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Petal Pots Designs
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2021-Aug-27, 04:26 AM
A small shop with an attached greenhouse, Petal Pots Designs is located in Downtown Greenbrooke, and is also the base of Arya Jacobs' small apartment.

[Image: M6y2Hi7.png]                [Image: Qvc7owl.png]

On the ground floor, the majority of the space is taken up by the showroom, which houses all of Arya's current arrangements, a few stand-alone plants, and a selection of hand-painted pots and garden ornaments. In the back, there is a smaller room for storage which contains a small work bench and all of the florist's tools. Adjacent to this is a customer-friendly bathroom and the stairwell that leads up to Arya's apartment. Down a small hallway, behind an always-foggy glass door, is the greenhouse, which is off-limits to all - even her most valued, loyal customers, who know that flowers aren't the only things that are likely to be growing back there. Of course, Arya maintains that there are only ordinary plants back there, and that to allow entry when it isn't necessary is likely to throw off the humidity and, as such, she is the room's only entrant. Ever.

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Petal Pots Designs - by Arya Jacobs - 2021-Aug-27, 04:26 AM


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