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  Moonbathing Interrupted
Posted by: Gavin Piers - Today, 12:58 AM - Forum: Lake Front Residential - No Replies

Gavin adjusted his sunglasses from the lounge chair he was sprawled on before reaching over to grab the overly sweet and fruity cocktail--with an umbrella of course. How else was one supposed to work on their moon tan? He hummed in contentment as the sweetness slid down his throat, set the drink back down on the little table, and settled back to enjoy the view of the moonlit lake.

It was the day before the full moon and the perfect time to enjoy the beach with how brightly that cold light shone. Sure, it was perhaps a bit cool out to be wearing only shades and earbuds but he had to make sure he got an even colour. Besides, it wasn't like the cold bothered him or that the beach was populated at that time of night or season for anyone to complain or, more accurately, ogle him.

He reached for his phone to skip the song that had started playing. He loved Gaga as much as the next person but he didn't want a song about being rained on. No water like misery for him, not that night! "Ah, perfect," Gavin nodded in approval when the next song on his shuffled playlist was ABBA's Mamma Mia. He had to admit, he hadn't been entirely sold on disco when it first came out but it had grown on him and he had a soft spot for it now.

As he was about to burst into the chorus along with the fabulous Swedish quartet, Gavin frowned instead as he sensed and smelled something out of place. "What do you want, wolf? You're interrupting my 'me' time." When an answer didn't come, Gavin turned in his recliner just enough to find the man standing fifty feet back from him and simply staring at him. "This isn't your night, wolf. Go away." Sure, he knew the days surrounding the full moon energized wolves and many mages but they still typically kept their head and didn't purposely go looking for trouble, especially with a vampire. Gavin made sure to keep his distance from the beasts around the full moon as he hated getting into such messy tangles that often left him sick for days because of their accursed bite.

Maybe if he ignored the boy he would go away. Gavin tried that, getting comfortable once more and turning up the song. It didn't seem to help as by the time Mamma Mia came to a close, he sensed the wolf was still standing there. "The strong and silent type, are you? Maybe perfecting your brooding? Which teen drama did you pick that up from? Is it Teen Wolf? No, I bet it was the Vampire Diaries. I love Damon Salvatore, possibly because he was based loosely on some of my exploits, though they gave my ripper days to his pathetic brother, but you really shouldn't use TV for a role model, especially TVD's wolves. Although Klaus... now that is a fine example of creativity and badassery but I suspect you have neither of those in you."

Gavin turned back around to check on his visitor and noticed the boy was foaming at the mouth a bit. Joy, a rapid wolf. He was likely without a pack, which made things considerably cleaner as it was more likely no one would miss or mourn him. He could see the moment muscles tensed, preparing to perhaps shift first but certainly to attack him. Gavin wondered how new to the life the wolf was if he hadn't realised he was stalking a vampire or that vampire didn't taste that great.

"Don't you dare look back," Gavin mumbled the start of the chorus to the current song playing as he still sat on the lounge chair. "Just keep your eyes on me," he finished with his hand now in the young man's chest, gripping the beating heart.

"I told you to go away. I gave you the chance to see more moons but now I wonder if this was your intent all along," Gavin pondered aloud as he pulled his hand--and heart--free of the body. As the man crumpled to the sand, Gavin shook his head. "I've killed to worse songs than this," he muttered and stared at his trophy. Normally he would have happily dined on the heart but he wasn't in the mood for indigestion and simply dropped it for the original owner to have once more.

"Zeddy is going to be so annoyed with me," Gavin grumbled as he walked to the water's edge to rinse off his hand. But he couldn't leave the little wolf on the beach in that state as far too many questions would be asked. As he flopped back down in his chair, Gavin reached out to his trusted right hand.

Zeddy, there was an... incident at the beach. Bring some gasoline and marshmallows for a nice bonfire, won't you?

"Shut up and dance with me."

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  As Promised; Her Side
Posted by: Persephone Miller - 2021-Oct-18, 11:30 AM - Forum: Residential - No Replies

Percy wasn't one to stick to a fitness regime but she did sometimes find herself going out for a jog in the evening when the weather was nice. Typically, crunches were used when she was feeling guilty for eating too many cookies. That evening saw her doing both. As she was out for the jog, wireless headphones on and synched to her phone in a zipped up pocket, she hadn't noticed the text that came in. She still didn't see it as the motivation to work out continued as she got home. A quick drink of water and she threw herself on the floor, feet tucked under her couch to help keep from moving as she did the crunches.

Finally, as she flopped back with a sigh of relief and a decision that she had worked out enough for at least four days, Percy pulled out her phone and saw she had a few missed messages. She replied quickly to her mom as parents always got top priority in her mind but completely ignored her friend when Asher's name caught her eye. With a smile she had his message open and laughed aloud at his question.

Have you ever been to The Dubois Annual Masquerade Ball?

Really? Her? At a fancy pants masquerade thrown by one of the richest people in the city? Yeah, okay. She hoisted her legs up to rest on the seat of the couch and sent the reply, wondering why Asher was asking. Maybe he was invited and was trying to get some more information on it before RSVPing. A part of her hoped he was going to ask her to go as his date but they'd really only exchanged flirty texts and Percy figured they were more likely to go for beers and hang out rather than dress to the nines. Not that she didn't think Asher wouldn't splurge on a fancy date as he definitely gave off the rich boy vibes and his clothes were of good quality.

His response interrupted her ponderings and Percy bit her lower lip in how to reply. She was now leaning toward the possibility of being asked but did she dare get her hopes up for it? She went for a sassy little joke instead. That depends on if someone I know asks me to go as his date and isn't simply passing along a job posting he heard about.

A wince met his reply. That had been a bit offensive, hadn't it? Damn it, she was out of practice with dating and dealing with men and their fragile egos in general. But Asher did seem to be a decent man and from what she knew of him so far, he really wouldn't pass along a job posting, especially with the way he had first brought up the topic. Still, she didn't apologise and instead stared at the words on her screen a bit longer.

"Gertie!" Percy called out for her roommate of sorts, smile stuck in place as she started a reply and then hesitated. When Gertrude still didn’t appear, Percy sighed and shouted again, “Gertrude! It’s about a boy!” Seconds later her live-in ghost appeared, standing by her head. It would have been an odd view if Gertrude wasn’t solid to her thanks to her abilities. Percy still wondered how many ghosts she had spoken with over the years without knowing it since they looked like everyone else; minus the clothing in some cases. Gertrude had died at age twenty in 1910 while hosting a small bridal shower two days before her wedding. It was out in the garden while they played croquet and her friend was now forever wearing a lovely ankle length lacy dress. It really suited her.

It’s Gertie, bitch!” Gertrude announced herself with a pleased grin and Percy rolled her eyes. It seemed someone was in her Britney Spears mood again. Percy normally didn’t mind but that phrase was something she wished the popstar hadn’t uttered.

“Remember me telling you about Asher? He just asked me to go to a freaking ball with him!” Percy excitedly announced while sitting up and spinning around to see the ghost at a more appropriate angle.

Oh! That is lovely! You accepted of course?

She hadn’t hit send on the message yet, not wanting to seem too eager but she also didn’t want to make it seem like she was thinking too long and hard on it. Checking the time when Asher’s message was sent and the current time, Percy decided five minutes was perfect and hit send. Still no apology to be seen but she implied it would happen in person. “Just did. But I don’t know anything about it and I can only imagine how much a dress would cost for it. Do you think grandma would mind if I used some of the inheritance to buy the perfect dress for it?” She missed her grandma every single day but did her best to live a full life like she always wanted for her favourite granddaughter.

Gertrude giggled and waved off the fears before sitting daintily on the couch. Percy couldn’t figure out the logistics of ghosts interacting with objects since sometimes they could pass through something solid while other times they acted like they had mass like a human. “You know she wanted you to use it to live comfortably and to be happy. I think splurging on a dress for an important night and with an attractive man counts.” Of course she did. Gertrude was a bit boy crazy and Percy chalked that up to dying a virgin before she was wed since she figured she’d be a thirsty ghost in that situation.

You will have to shop online, of course, so that I may assist you in finding the perfect dress.

“We will definitely start there! We need to research as well; check out some photos from past events and get an idea of what we’re looking for.” Percy glanced at her phone again and saw another message come through and smiled again. Asher had never been either and that put her at ease. She would likely still be nervous at the Ball but at least she wouldn’t have to worry about floundering on her own.

Oh good, we can sink or swim together.
I think I have some shopping to do.

“Let me shower first and then we’ll start the hunt!” Percy laughed as Gertie squealed with excitement and vanished again, likely to go wait in the den where she was pretty sure she’d left the laptop the last time she used it.

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  Thanksgiving Musings
Posted by: Nocturne Jackson - 2021-Oct-14, 02:34 AM - Forum: Residential - No Replies

Thanks to having a hippie-esque mother, not only did he and his sister have weird names, they were also raised vegetarian that bordered on vegan. Even after she abandoned them, they had both continued with it, though fish sometimes entered their diet and he was a heathen that loved eggs and dairy too much to fully abandon. When he was younger, being a vegetarian was almost a problem when the school did BBQ days or having dinner at a friend's house. It became easier, especially for Lyric, once people started accepting and acknowledging dietary needs but it did also help spur him into taking some cooking classes and watching way too many videos on YouTube.

His lessons also helped to keep them fed. With their mom gone and their dad busy with work even when he was stationed in town, they were left to their own devices. He may have moved into his own place above the studio when they converted the garage several years ago but it didn't have a kitchen so the one in the main house was still his domain and Nocturne was always relaxed in it. He had memories of his mom cooking and how she would sing as she whipped together a meal or how he sometimes tried to help, but they seemed so distant now that they almost belonged to another. Maybe they weren't his. Maybe they were from an old family sitcom.

