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2021-Oct-09, 06:27 AM
Percy had to believe they would speak again soon since she left the ball in Asher’s court entirely. She hadn’t asked for his number, only told him to make the move and arrange a date and on what day would be best for her. Her confidence wouldn’t let her believe she had just been played either. There was no way Asher worked for the vampire jerk and this was some twisted game and he didn’t seem the sort to mess with simple tea hostesses either. There had been some kind of spark between them and even with the snarling dog vision, Percy wanted to explore that connection further.

She watched the man leave and enjoyed the view as much as she knew she would. “Damn but I need to get laid soon,” Percy grumbled to herself with a laugh as soon as the door shut behind him. Normally she had better control over herself but the last man she had attempted to date hadn’t gone well and had been months earlier. A girl could only go so long without a proper drink!

Still grinning at how silly she was being, Percy collected the items back onto the tray and sighed when she saw Asher had left her a twenty for the tip. She assumed it was a five and even that would have been too much but twenty? She frowned and gave a little grumble in the back of her throat as she stared at the green bill. He did seem the sort to be a big tipper, the type of man the serving staff all tripped over to get at their table. But right then, she wasn’t sure if she was impressed or insulted. Was it done to impress her or as a way to cover the order regardless of what she said about it being free? Or was it because he thought she needed the money because of her comments about thrift shopping or maybe even how she looked? Was it a way of saying, ‘hey, yeah I’m not actually ever going to text you or come back’?

Frustrated at over-thinking a damned tip, Percy added the bill to the tray and went back to the counter. She set the dishes in the sink and then went to the till where she rang up Asher’s muffin and drink. The bill was slipped into the drawer and the change taken out and pocketed. It was still too large of a tip for what had been ordered and what she felt was a nice conversation and potential lead up to meeting again but it sat better with her and let her continue on with her morning with a smile.

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