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We are an 18+, Preternatural RP site, set in a fantasy location based near Toronto, Canada. We are set in AU current time, and have a loose wordcount of 200. While we draw aspects of our site from many forms of common media, we are unique and not expressly set in those worlds. As such, no off-site knowledge is required!
We welcome you to join the site with your chosen OOC name: your Character accounts will be linked to this primary account. You should register with correct capitalisation: eg, John Smith.
Any questions, and you can easily reach the staff on site or through our Discord. Guests can post via our embed discord located in the footer.
Enjoy your stay!

Our site is rated 333 using the RPG Rating website. We allow mature themes, and may not be suitable for all viewers.
2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

IC, school is back in swing after Easter took place in April. This month, May 23 is Victoria Day, meaning all the schools will be closed! You can find more information about Ontario's school year here!

2022.02.19 - Welcome to 2022! We hope you had a good holiday season! While we were quite slow over the second half of 2021, we're chomping at the bit to get things underway, and increase our community! Have a wonderful day <3 BT Team

2021.09.17 - From today until 19th, we're celebrating our first Site-Wide event! Welcome to the Apple Fest! You can read more about the Festival here.

2021.08.03 - We have added some new IC-communication forums for you to use! More information here.

2021.07.28 - Welcome to the Fae race! You can read more here.

2021.07.15 - Grand opening! Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay! -- TP

2020.09.21 - Added the character chatter box for status updates. -- TP

2020.09.14 - Updated profile code. Stickied the header of this info box. 'About us' block updated. -- TP

2020.09.13 - Site Statistics in the footer updated. Discord embed-ed. This information box added. -- TP

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    Thread: A Shady Deal
Post: RE: A Shady Deal

One more pleased customer to add to the books, and a job well done. Jesse smiled, delighted with how the exchange had gone as she reached out and plucked the card from Gavin's fingers. After a quick g...
Jesse Vance Red Oak Park 8 0 2022-Jun-09, 11:29 PM
    Thread: A Shady Deal
Post: RE: A Shady Deal

It wasn't that Jesse didn't trust the stranger, it was just a matter of professionalism that she always counted money to confirm it was correct, and also to make sure all the bills were neatly face si...
Jesse Vance Red Oak Park 8 0 2022-May-27, 11:59 PM
    Thread: A Shady Deal
Post: RE: A Shady Deal

"I don't know if adorable is the word i would have thought, honestly," said Jesse as she glanced back over a the glowering man just looming in the distance. At least he was with the client and not jus...
Jesse Vance Red Oak Park 8 0 2022-May-24, 02:12 PM
    Thread: A Shady Deal
Post: RE: A Shady Deal

After waiting for quite some time, Jesse had turned her attention to her phone to keep an eye out for any messages and also so that she could entertain herself with a puzzle game. After all, it was he...
Jesse Vance Red Oak Park 8 0 2022-May-22, 04:06 PM
    Thread: A Shady Deal
Post: A Shady Deal

Jesse was quite proud of her latest creation, a small delicate glass orb the size of a golf ball in the center of which was suspended a geared and spring-wound gyroscope that was almost imperceptibly ...
Jesse Vance Red Oak Park 8 0 2022-May-20, 10:11 PM
    Thread: Morning Coffee
Post: RE: Morning Coffee

"I repair watches and antique clocks, and sometimes I find interesting ones for at thrift stores that I can refurbish and clean up, or just salvage for parts. It's a bit like a fun treasure hunt that ...
Jesse Vance Cafes & Restaurants 8 2,629 2021-Jul-25, 02:48 PM
    Thread: Morning Coffee
Post: RE: Morning Coffee

Jesse managed a small smile as Alex said it was nice to meet her and she gave him a nod before apologizing yet again. "Nice to meet you too, and sorry again for the spill." At least he didn't seem ups...
Jesse Vance Cafes & Restaurants 8 2,629 2021-Jul-24, 11:31 AM
    Thread: Morning Coffee
Post: RE: Morning Coffee

"I can get more napkins, just," Jesse let out a soft annoyed huff, more at herself than anything else as she grabbed another handful from the table to try and dab even more. An infinitely absorbable h...
Jesse Vance Cafes & Restaurants 8 2,629 2021-Jul-22, 06:26 PM
    Thread: Morning Coffee
Post: RE: Morning Coffee

It was too early. That much was sure. It wasn't an especially terrible one so far, Jesse had just been in a haze since waking up. Normally falling into her bed at 2am was all fine and dandy, but somet...
Jesse Vance Cafes & Restaurants 8 2,629 2021-Jul-20, 10:53 AM


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