It didn't matter; this was his kitchen now and filled with overpriced gadgets to help him create things that Lyric would not only love but would fit into her dietary plan the dance school insisted was good for her. Nocturne had his suspicions about some of it and took the plan to their doctor and all seemed to check out. He would have had no problems murdering someone if they inadvertently harmed his sister.

It was early afternoon on the Sunday before Thanksgiving which of course meant more memories were trying to ruin his day. Holidays were weird with mom gone as everyone tried to pretend things were normal, especially the early years when it was still fresh and perhaps some hope lingered. But she wasn't coming back and neither was a piece of their dad that died when she left. The three of them started making new traditions and it didn't hurt as much or at all but memories were a bitch. Nocturne turned up the music to help drown them out as he focused on the lyrics he only knew from reading translations. A girl he had dated was into Japanese rock and Nocturne found a lot of the bands she liked were damn good as Luna Sea blasting from his laptop showed.

His preparations for his contribution for dinner were almost done. Pops had been sent out of town to some problem that required the best and a lot of mage power so they were on their own again. It didn't happen regularly but often enough that Cody's family started to invite them to join their celebrations. At first Noct tried to just let Lyric go but he quickly learned how intimidating four adult bears were, even in human form. The little teins were also clingy and had already perfected the pouty look. And Cody... the brat used his own nicknames against him by stating Pooh and Piglet couldn't have a family dinner without Tigger. So resisting really wasn't an option anymore.

But they couldn't stop him from bringing some dishes as a way of thanking them for their hospitality. It was also a way to ensure he and Lyric got a proper meal, not that he had to worry with the Parks. They always cooked a lot of food with a large variety but it still made Nocturne feel like he wasn't entirely crashing the party.

A peek in the oven confirmed the extra two minutes was exactly what the stuffed acorn squash needed and Noct pulled the trays out and set them cool enough to be packaged up for transport. They would only need a fee minutes in the oven to reheat and add the final crisping the top needed.

He turned his music down before giving the pumpkin soup a stir. "Twenty minute warning, Lyric! I don't care if he's your friend. I'll leave you behind with a PB sandwich." They both knew he wasn't serious but one day he could very well shock them both and follow through with it.

A nod of approval was given as a taste test of the soup was had. It was a new recipe and he had tripled it to make enough for eight bears and two humans as speaking with mama bear had assured him they would all love to try his soup for a starting course. He was bringing a few extra servings of the squash as well but that dish was mostly for Lyric and him.

All that was left was to feed his cats, change, and bundle up the food before heading to the Jeep where Lyric would drive as it was a nice enough day out. As he went through those tasks, Kagrra now singing him on, Nocturne realised he was smiling as he was about to make new more memories of holidays. Ones that he could look back on without guilt, longing, or even hatred.

"I'm getting the peanut butter out!" Nocturne called out when he came back into the main house and heard Lyric still rummaging around upstairs. Teasing his little sister would always have to be a part of every holiday tradition.

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  Halloween 2021 Parties
Posted by: SunsetWay - 2021-Oct-12, 08:25 AM - Forum: Plot the Plots - No Replies

Here are the parties my characters will be hosting and some details about what each one will be like in case anyone wants to attend any of them.

The Dubois Annual Masquerade Ball
Saturday, October 30th, 2021
8pm onward

Taking place in the ballroom of his home, Rafe has hosted a true masquerade ball every Halloween starting a year after moving to Greenbrooke. This year will be the 20th anniversary, though that really doesn’t change anything, though perhaps some more lavish decorations and general opulence.

The dress code is strict. You must be wearing a full length gown (it can be more modern and form-fitting or go all out with a large ball gown) or a tuxedo (or a Victorian-style suit) and you must have a mask. Masks can be the ones held on a stick or a half/full mask tied on.

You will be sent away at the door if you do not match the dress code and/or forgot your invitation.

Fancy finger foods and champagne are served all night long via servers wandering around with trays while a string orchestra entertains the crowd as they dance or socialize.

This party is high profile and mundanes attend so while members of the preternatural community are also there, they know to behave themselves. The mayor and councillors and what not are always invited as well as some people from the various preternatural sects. The pack leaders and their seconds (and plus ones) are invited, for example. Essentially, if your character has a reason/connection to get in, they can.

Indulge Halloween Nights
October 28-31
During business hours

The club is decorated in spooky décor and patrons are encouraged to come in costume. If you do, you get access to a special line of themed drinks to order from. A costume contest will happen each night as well where the crowd votes by cheering for their favourite one out of people that volunteer to come up on stage when it starts.

The Evans Party
Friday, October 29th
8pm onward

A more casual affair where dressing up is fun but not needed. It’s only for mages and just a place to unwind, drink, dance, and talk. While they could have a live band, they prefer to use a playlist that plays on speakers throughout the main floor.

The food is still catered (by a mage-owned company so the employees are also aware) and while there are some staff that float around with trays, there’s a main serving area that is staffed.

If you’re a mage, you’re likely invited.

Jameson Vampire Bonfire
Sunday, October 31st
6pm onward

To properly introduce his Family to the other vampires of Greenbrooke, Edwin has invited them to come hang out at his property. He moved to the city a few months ago and bought the apple orchard (the one that had pick your own apples at the Fest) from a cute elderly couple that had retired and their kids didn’t want to run it. His Family is on the smaller side as he's just starting his own.

This is a very relaxed event. It’s held outside and is kind of like a family BBQ with the types of food and drink on offer (along with blood, of course) and the entertainment which is just someone’s Spotify playlist playing. There are a few bonfires scattered around as well if anyone wants s’mores.

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  The Hunt
Posted by: Asher Bishop - 2021-Oct-07, 05:12 AM - Forum: Lake Front Residential - No Replies

Twilight brought with it the crackle of flame as Asher set alight the kindling of a fire he’d built outside the hall on his property. It was here that the pack congregated, their ‘home base’ so to speak, only a few acres separate from the alpha’s personal lodgings. This fire was ceremonial; not a large bonfire, but rather a small source of light, contained in a drum, that would last the majority of the night and, with its end, signal dawn. Once done, he took a seat on the stump he often sat upon to wait, whilst the smoke called his pack to him.

They arrived one by one - a small group, for now, containing no other means of leadership. Asher had yet to take a second in command, nor to find any elder worthy of guiding his decisions. For now, the buck stopped with him alone, and he carried the burden well, he thought. Perhaps this was because there were only two to his pack for the time being; two women, youths to be sure, though Audrey had flourished in leaps and bounds since he chose her. Gazing upon her now as she approached the fire, he felt a sense of pride swell in his chest.
      ”Audrey,” he greeted, looking up through the long threads of hair that fell around his face. “You’ve been meditating, I hope?” The ghost of what might have been a warm smile twitched at the corner of Asher’s lips before he turned to the other presence apparating from what had become a tentative darkness. “Cassidy.”

He exchanged nods, then proceeded through what was not dissimilar to a briefing. “This isn’t the first time we’ve met before a Change,” he began, before gesturing to the fire. “Like before, this will signal the length of our Hunt. Only, tonight, we have a specific target - at least, more specific than before. I want a mage. I’m curious about the effect that the Turn will have on them - preferably more than one if we can manage, just in case there’s a death.” He said these sorts of things in an offhand manner that he usually managed to pass off as compartmentalisation; death was a necessity that he didn’t particularly enjoy - or, at least, that was the image he wanted to maintain with his pack for now. They were ruthless, but not because they wanted to be; because they had to be. He found that the guilt could be mitigated in the newer, more naive members, if choice was removed from the equation. “Audrey, you know your target. We don’t have all the intel on him and that’s okay, but I want you to try and find him, alright?” He levelled his gaze on hers and awaited assent before continuing.

      ”Remember that if you do not secure your prey, there’s a chance that we will be exposed. It is expected that, if there is no chance of getting your target back to the Hall, you kill them. If there is an escape, you are expected to report it immediately, and secure assistance from the pack. Our safety in secrecy is paramount, understood?” Asher paused to accept their agreement, which he clearly expected within the very brief timeframe that he allowed. “Of course, fun is a primary objective. I know you understand this,” he directed at Audrey, another small smile gracing his lips, “Being a wolf is our natural state - what we’re meant to be. If it weren’t, the Change never would have taken. Revel in it, in your power, in the wind as you run. Stretch your legs. When we go, we go together - we’ll split off in the usual place.” His spiel wound down at just the right time, as darkness encroached upon their little makeshift campsite, and the Moon began to make an appearance. “Shall we?” For the first time over the course of the night, a wolfish grin lit up Asher’s face, and he looked ten years younger - but no less terrifying.

He stood from his perch, stretching as he prepared for the pain that would inevitably come with the Change - but he was used to it by now, and all was forgotten once he was on four feet. Personally, Asher preferred not to strip before a change; his excessive wealth meant that a new pair of pants every month didn’t put too much of a dent in his budget, but he did come to every Moon shirtless. It wasn’t a lewd state of undress - rather, he looked very much as though being shirtless was entirely natural to him. Somehow, it suited him. He stepped past his pack members and turned his face up to the sky, the two others each on his flanks so that they formed a triangle between them, with him at its point.

