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-  Save Me From Myself
Wednesday, 1:00 pm 08-September-2021
Sunny summer afternoon
Leopard Shifter

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2021-Sep-11, 07:47 PM
The sun sat high against the back drop of cadet blue sky. Thin clouds had whisked across the heavens, creating various shapes as a slight breeze blew. The air still held warmth as the light roar of the Summer had been upon them. A soft sigh had escaped her slightly parted lips as the feline had stalked towards the entrance of the park. It had taken much effort to peel herself from the confines of her hotel room. Stirring at the four walls had only caused her mind to spiral into depths of depression. She didn’t want to think, she didn’t want to feel the pain that radiate through her heart. Naomi had prayed for peace within her mind. Prayed the imagines and the smell of slaughtered blood would ceased. Instead, it had continued to haunt her. After little rest, she had forced herself to explain the city she had now claimed as her new home.
The leopardess had wondered the city aimless and found herself stumped upon a park that had struck her interest. Within her spirit had felt right as it had called to her. Without a thought, Naomi had not questioned her intuition as she stepped farther into the park, weaving through a cluster of trees that created a large shadow upon the ground. She had tried to keep her thoughts clear and simply focused on the moment. Naomi could hear the birds chirp, the sound of insects that made noise, she had tried to focus on the melody of the rustling leaves. Typically, such sounds would have been serene, but instead it stirred her unsettled spirit.

Brows furrowed, upset that something she had normal enjoyed had not brought pleasure. She had tried to dismiss it, dismiss anything that might had brought anger as the woman continued to push forward. Her gait had been slow as she spotted a playground with a large swing set. Just maybe the swing would give a sense of freedom from her own tormented mind. Naomi needed escape from herself that even being shifted could not provide. Without much through, the feline moved along the grass and made her way to the swing set. A hand had wrapped around the metal chain as she sat down upon the seat and sat there for a moment. Dark eyes lifted to the heavens as she prayed for a moment peace.

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