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Sunday, 8am 29-August-2021
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2021-Sep-16, 04:50 AM
[size=20]T[/size][size=12]ruthfully, Asher had only ever anecdotally heard of flea markets, and likely had never owned a single second hand item in his life. But he smiled and nodded, even chuckled a little as though he understood and would keep her secret. He wouldn't consider himself a good actor, necessarily, but his understanding of people certainly did help him to exaggerate those parts of himself that he wanted them to see, and downplay those that did not serve him. Perhaps, here, his wealth was not a selling point.

Forwardness, however, seemed to serve him well, and he grinned before proceeding to do what he was told, dutifully taking the shadowy seat that he'd been directed into without complaint.
      "Yes ma'am." He'd taken his muffin with him, but he set it down and left it be for now; he had the manners that his parents had instilled in him, and those were table etiquette to the standards of the upper echelons of society. No elbows on the table and no eating until everyone was seated and had their meals - these were chief among the rules, though Asher was also well aware of the proper arrangements of cutlery, and certainly would have prepared Percy's seat for her, too, if he wasn't sure that would come off as entirely too much.

When she did finally finish her bustling in the kitchen and head over, Asher smiled again, nodding in understanding.
      "I'm not surprised to hear that you have regulars ... this certainly won't be my only stop in." He still hadn't eaten, and wouldn't until she settled in, instead peering into his mug expectantly. "If you say no milk, no milk it is. I've always thought it best to trust the experts." Another quick smile flashed across his lips as he plucked the teacup up, comically small in his massive hands, and gingerly manoeuvred it up to his mouth.

      "Well, it certainly smells good," he said, glancing up and looking at Percy over the cusp of his mug before tentatively taking a sip. "Mmmm." The rumble of appreciation was a gutteral baritone, almost akin to a growl, which emanated from deep in his chest as Asher closed his eyes to savour the taste. "Wow, you're good." He grinned, then set the cup back on its saucer and finally started in on his muffin. "Necessity," he confirmed, breaking off a piece of fluffy, perfectly baked dough. "Not on weekends, but it helps to keep up the habits so it isn't difficult to get up of a Monday." He proffered a light chuckle before popping a bite-sized piece of muffin into his mouth, then followed it with another sip of tea. "What about you? Do you like early mornings or is this a chore?" He suspected the former; Percy seemed far too chipper to be forcing herself to be here.

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