As the Moon crested the tops of the trees, Asher closed his eyes and let it bathe him in the white light, feeling at first the pinpricks of a tingle, which escalated from pins and needles to a vibration across the entire surface area of his flesh. Soon, that escalated until the skin could no longer hold itself together, and began to bubble, then tear apart. The audible groaning and cracking of bones filled the night air then, and the wolves emerged, fur sprouting from bodies, limbs elongating, snouts forming.

Paws hit the ground; first Asher’s, and then his two pack members, almost in sync. Briefly, the alpha paused to shake off the pain, then he lifted his chin and howled. It was a sound of glee, of anticipation - an undercurrent of malice. Like a warcry, it echoed through the lakeside landscape and was joined by Audrey and Cassidy’s melodious voices. Then, they ran.

The soft thudding of paw pads as they loped, nearly silent across the expanse of Asher’s land, around the lake and through the sparse trees. The enhancement of scents, hitting them as one, a joined mind buzzing with the shared pleasure of the Change. Each sensation rippled through the three of them almost in unison, passed between them via the mental link that they shared only now. Asher didn’t push into their minds to determine whether or not they were following instruction or to gauge their level of excitement - he simply assumed it, and likely correctly. There was a shared freedom in being this creature, this pack. And likewise, a shared sense of duty and community. Upon approaching a rocky outcropping, the three of them split ways, though their minds remained entwined, intermittently flashing scenes to one another as they went.

Asher considered following Audrey in order to help her, should she actually sight the man they were after - but she had been impressing him lately and so, with his mind made and never wavering, he let the physical image of her fade. Occasionally he’d request updates, and be met with a particular street name, smell, or landmark. But for the most part, he put his nose to the ground and stayed out of sight while tracking his prey and allowing the girls to do the same.


The smell of magic was not dissimilar to a glass of lemon lime and bitters, to him. Fizzing, sweet, and tangy, it tainted the air and remained ingrained in the footprints left behind by those imbued with such talent. Each sort of magic seemed to have its own additional bouquet, but Asher wasn’t as attuned to those; he could simply tell them apart if ever given the option between two different kinds. So he found a trail that reminded him of his favourite non-alcoholic drink and set about finding the one who left it.

He tracked her for three hours, maybe four, on her roundabout meandering through the streets of Greenbrooke. Perhaps she was a delivery girl, or some kind of extreme socialite; Asher could have sworn he caught her scent on every residential front door he passed. It was at a business, though, that he finally came to the end of the trail; a small herbalist, with no scent leading away. Either this was where the woman worked and lived, or she’d be exiting the building at some point in the night. With the practised pragmatism he was known for, Asher took a post not too far away that meant he’d be out of sight while maintaining vision of the exit. Here, he laid in wait for another hour.

When she came, Asher noticed before she even got out onto the street; the flicker of the front light and the creak of the door urged him to his feet. He watched tentatively from his crouch in the bushes as a woman dressed all in black exited the building. She carried a basket, presumably of supplies that, at this point, left the alpha to assume that she was some kind of late-night courier. Briefly, he considered that she would be known by many - perhaps missed. He avoided what pleasure he might find in that sentiment, shoving the thought aside before it made its way to his pack members, and instead waited for her to head down a nondescript alley.

Over the years, Asher had determined a method which prevented his victims from making too much noise, and it was beautifully simple, if he could say so himself: he tore out their voice boxes. If they were to die instead of Turn, they wouldn’t need them anyway - and if they were to Turn, their wounds would heal and regenerate as necessary - albeit not without a barely-visible scar. And so, this is what he did to the poor mage he’d chosen as his target tonight.

Dark and silent as a shadow, Asher stalked her into the night, down an alley. If she did have time to make any sort of noise, most people would be hard-pressed to hear it.


Back at the camp, both of his members returned too, Asher looked down upon the bodies each of them had produced. None were the man he’d hoped for, but all had that same fizzy, tangy smell to them - one stronger than the others. Perhaps this was because she was the only one still breathing, still potentially amenable to the change.
      ”Well done, Audrey. Not exactly what we hoped for, but a good runner-up…” They all looked down upon the mage as she twisted, beginning to writhe in the pain that would likely have overcome the threat of death - a pain worse than any she would ever have felt before. And then it began; the crunching, popping, bone-breaking symphony that would ultimately lead to the reveal of a wolf.

Her fur was white, her eyes frightened and rolling, and she no longer smelled of lemon lime and bitters. Nor did she survive the fight that followed.

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  Sweet, Nice, and Everything Spiced!
Posted by: Naomi Antonis - 2021-Oct-02, 05:49 PM - Forum: City Outskirts - Replies (6)

A festival such as this had not been one the feline would have ventured off on her own. It was one she would had often enjoyed with friends. She had been grateful that Fig mentioned the festival. Even though the leopardess had been quick to protest, she finally had caved. In truth, Naomi had wanted to attend, but it had brought back too many memories. Ones of going to celebrations with her pack mates and having a blast. One that she would roll her eyes at the sweet things Trevin would speak. One that she would watch Remus and his stupidity as her heart melted. Those memories had turned into heartache as she stared at the flashing lights of signs and booths. The scent of greasy fried foods and sweet treats had swept under her nose as her stomach grumbled.

All of that had been pushed aside as she turned to look at Aislin, a smirk crept on her lips. She wasn't going to let those thoughts win tonight. “Funnel cakes and rides are screaming my name,” she softly chuckled. “Too bad there isn’t a Fun House like in a horror movie where some crazed clown chases everyone. Now that would be entertaining,” she admitted with a nod. “People are too sensitive these days.” Her head shook as she looped her arm through her friends and started to walk forward now that tickets had been paid.

The moon had been bright in the sky as stars could be seen over head. There certainly had been a crowd as people moved about, enjoying the festivities. The sound of the local band on stage vibrated the ground as the bass had been heavier than too be expected. “….And this band is going to create an earthquake,” she commented with another chuckle. “Oh bobbing for apples, we have to do that.” There were too things that were catching her interest when Naomi thought she would be a sourpuss the entire night. “Hmmm what are you feeling? Not the band..they aren’t playing anything worth dancing too.” A little frown had been given at that thought.

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  Embracing the Shadows
Posted by: Rafe Dubois - 2021-Oct-02, 02:01 PM - Forum: Outskirt Residences - Replies (9)

Rafe knew Naomi would find her way back into his life after she had followed the less than subtle hints he had made sure were dropped for her along her journeys. He didn’t know when the actual reconnect would happen when she arrived in Greenbrooke but he had kept a loose tab on her, waiting. It was almost amusing how fate worked for him when Aislin ran into Naomi on her own doing and while he had been surprised at her message that she was with the feline, Rafe wasn’t surprised at her asking to bring Naomi home. If she hadn’t done it that night, it would have happened within days of their encounter at his arrangement.

Still, he purposely didn’t see her that night, nor the following night. After that, he had to go out of town for three days, and then he waited one more. It was now the seventh night Naomi had been in the mansion and Rafe deemed her ready and settled in enough to meet once more. Aislin had only been told to tend to their guest and make sure she was comfortable and had a friend while the rest of the Family had their usual order of keeping their eyes and ears open for anything noteworthy.

Not much had been brought to his attention, just some of the little habits and routines Naomi had already fallen into and that it seemed she had fully given in and accepted the invitation to stay as long as she needed. It was thanks to that intel that Rafe knew he would find Naomi sitting with a glass of wine on the back veranda, enjoying the peace and small slice of wilderness on the edge of the city. The massive amount of trees on and surrounding his property was a large draw to the purchase of the estate as it helped keep nosy neighbours away and made putting up wards and sentries easier.

It wasn’t long after sunset as Rafe stood silently in the open doorway with his own glass of wine, leaning against the frame as he took in woman. There was a chance she could sense him as he knew there was more to her than just being a shifter that might heighten her senses even more. But if he was truly worried about that, he could easily meld into the shadows and mask his presence entirely. It was unnecessary, however, as Rafe only intended a moment’s glance to take in the scene, learning what he could, before approaching on too silent steps.

“Kitten,” Rafe used the nickname to properly announce his presence as he came to a stop two feet away from where Naomi sat, though he stared out at the yard instead of looking at her. He opted for the old name instead of her given name as a reminder of their past; their intimacy. She had certainly been a wild cat back in the days they partied together but she was a youngling still both in her own age of barely over a century and being nearly five hundred years his junior. Hence her being his Kitten. She was then and he would slowly show her that she still was the longer she stayed in Greenbrooke and under his influence and protection.

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  Drink Your Apple a Day
Posted by: James Jessup - 2021-Sep-30, 11:01 PM - Forum: City Outskirts - Replies (3)

James lounged comfortably, feet kicked up on a neighboring chair as he took a long sip of his drink. This was the best part of the apple fest, he reckoned. He'd been neighborly and helped with some apple picking of his own for the event, and after dealing with some rather ornery horses all morning this was a great way to wind down and just relax.

Another sip of his drink, an apple brandy he'd gotten from a vendor and brought with him into the tent, and James took a lazy look around. At least everybody was having fun. He didn't immediately spot anyone he knew, but he'd lost count of how many drinks he'd had at this point, so he wouldn't have been particularly surprised if he'd missed someone. He flagged down another Apple Maid, was that even what they were called? He wasn't sure if it was a thing or if he'd just made it up and then forgot. Either way he flagged one down to get another bottle of hard cider delivered to his table since he was starting to run low on the brandy.

Part of him wanted to tell them to stop taking away his bottles and empty glasses so that he could keep track of how much he'd already had, but this didn't seem like that sort of atmosphere to carry on like that. That was what dive bars were for and a tent, while nothing fancy, didn't quite qualify. Still, he was in a pretty good mood, good enough that when someone bumped into him while walking by he just gave them a smile and pulled his boots out of the neighboring chair. "Sorry 'bout that. I was probably leaned too far back. Have a seat for a spell, unless you got other places t'be."

