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-  Gray Sky, Sad Eyes
Saturday, 7pm 28-August-2021
A Park
Hot, about to rain
Arcane Mage

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2021-Aug-28, 12:21 PM
Rhys took his time as he wandered down the park’s path. He sipped at his iced coffee that he knew he would regret later given the hour. But the day had been long with a lot of physical training and it was still humid out despite the promised rain that was supposed to come at any moment. A glance at the sky had him semi-convinced the meteorologists might be right this time as clouds were rolling in. It didn’t make him rush, though.

He used to come regularly to the park years ago to meet a friend and bring her food and supplies while checking in with her. Then one day she simply vanished. Rhys was stubborn enough that he continued showing up every evening for three weeks straight just in case she came back but she never did. The daily visits turned into once a week and eventually to once or twice a month. He knew it was pointless as CJ had clearly moved on and perhaps moved to an entirely new city. Maybe she got the help he couldn’t give her. Her face and the emotion in her voice as she asked why his parents couldn’t take her in still haunted him. He had failed a friend that was in desperate need because his parents didn’t want their secret of being mages to get out.

Still, even as he hoped CJ had an amazing life with a loving family, maybe with a significant other that spoiled her, Rhys wandered through the park aiming for what had been their meeting place. It was the first time in two months he had made the trip thanks to being too busy and tired from the training to be a Guardian.

At this point he didn’t even know if he wanted her to be there as the stroll punished him with memories and how he was a failure. If anything bad happened to CJ, he’d never forgive himself for not being able to do more. It didn’t matter that they were barely teenagers and no one paid them any mind. Maybe he could have hexed someone! Maybe he could have just drained a chunk of his allowance sitting in the bank and given it to CJ as he told her to run and be the free spirit he knew she was. Maybe he should have left with her.

As the swings came into view Rhys tried not to get his hopes up when he saw a blonde woman sitting on one. But a moment later she was standing and walking away at just the right angle that he saw her face and knew it wasn’t CJ. Disappointment flooded into him but had he really thought she would be there? As much as he needed the walk of shame, he truly did wish to find CJ waiting at the end one day no matter how slim that was to happen.

He took another drink of his iced coffee and moved off the path to a tree where he leaned his back against the large and rough trunk. Not for the first time he contemplated a location or scrying spell. He was better with his magic now and perhaps it would work despite not having anything personal of CJ’s. It wasn’t a requirement but it made it easier and far more accurate. But he knew it was also fear that kept him from trying. What if he discovered she had died? It was better to keep pretending she would appear one day as he believed she had a wonderful new life in a city far away from the one that treated her so poorly.

As he crunched on an ice cube from his now finished drink, Rhys was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of rain hitting the leaves above his head. He wasn’t sure how long he had stood there, staring off into the distance, and lost in memories and hopes but it seemed it was time to go. Stepping out from under the tree brought him right into the light yet steady rainfall. He could make an illusionary umbrella and line it up with a partial bubble of protection but he was too drained to focus on two spells at the moment.

Besides, the rain matched his mood and he hadn’t melted yet in the water so he wasn’t worried about it happening now. He didn’t hurry back to his car, partially because it wasn’t going to stop him from getting wet but also because it reminded him of his privilege and how lucky he was compared to others. For his eighteenth birthday two years ago, his parents got him a BMW X6 (in red to make it even flashier of course). Rhys knew it was their compromise car. They wanted to get him something like a Porsche but knew he’d be fine with some more average. He did love the car but it screamed that he had money and was a reminder that his parents were famous.

When he slid into the driver’s side, the door shutting and drowning out most of the noise from the rain that was now picking up, Rhys just sat there. He couldn’t see the part of the park that was important to him from where he had to park but the empty swings were easy enough to conjure up in his mind.

He couldn’t come every night with his schedule and lack of information that CJ was even still in the city but perhaps weekly visits could happen again. He started the car and was greeted with silence as he hadn’t bothered to sync up his phone’s Spotify playlist. He wasn’t in the mood for music anyway.

“Take care of yourself, Cassie. I’ll see you later,” Rhys echoed the last words he said to his friend before finally leaving to return to his apartment that his parents also technically paid for.

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