepy little town of Saint Julian, Florida, is a theme park called Alterum. During the day, it's easy for the towns people to look past the park with its rusted equipment and overgrown landscaping. It's difficult to say whether the park is abandoned or active, has it been closed for years or has is it newly built? After sundown, though, Alterum comes alive in full glory; a cacophony of laughter and screams, of terror and delight. Is it a grand opening or a thousandth visit? It's hard to know, and harder to care.

For the employees of the park, beings gathered from all around the world, Alterum offers a sanctuary to live in peace and hunt in safety. The people of Saint Julian don't know their park is home and hunting ground for all nature of unearthly things, and the supernatural employees of the park prefer it that way. At Alterum danger and fun, joy and horror, life and death all come together to form an experience like no other.

Alterum is a brand new, JCink premium RP forum rated 3/3/3 (18+). We offer a wide variety of playable characters in an original setting, with lax activity requirements and no word count or post matching rules. Alterum accepts everyone, both in and out of character, and we strive to build a healthy, happy community of writers and friends.

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