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  The Calling of The Moon
Posted by: Nicholas Erobern - 2021-Sep-21, 01:49 PM - Forum: Queen Victoria Forestry - No Replies

After countless days of searching high and low Nix finally found what he was looking for with hours to spare. Fairy circles, mushrooms growing in a perfect circle, were a perfect conductor for the full moon energies and served as a portal for a whole bunch of summoning rituals. While not durable enough to bring fae folk over from the Otherworld, they could be used to summon lesser creatures. One such being was Cu Sidhe, the fae hound.

It was a couple of hours past midnight when he arrived at the site. A gap between the dense trees where a beautiful circle of redcaps grew, basking in the white rays of the moon. Nix had brought everything he needed for the summoning, a vial of wolf blood, an Alderwood branch, pixie dust and a collar made by a fae spider. The items were set on the ground around the circle, blood poured in the middle of it. With a deep breath, he released his form, spider legs emerging from the fae's back and 4 sets of black eyes replacing his two. Nix then extended his clawed hands in the direction of the moon and started to sing.

The forest was filled with an ancient song, the language as old, as the earliest of civilizations even if the singer wasn't even close to that. Energy from the lay lines, from the moon, was gathered at the fairy circle, where it condensed in the ground till it was lit up brightly green. As quickly, as it started, it also ended and after the spell was finished the spider was just left to wait for someone to heed his call.

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  In a Crowd
Posted by: Nocturne Jackson - 2021-Sep-19, 07:40 AM - Forum: City Outskirts - No Replies

Nocturne arrived an hour before Lyric’s group was set to go on stage because he had a feeling even with his bike that parking would be a disaster. Saturday afternoon for a festival that everyone seemed to enjoy? Yeah, that was going to suck. That was why he didn’t bother joining the line of cars to get into the lot but parked down the road and with the Jeep in case Lyric asked him to drive friends home after the show. It was a ten minute walk from where he found a spot along the side of the road but the day was nice with a light breeze and moving into autumn temperatures that he loved.

He had told Lyric that morning as he dropped her off at the studio that he might not be able to make it. He was teasing, of course, and they both knew it but it wasn’t until he made it to the stage and settled into a spot that he finally texted her to let her know he was there, stage right, and about half way back along the edge of the milling about crowd. It was a bring your own chair type of event but most seemed to prefer the blanket route and sat on the grass. Nocturne remained standing since he purposely put himself in a spot that wouldn’t block anyone behind him but still give him a great view.

The dance studio always performed at the festivals and various events in the city to help showcase the dancers and potentially bring in more inspired young people and backers. Lyric had been excitedly babbling about this one in particular because she was in two group performances and snagged one of the coveted solos as well. Nocturne was proud of his little sister and they both saw how much their dad was as well. Pops was already in the crowd as well and Nocturne had spotted him almost immediately when he strolled up. Abraham Jackson had a way of sticking out in a crowd and not just because of his height and muscular stature but just the badass aura he gave off. Of course none of that came into play when it came to Lyric as he turned into a proud and gushing father that couldn’t stop smiling. Their Pops might not always be around with how busy the Guardians kept him but he did his best to catch every important event his kids were in.

Finally the wait was over and the introductions began. Nocturne cheered for Lyric and her friends before everyone got into place. The dancing was top notch, as always, and he continued to cheer when an impressive move was done or when someone had a brief solo moment during the group numbers. He knew how hard they all worked and wanted to make sure they knew it was appreciated. When Lyric’s solo came up, Nocturne smiled as she moved gracefully across the stage, falling silent for once until the dance ended and he burst into loud applause and cheers.

As Lyric moved off and the next performance came on, Nocturne felt like someone was watching him somewhere behind him. He didn’t turn around but he did tense ever so slightly, though he hoped he wouldn’t have to get into a fight in a crowded festival. Nothing happened for most of the dance but near the end someone did step up beside him on his left. Nocturne continued to focus on the performance and applauded as they finished while waiting to see if the mystery person beside him was going to say something and if they were even there for him. They could have just come to see the end of the show and his paranoia was acting up.

When the last dance of the show started, Nocturne noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and he finally glanced in that direction. He nearly laughed when what he saw was a proud dance mom holding up her phone and recording the performance. Of course. The edge where he stood was often a good place to get a clear shot in such an environment—unless you were Abraham Jackson and didn’t care how tall you were and stood in the centre a few rows back.

While he was glad it wasn’t anything to worry about and thankful his senses were alert even when he was enjoying a show, Nocturne wasn’t happy about how paranoid he was being. It was almost enough to return to Indulge and tell the vampires he wasn’t interested in anything and to leave him alone. With his luck lately, that would likely backfire and it was best to keep his distance and his guard up. So he let go of the idea and simply enjoyed the rest of the dance, cheering as the group took their bows before leaving the stage.

He pulled out his phone and sent Lyric a quick text.

You were amazing!
How many hot apple ciders should I grab?

Even if no one needed the ride home, Nocturne didn’t mind bringing some of them a treat after their hard work—even if it encouraged a crush or two. As he left the crowd to head to the proper vendor, the paranoia was still there and had him cast a glance around but no one seemed interested in him and Nocturne shrugged it off to focus on his task and enjoying the rest of the day.

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  Apple-flavoured Freedom
Posted by: Cody Park - 2021-Sep-19, 04:32 AM - Forum: City Outskirts - Replies (6)

He was free!

For a bit, but it still counted!

Cody had spent the morning with his Paw as a part of the volunteers working the ‘parking lot’ by waving cars down his aisle to where an open spot had appeared. It was fun to use the radios that helped the people at the entrance know which numbered lane to send a car to and then Cody got to say a quick greeting to the occupants as they parked and got out. He loved meeting new people and loved the excitement every person of all ages seemed to have for the festival.

Thanks to his hard work that morning and his good behaviour since his grounding started nearly two months ago, Cody had been allowed to spend a few hours roaming the festival before the family would all meet up to head home for dinner. His Popsicle was one of the judges in the apple pie contest and would be busy until late afternoon, Paw went to watch the band currently on stage, and Cody knew his mom and dad had the twins and were taking them around the place. Lyric would be performing soon from a glance at the time as he read her most recent messages. He replied back that he would be there and that he was going to wander around the stalls first and maybe get something to eat.

His first stop was the stand shaped like a giant lemon that sold freshly squeezed lemonade. With his large drink in hand, Cody then ventured into the food section as he debated what he was in the mood for. He was tempted by a beaver tail but figured he should behave and get something that was more closely classified as healthy. Crepes counted, right? If he got it loaded with fruit, but his Popsicle made them sometimes so it wasn’t really a special treat.

He was still gawking at all of the signs and trying to follow his stomach when he ran into someone. His drink sloshed over the edge as he said he didn’t need the lid and straw but his hand took most of the damage from what he could tell before looking at the person he ran into with panic-stricken eyes. “I’m so sorry! That was all me. I was staring at all the delicious food.”

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Posted by: Naomi Antonis - 2021-Sep-18, 07:01 PM - Forum: Downtown - Replies (2)

It had been a cloudy afternoon with no presence of the sun as it once had been during the early morning. The weather only stirred the emotions that had been underneath the surface. It had highlighted the emptiness the feline felt within, magnifying the aches that had ravaged her muscles. The heart that had a large capacity to love had been battered and crumbled as she mourned those that no longer had been there. The mourning had turned into a torment as she found herself screaming within the pillow or drowning her tears in the flowing waters of the shower. She was feeling the weight of her emotions and Naomi knew she couldn’t allow to decrease more than she had been that day. There had been a sense of control, she needed control even if she hadn’t fully grasped the weight of what she had experienced in a short amount of time.

Most of the afternoon had been spent roaming Greenebrooke. It had been too early to shift in resume a form that seemed natural to the leopardess without the exposure of herself. Her coat had been dark and therefore would stand out without the back drop of darkness. She had itched to run and indulge in more primal nature which allowed an ounce of rest for her human mind. There still had been hours left until that could become a reality therefore she had opted for continuing to explore the city she now would call home.

The exploration of Greenbrooke had been mundane. More parks had been explored along with several businesses and most of downtown area. Nothing she had called to the woman’s spirit except for Petal Pots Designs. The shop had caught her interest and knew being around plants would help lift her mood. It also had dawned on the feline that she should gather plants to create a spiritual bath. She had seemed to be lost, withdrawn from the essence of her spirituality. It was a factor that Naomi had not wanted to admit to herself, but knew she needed to attempt help herself. Though she could not see the light through the fog, the leopardess knew she was a light.

A hand wrapped around the handle as she pushed it open. Instantly, the feline had been met by various scent as she inhaled the earthy mixtures. Brown eyes had glanced over the plants and flowers that had been in the showcase as she slowly started her walk around the area. “You have a quite impressive selection,” she said with a small smile as she greeted the woman that had been in the establishment. Naomi had stopped at the lilies to admire them. “Do you have any favorite plants?” Her words had been soft as she spoke to the woman.

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  Shraik's Wanteds
Posted by: Shraik - 2021-Sep-18, 02:38 AM - Forum: Wanted Ads - No Replies

Hello all!

I'm looking for someone (any race except fae) to work for Nicholas as his assistant on the human world. All living expenses covered + a desire granted. As it's a job add no need to make a new character if you don't want to.

