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Sunday, 8am 29-August-2021
Teas to Please
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2021-Sep-26, 01:00 AM
Another considering glance was given to Asher before Percy decided that he meant it and that he would have asked for her number if she hadn’t. Smiling, she brought up the contact page and hit ‘new contact’ without even bothering to scroll through his list to see who else he might know. For one thing, he could use nicknames or only given names and that wouldn’t narrow it down to anyone she knew. For another, while she was curious to see if he was attached to the vampires, Percy just wasn’t that invasive of privacy and focused more on having fun that morning. She added herself in under her given name of Persephone since there were likely to be less of those around than Percys and Asher would remember her.

He would if she gave him that name as well. “I usually go by Percy but it’s actually Persephone but I answer to both.” Percy had a feeling hearing her given name on his tongue would be magical and she flipped the phone back around to hand it to Asher—but she couldn’t help herself from brushing her hand against his in the process. Her power laid more in retrocognition but sometimes she had a dream of future events and once in a while she caught a glimpse when she touched someone. It usually wasn’t the case or nothing too startling which she was thankful for as she didn’t have to start a fashion trend of always wearing gloves. But of course Asher had to be different.

While she hadn’t been expecting anything more than the warmth of his skin and the jolt of a connection between them, Percy was hit with a quick flash of fangs, though thankfully not those of a vampire. These seemed to belong more to an animal, like a dog or a wolf. She gasped at the image and then did her best to cover for it as if she forgot something in the oven. “I don’t remember if I put in another tray of muffins. Excuse me a moment!”

Percy dashed off to the kitchen to complete her ruse, though she did still check in oven to verify that nothing was in fact burning while she was distracted with a sexy man. Satisfied all was well in the kitchen but still confused over what she saw, she came back out front in time to hand over the lavender tea to her regular and then returned to Asher’s table, thankful he hadn’t fled yet. “Sorry. This is only my second cup of tea. Sometimes it takes three before I’m deemed fully functioning.”

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