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-  Teas to Please
Sunday, 8am 29-August-2021
Teas to Please
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2021-Aug-29, 08:36 AM
Percy sang along with the song she had blasting in her little tea room. Metal certainly wasn’t the type of music she normally had playing when it was open but she still had several minutes to change playlists and some Metallica to start that morning felt appropriate. She couldn’t explain why, only that she chose her rock and metal playlist over her ones that were more pop and cheery or even the fun oldies. Maybe it was a sign. She still wasn’t the best at noticing them or discerning if it truly was a sign or her wishing it was. She’d eventually find out.

The last small display case of muffins was the only thing left to stock as she straightened from putting the tray of cinnamon buns on the cooling rack. It had been a busy weekend and while she did some baking the night before to help catch back up, a few trays of cinnamon buns completed it. She had to admit that the aroma of the buns so early in the morning did help the early crowd buy baked goods so she may have planned the early morning accordingly.

With the last muffin finally placed on its shelf, Percy switched her playlist to the one that was a bit mellower but still stayed away from classical or elevator music as she didn’t want to bore his customers to the point they fell asleep and drowned in their cup. A final glance was given around the small room and then she ran her hands down her cute yellow halter top dress and went to the front door. She turned the sign from ‘closed’ to ‘open’ and flicked the lock on the door, giving it a test to ensure it opened smoothly.

Now it was the waiting game. While she did that, she’d get another cup of tea going for herself and perhaps start on a cake to surprise her lazy Sunday afternoon crowd with. Cakes and pies were still a bit beyond her skill level and what her time allowed for but she occasionally managed to get something out as a special treat.

Ooc: The layout of Teas to Please is on the smaller side. There are a total of six tables where sixteen people can sit at (four tables of two and two tables of four). There’s also a small corner that is more for lounging with a book and a mug of tea that can hold two comfortably if they don’t mind being close. Finally, the counter is also on the smaller side with some display cases of the baked goods for sale on top and within the glass-front counter. Muffins, cookies, brownies, and cinnamon buns are typically what she has available but the flavours may rotate depending on her mood. Behind the counter is a wall of tea canisters in far too many flavours and a collection of tea cups in differing sizes and patterns. Beyond that lies the kitchen.

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