Have a great day! ^w^

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  Minty Fruit
Posted by: Nocturne Jackson - 2021-Sep-14, 09:30 AM - Forum: Lake Front Residential - Replies (2)

It was late afternoon and summer was giving another final attempt at clinging on as the heat persisted and the sun tried to melt the city. Perhaps that was bordering on hyperbole but Nocturne currently felt it was accurate as he stood in line at the local ice cream stand that was in the shape of a giant cone and ice cream. While he loved a lot of summer activities, he could really go without the hot and humid days. Now that it was September, he had been looking forward to the cooling temperature—and he was getting it, until that day. So it was time to treat himself.

He wasn’t the only one with the idea as two people were in line in front of him so Nocturne pulled out his phone to check the few messages he had received while driving his bike. Nothing was urgent so he left everyone on ‘read’ and stuffed the phone back in his pocket. The line crept forward as one person left the counter and the petite pink-haired woman in front of him approached. Most people would have spent the time in line deciding what they wanted but Noct already had his unusual order ready to go, though he was debating if he should go all out with three scoops or not.

As he debated that, he caught the girl’s order of mango, mint chocolate chip, and vanilla bean. His gaze snapped from the scenery to her head and he smiled. It was just as odd as what he liked and it propelled Nocturne into action as he stepped up beside her while she started to pay. “I’ve got it. And get me the same but instead of mango, do watermelon sorbet, please,” he told the attendant and handed over the twenty.

While he waited for the change, Noct turned to the woman with a shrug. “Not every day you find someone else who appreciates the delightful combination of mint and fruit.” He accepted the change only to put it all in the tip jar. He wasn’t trying to impress the woman but Noct could only imagine how awful it had to be to serve people all day and felt such people deserved to be recognized more than they were.

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  Remember The Time
Posted by: Naomi Antonis - 2021-Sep-11, 08:24 PM - Forum: Downtown - Replies (10)

Naomi had not wanted to think. If she avoided what caused so much sorrow maybe it would disappear. She needed to distract her mind and the television with its blacked screen had not been enough. Mindlessly staring at the screen had provided a temporary measure of escape, but the thoughts still lingered in the back of her mind. She couldn’t escape the nightmares, she couldn’t numb her feeling enough. Her own mind had been too loud for peace to settle within her spirit. The agony had been too great for the leopardess to enjoy solitude.

Thinking about it made everything too real.

Heavy eyes had shot open as she had looked to the clock on the nightstand. It had been too early to try to sleep. Each time she had tried, the feline had been plagued by nightmares. Her mind would not allow the feline to forget despite how much she had desperately tried. Naomi had needed to have done something. Anything to distract herself for a few moments. Another sigh had escaped her lips she had lifted herself from the bed and swung her legs over the side as she sat erect. A hand had reached over and turned on the light switch of the lamp that sat on top of the nightstand. She stood as she strides were slow as Naomi made her way into the bathroom and proceeded to shower.

A half hour later, the feline had stumped out of the bathroom and dressed in something simple. She had not been out to impress anyone as she threw on dark denim jeans and a black blouse. The woman pulled her hair into ponytail and slipped on her boots as she grabbed her wallet and key card as she headed towards the door. Naomi had kept her mind focused on where her end destination would be, which she had not cared as long as it had been a distraction

There had been building, a lounge that had felt right within the moment. She had pulled out her license hand showed the tall, muscular bouncer that stood guard. The man had allowed the feline through as she crossed the thresholds of the lounge. Music had pulsated, echoing through the establishment. The scent of various supernaturals whisked under her nose as she made her way to the bar. The tender had been flagged down as she ordered a Cosmo and asked for a tab to be opened. Her card had been taken and returned with her drink. The leopardess made her way to the patio and found an empty table not too far from the fire pit.

Naomi weaved through the tables and placed her drink down as she pulled the chair out and sat. A leg crossed over the other as she tried to focus on the music. Instead, she ended up staring at her full glass. Dark eyes had lifted and blinked as a figure had caught her attention. Brows furrowed as she stared at the woman. She seemed so familiar, but Naomi couldn’t place her from side view.

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  Save Me From Myself
Posted by: Naomi Antonis - 2021-Sep-11, 07:47 PM - Forum: Downtown - Replies (6)

The sun sat high against the back drop of cadet blue sky. Thin clouds had whisked across the heavens, creating various shapes as a slight breeze blew. The air still held warmth as the light roar of the Summer had been upon them. A soft sigh had escaped her slightly parted lips as the feline had stalked towards the entrance of the park. It had taken much effort to peel herself from the confines of her hotel room. Stirring at the four walls had only caused her mind to spiral into depths of depression. She didn’t want to think, she didn’t want to feel the pain that radiate through her heart. Naomi had prayed for peace within her mind. Prayed the imagines and the smell of slaughtered blood would ceased. Instead, it had continued to haunt her. After little rest, she had forced herself to explain the city she had now claimed as her new home.
The leopardess had wondered the city aimless and found herself stumped upon a park that had struck her interest. Within her spirit had felt right as it had called to her. Without a thought, Naomi had not questioned her intuition as she stepped farther into the park, weaving through a cluster of trees that created a large shadow upon the ground. She had tried to keep her thoughts clear and simply focused on the moment. Naomi could hear the birds chirp, the sound of insects that made noise, she had tried to focus on the melody of the rustling leaves. Typically, such sounds would have been serene, but instead it stirred her unsettled spirit.

Brows furrowed, upset that something she had normal enjoyed had not brought pleasure. She had tried to dismiss it, dismiss anything that might had brought anger as the woman continued to push forward. Her gait had been slow as she spotted a playground with a large swing set. Just maybe the swing would give a sense of freedom from her own tormented mind. Naomi needed escape from herself that even being shifted could not provide. Without much through, the feline moved along the grass and made her way to the swing set. A hand had wrapped around the metal chain as she sat down upon the seat and sat there for a moment. Dark eyes lifted to the heavens as she prayed for a moment peace.

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  Teas to Please
Posted by: Persephone Miller - 2021-Aug-29, 08:36 AM - Forum: Cafes & Restaurants - Replies (18)

Percy sang along with the song she had blasting in her little tea room. Metal certainly wasn’t the type of music she normally had playing when it was open but she still had several minutes to change playlists and some Metallica to start that morning felt appropriate. She couldn’t explain why, only that she chose her rock and metal playlist over her ones that were more pop and cheery or even the fun oldies. Maybe it was a sign. She still wasn’t the best at noticing them or discerning if it truly was a sign or her wishing it was. She’d eventually find out.

The last small display case of muffins was the only thing left to stock as she straightened from putting the tray of cinnamon buns on the cooling rack. It had been a busy weekend and while she did some baking the night before to help catch back up, a few trays of cinnamon buns completed it. She had to admit that the aroma of the buns so early in the morning did help the early crowd buy baked goods so she may have planned the early morning accordingly.

With the last muffin finally placed on its shelf, Percy switched her playlist to the one that was a bit mellower but still stayed away from classical or elevator music as she didn’t want to bore his customers to the point they fell asleep and drowned in their cup. A final glance was given around the small room and then she ran her hands down her cute yellow halter top dress and went to the front door. She turned the sign from ‘closed’ to ‘open’ and flicked the lock on the door, giving it a test to ensure it opened smoothly.

Now it was the waiting game. While she did that, she’d get another cup of tea going for herself and perhaps start on a cake to surprise her lazy Sunday afternoon crowd with. Cakes and pies were still a bit beyond her skill level and what her time allowed for but she occasionally managed to get something out as a special treat.

Ooc: The layout of Teas to Please is on the smaller side. There are a total of six tables where sixteen people can sit at (four tables of two and two tables of four). There’s also a small corner that is more for lounging with a book and a mug of tea that can hold two comfortably if they don’t mind being close. Finally, the counter is also on the smaller side with some display cases of the baked goods for sale on top and within the glass-front counter. Muffins, cookies, brownies, and cinnamon buns are typically what she has available but the flavours may rotate depending on her mood. Behind the counter is a wall of tea canisters in far too many flavours and a collection of tea cups in differing sizes and patterns. Beyond that lies the kitchen.

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  Table for Two
Posted by: Jasper Jacobs - 2021-Aug-29, 04:00 AM - Forum: Cafes & Restaurants - Replies (11)

Jasper smiled easily at the attendant as he entered the restaurant, indicating with one hand that he was after a table for two, though his partner had yet to arrive. He was a little early, but that was usually better than being late. He gave his name, and that he was awaiting his sister, before being seated at a lovely table towards the back of the dining room. He selected the chair that would put his back to the wall and allow him to see Arya when she arrived.

Getting time off work was hard, but when Jasper had been signed that Sunday night off, he’d immediately contacted his sister to get together for dinner. Not that whatever he put in his mouth would do him any good, but it was important to keep up appearances. Besides, Fig was busy that night and couldn’t work on his vampire education with him. He was okay with that, as the last few night had been full on and he was looking forward to relaxing.

When the waiter approached, Jasper indicated that he would have a ‘glass of red’, while also making a note to the server that his table mate was mundane, and would like to stay that way. So while he waited, Jasper dined on a glass of ‘wine’, enjoying the crisp and fresh taste. The Restaurant – known as ‘The Fantasy Bite’ – was run by a Family who was on good terms with Rafe, making Jasper feel comfortable being there, as well as bringing his sister through the doors. It was also far enough removed from Indulge that Jasper was able to work on the low down, reporting what he saw and experienced back to Rafe.

Lowering his glass, Jasper glanced towards the entrance way in time to see Arya entering and lifted a hand to greet her, even as she was brought to his table by a waiter. Jasper stood up, and greeted Arya with a hug and a kiss to her left cheek; he tightened his hold a little before letting her go, and once  more claimed his seat. “Do you know what you want?” He asked his sister, even as the waiter gave them both a menu.

