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-  Moonbathing Interrupted
Tuesday, 11pm 19-October-2021,
The beach
Cool, clear
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2021-Oct-21, 12:58 AM
Gavin adjusted his sunglasses from the lounge chair he was sprawled on before reaching over to grab the overly sweet and fruity cocktail--with an umbrella of course. How else was one supposed to work on their moon tan? He hummed in contentment as the sweetness slid down his throat, set the drink back down on the little table, and settled back to enjoy the view of the moonlit lake.

It was the day before the full moon and the perfect time to enjoy the beach with how brightly that cold light shone. Sure, it was perhaps a bit cool out to be wearing only shades and earbuds but he had to make sure he got an even colour. Besides, it wasn't like the cold bothered him or that the beach was populated at that time of night or season for anyone to complain or, more accurately, ogle him.

He reached for his phone to skip the song that had started playing. He loved Gaga as much as the next person but he didn't want a song about being rained on. No water like misery for him, not that night! "Ah, perfect," Gavin nodded in approval when the next song on his shuffled playlist was ABBA's Mamma Mia. He had to admit, he hadn't been entirely sold on disco when it first came out but it had grown on him and he had a soft spot for it now.

As he was about to burst into the chorus along with the fabulous Swedish quartet, Gavin frowned instead as he sensed and smelled something out of place. "What do you want, wolf? You're interrupting my 'me' time." When an answer didn't come, Gavin turned in his recliner just enough to find the man standing fifty feet back from him and simply staring at him. "This isn't your night, wolf. Go away." Sure, he knew the days surrounding the full moon energized wolves and many mages but they still typically kept their head and didn't purposely go looking for trouble, especially with a vampire. Gavin made sure to keep his distance from the beasts around the full moon as he hated getting into such messy tangles that often left him sick for days because of their accursed bite.

Maybe if he ignored the boy he would go away. Gavin tried that, getting comfortable once more and turning up the song. It didn't seem to help as by the time Mamma Mia came to a close, he sensed the wolf was still standing there. "The strong and silent type, are you? Maybe perfecting your brooding? Which teen drama did you pick that up from? Is it Teen Wolf? No, I bet it was the Vampire Diaries. I love Damon Salvatore, possibly because he was based loosely on some of my exploits, though they gave my ripper days to his pathetic brother, but you really shouldn't use TV for a role model, especially TVD's wolves. Although Klaus... now that is a fine example of creativity and badassery but I suspect you have neither of those in you."

Gavin turned back around to check on his visitor and noticed the boy was foaming at the mouth a bit. Joy, a rapid wolf. He was likely without a pack, which made things considerably cleaner as it was more likely no one would miss or mourn him. He could see the moment muscles tensed, preparing to perhaps shift first but certainly to attack him. Gavin wondered how new to the life the wolf was if he hadn't realised he was stalking a vampire or that vampire didn't taste that great.

"Don't you dare look back," Gavin mumbled the start of the chorus to the current song playing as he still sat on the lounge chair. "Just keep your eyes on me," he finished with his hand now in the young man's chest, gripping the beating heart.

"I told you to go away. I gave you the chance to see more moons but now I wonder if this was your intent all along," Gavin pondered aloud as he pulled his hand--and heart--free of the body. As the man crumpled to the sand, Gavin shook his head. "I've killed to worse songs than this," he muttered and stared at his trophy. Normally he would have happily dined on the heart but he wasn't in the mood for indigestion and simply dropped it for the original owner to have once more.

"Zeddy is going to be so annoyed with me," Gavin grumbled as he walked to the water's edge to rinse off his hand. But he couldn't leave the little wolf on the beach in that state as far too many questions would be asked. As he flopped back down in his chair, Gavin reached out to his trusted right hand.

Zeddy, there was an... incident at the beach. Bring some gasoline and marshmallows for a nice bonfire, won't you?

"Shut up and dance with me."

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