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  Gray Sky, Sad Eyes
Posted by: Rhys Evans - 2021-Aug-28, 12:21 PM - Forum: Downtown - No Replies

Rhys took his time as he wandered down the park’s path. He sipped at his iced coffee that he knew he would regret later given the hour. But the day had been long with a lot of physical training and it was still humid out despite the promised rain that was supposed to come at any moment. A glance at the sky had him semi-convinced the meteorologists might be right this time as clouds were rolling in. It didn’t make him rush, though.

He used to come regularly to the park years ago to meet a friend and bring her food and supplies while checking in with her. Then one day she simply vanished. Rhys was stubborn enough that he continued showing up every evening for three weeks straight just in case she came back but she never did. The daily visits turned into once a week and eventually to once or twice a month. He knew it was pointless as CJ had clearly moved on and perhaps moved to an entirely new city. Maybe she got the help he couldn’t give her. Her face and the emotion in her voice as she asked why his parents couldn’t take her in still haunted him. He had failed a friend that was in desperate need because his parents didn’t want their secret of being mages to get out.

Still, even as he hoped CJ had an amazing life with a loving family, maybe with a significant other that spoiled her, Rhys wandered through the park aiming for what had been their meeting place. It was the first time in two months he had made the trip thanks to being too busy and tired from the training to be a Guardian.

At this point he didn’t even know if he wanted her to be there as the stroll punished him with memories and how he was a failure. If anything bad happened to CJ, he’d never forgive himself for not being able to do more. It didn’t matter that they were barely teenagers and no one paid them any mind. Maybe he could have hexed someone! Maybe he could have just drained a chunk of his allowance sitting in the bank and given it to CJ as he told her to run and be the free spirit he knew she was. Maybe he should have left with her.

As the swings came into view Rhys tried not to get his hopes up when he saw a blonde woman sitting on one. But a moment later she was standing and walking away at just the right angle that he saw her face and knew it wasn’t CJ. Disappointment flooded into him but had he really thought she would be there? As much as he needed the walk of shame, he truly did wish to find CJ waiting at the end one day no matter how slim that was to happen.

He took another drink of his iced coffee and moved off the path to a tree where he leaned his back against the large and rough trunk. Not for the first time he contemplated a location or scrying spell. He was better with his magic now and perhaps it would work despite not having anything personal of CJ’s. It wasn’t a requirement but it made it easier and far more accurate. But he knew it was also fear that kept him from trying. What if he discovered she had died? It was better to keep pretending she would appear one day as he believed she had a wonderful new life in a city far away from the one that treated her so poorly.

As he crunched on an ice cube from his now finished drink, Rhys was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of rain hitting the leaves above his head. He wasn’t sure how long he had stood there, staring off into the distance, and lost in memories and hopes but it seemed it was time to go. Stepping out from under the tree brought him right into the light yet steady rainfall. He could make an illusionary umbrella and line it up with a partial bubble of protection but he was too drained to focus on two spells at the moment.

Besides, the rain matched his mood and he hadn’t melted yet in the water so he wasn’t worried about it happening now. He didn’t hurry back to his car, partially because it wasn’t going to stop him from getting wet but also because it reminded him of his privilege and how lucky he was compared to others. For his eighteenth birthday two years ago, his parents got him a BMW X6 (in red to make it even flashier of course). Rhys knew it was their compromise car. They wanted to get him something like a Porsche but knew he’d be fine with some more average. He did love the car but it screamed that he had money and was a reminder that his parents were famous.

When he slid into the driver’s side, the door shutting and drowning out most of the noise from the rain that was now picking up, Rhys just sat there. He couldn’t see the part of the park that was important to him from where he had to park but the empty swings were easy enough to conjure up in his mind.

He couldn’t come every night with his schedule and lack of information that CJ was even still in the city but perhaps weekly visits could happen again. He started the car and was greeted with silence as he hadn’t bothered to sync up his phone’s Spotify playlist. He wasn’t in the mood for music anyway.

“Take care of yourself, Ceej. I’ll see you later,” Rhys echoed the last words he said to his friend before finally leaving to return to his apartment that his parents also technically paid for.

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  Petal Pots Designs
Posted by: Arya Jacobs - 2021-Aug-27, 04:26 AM - Forum: Documentation - No Replies

A small shop with an attached greenhouse, Petal Pots Designs is located in Downtown Greenbrooke, and is also the base of Arya Jacobs' small apartment.

[Image: M6y2Hi7.png]                [Image: Qvc7owl.png]

On the ground floor, the majority of the space is taken up by the showroom, which houses all of Arya's current arrangements, a few stand-alone plants, and a selection of hand-painted pots and garden ornaments. In the back, there is a smaller room for storage which contains a small work bench and all of the florist's tools. Adjacent to this is a customer-friendly bathroom and the stairwell that leads up to Arya's apartment. Down a small hallway, behind an always-foggy glass door, is the greenhouse, which is off-limits to all - even her most valued, loyal customers, who know that flowers aren't the only things that are likely to be growing back there. Of course, Arya maintains that there are only ordinary plants back there, and that to allow entry when it isn't necessary is likely to throw off the humidity and, as such, she is the room's only entrant. Ever.

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  Written in the Star...bucks
Posted by: Nocturne Jackson - 2021-Aug-24, 08:59 PM - Forum: Residential - Replies (5)

Nocturne stood in line at the Starbucks he usually went to when he was on his way to or from picking Lyric up from one of her dance classes. Normally he ordered ahead on his app so he could simply swoop in and collect the order and be on his way but today he had to reload the payment. Most would simply do so with their credit card attached to the app but Nocturne wasn’t most people and knew better to flat out trust every app around with how easy it was to hack into something.

When it was his turn at the counter, Nocturne pulled out the cash he wanted to add, had his phone scanned, and then placed the two drink order before scanning the card app once more. He moved down to the waiting area and tossed his sister a quick text to say he would be there soon so she would be ready at the door. He had never missed one of her shows and even sat in on the occasional open practice but Nocturne tried to avoid loitering in the halls as Lyric’s classmates liked to chat him up. Sometimes it was amusing but he tried his best not to encourage it and preferred Lyric dashing out as soon as he pulled up.

As he tucked his phone back into his pocket, Nocturne felt like he was being watched and caught the barista making Lyric’s frappucino glancing continuously at him. What was her problem? He was fairly certain he didn’t know her and recognized her as one of the girls that sometimes worked when he came in but that was it. Strange but as long as she made the drinks right, he didn’t care how much she ogled him.

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  Vex's Wanted
Posted by: Vex - 2021-Aug-22, 06:51 AM - Forum: Wanted Ads - No Replies

Red Oaks Pack
Open D.O.B
Open Age
Open Face Claim

Asher needs more wolves in the pack. Their role can be varied, if you'd like to chat about it with me feel free, but basically anyone who's cutthroat enough to not be a lost puppy that Asher needs to take in is relatively welcome. If you want to thread your character being turned I'm also happy to do that! Just be aware that if you're signing a character up, this isn't the friendly pack; your character is likely to have been hunted down and turned against their will, then had to fight for their life. Even if they're a willing member, they would have had to fight Asher and survive to be considered worthy of a place in Red Oaks.

Pack Gamma
Red Oaks Pack
Negotiable D.O.B
Negotiable Age
Open Face Claim

An elder, likely someone who has been an alpha in the past, this is for the role of Red Oaks’ Gamma. Maybe they were the last alpha of the pack, and we can determine if they handed the role over willingly or if Asher fought them to take the role. These two paths would make for very different relationships between themselves and Asher; either a loving elder who cares for him and wants the best for him, or a tenuous relationship where the Gamma wants the best for the pack but may resent Asher while accepting their loss of power.

Alternatively, this person could be a previous alpha from another pack, perhaps having given up the role in old age. They likely weren’t disgraced, as this would lead to Asher devaluing them and their advice. It’s a possibility that they could try to lie to Asher if you’re interested in a conflict-heavy plot, considering they wouldn’t be able to lie to him forever, and he’d be big mad if he found out.

Just as with the other roles, gender is dealer’s choice and while age is open/negotiable, they will need to be older than Asher by at least a century or two in order to earn his respect.

They are probably strong-willed and care deeply for the pack and their members. They might also act as a kind of denmother/shaman that the younger pack members can go to for advice, or if they’re too scared to go directly to Asher or the other higher-ups. The Gamma is most likely kindly and approachable, but definitely could be manipulative and controlling if the player desires them to be so.

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Posted by: Asher Bishop - 2021-Aug-18, 03:48 AM - Forum: Masquerade - Replies (10)

Jeans and a dress shirt adorned the man’s broad frame as he sat, hunched over the bar, an outsider amongst the many gyrating bodies of the Masquerade Nightclub. Asher looked better suited to a side-alley, hole-in-the-wall kind of place, the sort that ran football on a T.V. and didn’t have any kind of dance floor or stage. But he was here for a reason, and if he had to be a little uncomfortable and out of place, then so be it. 

Raising his arm to signal the bartender, he held up two fingers and pointed to his tumbler, assuming that the staff would know he meant he’d like another double. He’d been there for a half-hour already, drank enough to run up a tab, and though the place was bustling with activity, he’d been steadily earning his lonesome place on the only corner of the bar that was no longer sticky. By now they knew his preference in bourbon, and it was brought to him not too long after the gestured request. In the meantime, though, he was scanning the crowd.

Occasionally, his hazel eyes would pause on one body or another, their depths sparking with what might have been intrigue or desire, but he never moved to fulfil whatever it was he saw. 

Moments later he’d return to his drink, filled whilst he ignored whoever poured it. Asher drank with a measured patience, as though the amber liquid was some kind of elixir that would give him the answers to the questions he posed of the ignorant crowd, and swilled the glass at regular intervals. Everything he did was slow and considered - quite the contrast to the people who milled around him. Still, whether or not he stood out was likely predicated on how much one had to drink - which, by the looks of it, meant that he’d draw no more attention than a shadow on the wall for the rest of the night. Or so he thought.

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  A Lesson in the Art of Shifting
Posted by: Asher Bishop - 2021-Aug-18, 12:07 AM - Forum: Lake Front Residential - Replies (9)

Since moving out of his family’s estate, Asher had managed to maintain a relatively covert lifestyle whilst also obtaining some sense of opulence when it came to his living arrangements. To the larger population, he was likely considered somewhat of a hermit whose true location was unknown, but assumed to be “that big place on the lake”. This, essentially, was true. But the property was far-reaching and spanned at least ten acres and three dwellings - the smallest of which was where he lived, perhaps surprisingly. Despite his penchant for the finer things, Asher didn’t particularly enjoy large expanses when he wasn’t on four legs. The second residence was a guest home, decked out with multiple bedrooms for new members, and the last was a large hall right on the waterfront, often used for congregating the pack when the need arose.

Currently, the alpha was headed to that hall, dressed casually and barefoot. He’d sent a message to one of his members: a newer woman - or, a girl, really. A child in his eyes. Either way, he’d organised to meet Audrey for one of the first times since her initial induction. Though he tended to treat his pack as his family, Asher had an admittedly confusing relationship with the concept itself. He was still aloof and distant, even cold at times. But that didn’t mean he didn’t care; he just wasn’t entirely sure how to show it. One of the ways he attempted to, however, was this: teaching.

Asher was a mentor to his members, and he took that role very seriously. One of the most important things about living as a werewolf was intentional shifting and, within that, controlling one’s mind. And so, with his lesson plan mentally inscribed, he took a seat on a tree stump out the front of the hall, propped his ankle up on the opposite knee, and settled in to wait, checking his phone intermittently.

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  Dirty Dishes
Posted by: Adelaide Moss - 2021-Aug-05, 04:59 AM - Forum: Cafes & Restaurants - Replies (7)

Adelaide paused, hiding for a moment just out of sight of what customers remained in the dining area, and looked up at the ceiling in exhaustion. It was finally winding down; Wednesday nights were usually pretty average, and that night hadn’t been any different to the norm. It had been pretty generous with the tips, which pleased Adelaide immensely. They weren’t a requirement, which made it all the sweeter when someone thought she’d done a great job and lined her pockets with a little extra.

Peering around the doorway, Adelaide saw the last of their night customers packing up and idling out of the restaurant chatting happily. Coming out of her hiding hole, Adelaide smiled at the couple with a cheerful wave goodbye. Cleaning up their table was easy and quick, and she returned to the kitchen with her arms loaded heavily by plates and cutlery. She entered butt first, pushing the door open and swinging around as she came through. “Last batch, Cody!” She said happily, setting the plates down on the dirty side of the sink so that her younger friend could rinse and load them in the washer. 

“From customers, anyway! I’m starving!” Keen eyes turned towards the cook, a small smile on her lips. “Please say you saved us something?” She begged, but didn’t wait to hear the reply (she’d honestly be shocked if nothing was kept for the hungry staff) and darted back out onto the floor to begin the cleaning process; wiping down tables, refilling condiments, and stacking the chairs so that the floor could be washed once everything else was done. It didn’t take her too long to get it all into proper order, especially with the help of the other girls, and they were finished not too long after closing. Adelaide farewelled the couple of girls that were being picked up, and planned to eat at home — who would eat at home when you could eat here?!

Adelaide made her way back into the kitchen to find Cody finishing up with the last of his work. She went to the sink and scrubbed her hands clean, and then made her way over to where the cook was standing, nose wiggling in anticipation at the delicious smells that were coming her way. Being a rabbit shifter, Adelaide didn’t eat meat, but her veggie diet was rich and far reaching. She wasn’t let down as she picked up her plate, either, filled to the top with a large salad; there were cherry tomatoes, mint leaves, cucumber and Thai spices. “Oh, thank you!” She gushed, moving over to the small table the staff used for breaks.

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  New Forums!
Posted by: ThistleProse - 2021-Aug-03, 07:21 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Today we added two new forums to the In Character forums — IC Communication! — in here you will find a forum for texting, phone calls, and telepathy for those that have that skill set. The other forum is for blogging, whether that be online or in a diary!

The thread prefixes should be used in those forums; a private will mean no one should post within that thread, unless tagged or told via other means. Public prefix will mean that the blog is available to those that know the address, or a nosy sibling/parent might find a diary!

We hope these add a fun new dimension to the dynamics fo the characters and their interactions! If you can think fo any others that should be added, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the team!


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  Flowering After Dark
Posted by: Lyric Jackson - 2021-Aug-03, 06:59 AM - Forum: Residential - Replies (15)

Lyric had eaten dinner with her brother and Papa as was normal, including a rather delicious dessert that Nocturne had whipped up and Lyric had been sure to make it know how delicious she found it and that it would be expected again at some point in the future. She’d done the dishes after eating like she normally did, and then settled in to finish some homework. At some point while she had been struggling with her summer holiday math and was on the point of giving up in disgust, she’d gotten a text from Chance. 

The interruption was much welcomed, but it didn’t take long for Lyric to bring up the subject of her disagreeable numbers, and while Chance had been modest and denied having any skills in the subject, he had been able to help her figure out what she was doing wrong, and get the answer she needed. Lyric was pretty pleased with herself and Chance, and even sent an excited text to Cody to show off the equation and the answer, pleased and delighted when she got back a happy response. She’d only been putting off the damned subject since she got it, but was pleased it was almost complete now. Still one chapter to go, but Lyric felt like she’d done enough for one night.

Packing everything up, Lyric was still exchanging texts with Chance, which included asking if the wanted to meet up, if he was free to, and hang out for a little bit. There was a park nearby that grew lots of daisies and had the best swing set! Lyric mentioned it was where she had met her longest and best friend, which obviously made the park lucky; it would be an excellent spot to cement their week of late night texting and general chatter.

Changing into leggings and a cute tee shirt with flowers on it, Lyric grabbed a small handbag she carried with her when she went out and about. Besides being convenient for holding her phone and purse, it also secreted away a small collection of protective items she could use in case of an emergency. Not that Lyric went hunting for trouble like her brother and Papa, but they insisted she carry it with her to keep her safe. Silly overprotective wonderful people, her brother and Papa.

“I’ll be back soon!” Was all the warning either man got that Lyric was going to out before she was out, the door clicking closed behind her and she checked her purse to make sure her house key was in there safe and sound where she’d left it; it was. Lyric made her way with confidence from home to the park that wasn’t far away, where she had first met Cody all those years ago. Okay, so not that many, but between the pair of them they had a lot of years to enjoy each other’s company! Smiling at the thought, Lyrics came in through the far end of the park and glanced around. There were large lights set around the park, to illuminate it for the local kids so they didn’t have to go home just because it was dark. Lyric loved it. She sent Chance another text, letting him know she’d arrived at the park.

Lyric made a beeline for the area where the small garden was kept, and brushed her fingers along the tops of the flowers, infusing a very small amount of magic into her touch; it brightened the flowers a little, made them stand a little taller and smell a little sweeter. Smiling to herself, Lyric found the patch of daisies - they were blooming by the score, and she sat down next to them, crossing her legs and carefully plucking one flower and stem from the thick of the pack, then another, as she fashioned a daisy chain that would fit on her head.

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  Greenbrooke School Terms 2021-2022
Posted by: Blood Ties Team - 2021-Jul-30, 06:17 AM - Forum: Documentation - No Replies

First Day of School:
Wednesday, 1 Sep 2021

Christmas Break:
Monday, 20 Dec 2021 through Friday, 31 Dec 2021

Spring Break:
Monday, 14 Mar 2022 through Friday, 18 Mar 2022

Easter Break:
Friday, 15 Apr 2022 through Monday, 18 April 2022

Last Day of School:
Thursday, 30 Jun 2022

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  Welcome the Fae
Posted by: ThistleProse - 2021-Jul-28, 10:37 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

The species “Fae” have officially been added to those available on site! You can read more about them in the guidebook - here - and we’ll also be introducing a forum for custom lore to be entered :)

Happy threading!

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  Enjoying a Walk
Posted by: Apryl Weather - 2021-Jul-25, 08:52 PM - Forum: Red Oak Park - Replies (1)

Apryl paused, taking a deep breath and enjoying the fresh air. She'd been working all day and it was time for a bit of a break. A walk often allowed her to both clear her mind and find answers to problems that had she had gotten stuck on. It was also a neutral location for meeting people. She saw a couple walking ahead of her holding hands and kids climbing on the playground equipment. 

She touched the crystal necklace around her neck. It glowed faintly, imbued with her powers should she need a boost later on. her phone rested in her pocket. She couldn't bring herself to leave it at home. As she strolled along, she found a phone resting on a bench. Apryl looked around, but nobody was there. The screen was shattered, which made no sense considering where she found it. "How strange.." She'd have to try to find the owner.

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  A Modern Day Battle
Posted by: Karl Zahringer - 2021-Jul-24, 12:11 PM - Forum: Downtown - Replies (9)

Of all the errands he'd ever been sent on, going to find an obscure energy drink, or anti-energy drink, or whatever it was called, was probably rather high on the list of ridiculous and meaningless things his sire had sent him out on. So there he was in one of his more casual and lighter suits, having wandered from convenience store to convenience store, grocery to grocery, until he'd found the strange beverages in question. Would Gavin even drink them? Doubtful, but it didn't matter. Odds were he wouldn't even remember sending Karl out to fetch them in the first place and they would sit in the refrigerator until someone else drank them.

Either way, for making him run out on such a ridiculous errand, Karl had decided to take his sweet time and try one of the newer games he had downloaded onto his phone at the advice of a stranger who had spotted him playing Candy Crush while out on a walk. There were gyms and stops aplenty downtown, and he casually strolled between them as he hunted for tiny creatures to enslave with little magical spheres as the bag of beverages hung from his arm. Unless they were of inferior quality, then they could go to the professor's incinerator, or fur farm, or abattoir or whatever it was that happened to them when they were no longer in his hands.

At least he was getting a decent haul, and his tiny cartoonish monster minions were doing well as he stopped to battle at a gym. There was someone else around hanging around too, though it was hard to tell if they were actually playing the same game or just lingering outside of the bar he stood near one their phone while they were waiting. Either way, Karl ignored them for the moment as he worked on trying to upset the gym's defenses for the glory of House Red.

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Posted by: Chance Warden - 2021-Jul-22, 12:08 PM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (12)

They had arrived in Greenbrooke two nights ago and settled into Rafe’s condo, though the master was currently staying in his mansion. Chance had been told he couldn’t leave the far too lavish place just yet as he needed to adjust to the noises of the city first. Everything had been a lot louder than any of the training he had done with his handlers and panic had set in while they were still in the car entering the city.

He had embarrassingly had a panic attack, head between his knees as he covered his ears to help block out so many people talking and the sounds of cars and music coming from both cars and buildings. And the smells. Chance much preferred the country as he wrinkled his nose in distaste as they slowly moved along streets until finally parking underground.

Over those two nights he had adjusted a bit to both sensations and wasn’t nearly as panicked or twitchy so he’d been allowed an outing. Carefully observed, naturally, but they kept their distance so he could feel like he had some freedom and took in the sights and sounds on ground level. It was all so overwhelming but amazing! Growing up at the secluded manor meant he hadn’t gotten out much and if he did, only on short errands to the small town. None of the buildings compared to Greenbrooke. Sure, he watched a lot of movies and shows so it wasn’t like he had no idea such things existed but he’d never walked amongst them and down streets crowded with people even at late hours.

Actually, he wished they weren’t nearly as crowded as his nose twitched when a man walked by. Chance had fed before leaving to help keep his urges in check but some people seemed to smell tastier than others. Then again, perhaps it was… popcorn? Did humans smell like popcorn? Chance decided to follow his nose around the corner and found a movie theatre that seemed to have just had a movie let out with the amount of people milling about and holding bags and drinks.

He stood back watching the scene for a few minutes, enjoying the way people interacted as they discussed what they had just watched. Some groups were noisier than others and some laughed as they dodged through traffic to get to their own vehicles. But everyone was having fun. He found himself wandering closer as more people left and his senses weren’t nearly as bombarded. He hadn’t been to a cinema before either and while he doubted anything would have a start time at that hour, Chance still wanted to peek through the windows and maybe see what was playing and see if he’d be allowed to attend a showing soon.

He was still wide-eyed and in awe of everything around him, his gaze going everywhere except to where he was walking. He looked forward just in time to avoid shoulder-checking someone as he swivelled enough to only lightly clip her, and stopped a couple of steps behind the girl. “I’m so sorry! I was looking everywhere but forward. Are you okay?” She was still standing so that was something! Chance had improved on learning his new strength but an accidental running into someone wasn’t something they had worked on.

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  On The Grape Vine
Posted by: Jasper Jacobs - 2021-Jul-22, 05:52 AM - Forum: Lake Front Residential - Replies (14)

Leaning on the porch railing, Jasper looked out over the lakefront rooftops, taking another drag on his cigarette as he once more found himself thinking about everything that had happened the previous night. The things he’d learned. Jasper knew his knowledge of the supernatural was limited at best, even after two years as a vampire. He hadn’t really had much chance to sit down and study what a lot of his friends and Family had been around for decades if not centuries – and that thought still gave Jasper the heebie-jeebies. He could not comprehend that he was essentially going to be living forever. The rest of forever. That was a lot of years. A long time. Forever.

Jasper took another drag on his cigarette, and blew smoke rings into the crisp early night air. The moon was halfway through the journey it made from new to full, and that put Jasper back on the track of his lack of supernatural education. Next weekend the werewolves would be out to play. Such a strange thought. How was it he had lived without knowing they were real? How did he still have trouble comprehending their existence when he now lived a life where his primary intake was blood.

Another drag. Another ring of smoke, and Jasper sighed irritably. He felt stupid for not trying to enthral the young mage he’d picked out the night before; if he had, he would have realised something was off before it got to the point where he was drinking – and then puking up – the man’s disgusting blood. A shudder travelled down Jasper’s spine at the memory of how awful it had tasted, and he took another drag on his cigarette, flicking the ash over the side of the railing and tilting his gaze to the stars.

“You know, you could knock,” he said suddenly, turning from the balcony to look at Aislin, smiling at his friend who had let herself in once more uninvited and unannounced. Not that Jasper minded; he’d invited her in before he’d Turned, when he and Jake were still living together. Furthermore she’d been a comforting shoulder to cry on when Jake left him, because he was different after the ‘employee retreat’ he went on. Jasper took a last drag on his cigarette and flicked the dying butt over the edge of the porch railing.

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  Morning Coffee
Posted by: Alexander Robinson - 2021-Jul-19, 03:17 AM - Forum: Cafes & Restaurants - Replies (8)

Alexander had had one hell of a morning.

First, his daughter had woken him up unusually early, around five am – when her normal wakeup time was closer to six-thirty. That was fine. He could deal. He’d put her in the stroller and taken an extra early morning jog, lulling the toddler back to sleep with the motion. A sweet relief that was short lived when he stood in the dog shit left behind by some unthinkingly obnoxious owner. So that had been fun. He’d scraped the turd off the bottom of his shoe on some grass, but the stench followed him.

When they got home, his shoes were thrown into the washer – which was usually no big deal, but apparently he fucked that up too because it overflowed and made a mess of his laundry. So while Juliette occupied herself by making her usual morning mess of breakfast, Alexander had spent his time cleaning up the laundry, a task that shouldn’t have need to be done and was breaking into his otherwise perfectly routine morning.

Once the laundry was clean, it was back to tidying up his daughter. She had fruit smeared all over the place, and had knocked over her bottle of juice which had, of course, come undone when it hit the floor, creating a puddle. Alexander had sighed and cleaned that up, before focusing on his daughter herself. She was quickly wiped up, and he got her dressed in a cute outfit for her day at playgroup. At least she would be safe from the growing frustration Alexander was feeling as the morning kept getting worse.

Dropping Juliette off at daycare was uneventful, thank god, and Alexander decided he needed to unwind, and a local Timmy's would be the perfect place to do just that. Making a beeline in the direction of a favourite, Alexander kept an eye out for stray dogshit or potholes or who knew what else – ladders and falling pianos wouldn’t be out of the question, as far as he was concerned.

Ordering his coffee went smoothly; the woman behind the counter was sweet and actually got a smile out of the exhausted father, and he gave her a tip as he turned around, following the path everyone took when they were leaving the counter, so as not to get in the way of those behind them in line. Unfortunately, as he stepped out to choose a table, Alexander collided directly with another body, and his hot coffee spilled down his front, causing him to gasp and swear under his breath as he pulled his teeshirt away from his chest. “Fantastic,” he growled, before looking up to see who he had run in to, caught between wanting to apologise, and starting an argument.

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  Innocence Bygone
Posted by: Cassandra-Jade McDonald - 2021-Jul-17, 08:24 AM - Forum: Downtown - Replies (8)

CJ didn’t feel like putting up with grumpy johns that night; it was the kind of weather that made people irksome to deal with – or more irksome than they usually were, anyway. Hot, muggy, with the promise of a thunderstorm on the horizon but not quite there yet. So CJ was taking a night off, waved goodbye to the other ladies she normally hung with, and made her way to a children’s playground she enjoyed hanging out at upon occasion. Once upon a time, it was where she’d meet up with her old school friend. But that hadn’t happened for years, and CJ had no reason to think he’d be coming by that night, or any other night.

Lifting her right hand, CJ licked the slowly melting ice-cream, enjoying the sweet treat. She didn’t indulge on such things often, not nearly often enough really, but enjoyed them all the more because of it. This one was a combination, with one scoop of mint-chocolate-chip, a scoop of vanilla bean, and a scoop of mango. The server girl had looked more than a little concerned with CJ’s choices, but CJ didn’t care. She loved the flavours, and they went well together in her opinion. She licked the ice-cream again, relishing the minty freshness and delicious tang of chocolate.

Moving through the empty park, CJ made her way over to the swing set, and selected the one that looked the cleanest – the centre one – and set herself down. Her left arm wrapped around the chain, her right arm close to her body to protect her diminishing ice-cream, CJ pushed back and began to swing, closing her eyes and enjoying the self-made breeze in her hair. It helped combat the muggy heat, even if only slightly. Mayne that was why those fancy ladies like to carry around fans, though they’d always seemed to be more effort than they were worth to CJ.

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