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Constance Lavore
Last seen 2022-Apr-12, 06:16 PM



CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Violence, Blood, Abuse, Death, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Constance Lavore
Burber Fae

Laura Harrier


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
917 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her


Occupation Indepth:
Constance is but one of many women under the employ of a mysterious entity known in the criminal underworld as, “The Robin.” In Greenbrooke, it’s rumored that you can form a contract with the Robin by blowing kisses to cardinals in the Queen Victoria Forestry. Mages have speculated over the years that the birds were somehow charmed to relay the intentions of those desiring a contract, and when you least expect it the Robin sends one of her lethal birds to answer your prayers.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:


General Dressing Style:
With a grand reputation to uphold not only for her own behalf but also that of her employer’s, Constance is the very essence of professionalism. You’ll receive her groomed and polished, favoring a splash of red detail no matter what outfit she adorns. She is all crisp lines, sharp against her admittedly gentle features. Constance is also a huge fan of her red lip and you’ll likely never see her without it. She smells divine. She looks expensive, and you get the sense that it’s best not to waste her time— never mind how her smile seems all too inviting.

General Description:
Constance exudes an aura of intensity that can leave most feeling a little off balance in her presence. She’s an average height, but holds her posture in a way that makes her seem more imposing. In contrast, her skin is a smooth cocoa shade that almost glows with a subtle golden glitter. She is the sort of woman that draws the eye when she enters a room. Long limbs, supple curves, she is no stranger to attracting desire and envy.

What’s interesting about Constance is that while her overall presence seems to intimate others while approaching her, it’s her face that sparks their curiosity. You feel that she’ll tear you to shreds, yet you want to talk to her because when she looks your way you feel invited into some sort of scandalous secret, and only you and her are in on it.

Her style and presence may be sharp and poised, but Constance has a surprisingly innocent visage. There is a beauty mark just below her mouth, nearly on her chin, and another just beneath the corner of of her right eye. Full brows frame eyes that are large and round with irises so dark they are often described as bottomless. Most of her features are voluminous and soft, and attract those in a way that draws them in like hypnosis.

Constance has no tattoos and only a simple pair of lobe piercings. Nothing more than a beautiful woman to look at, perhaps specifically tailored to shine brighter around those of higher standing.

Laura Harrier


. a dry red wine
. her vanilla blend cigarettes
. dark chocolate
. kisses on her neck
. secrets that are whispered
. testing ones limits
. cabaret and slow jazz
. dancing

. trained with tactical firearms and melee weaponry
. adept in stealth
. advanced knowledge of poisons and anatomy

. men (especially mundane)
. erratic music
. tight lipped clients
. under stimulated conversation
. poorly prepared food
. being conned on quality
. the way misery tastes in blood
. lack of manners
. couples in love

. overall icy demeanor, she’s not that approachable unless you’re feeling confident with your reason.
. merciless, when Constance makes a decision she sticks with it.
. not trustworthy, she works only in the interest of herself and The Robin.
. lacks empathy
. has a very low opinion of others
. prioritizes a contract over personal of moral gain

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
. you obviously assume she has a blood kink, and you’re right
. has a passion for perfume and cologne, loves the scent of another, could probably name whatever you’re wearing
. she flirts, sure, but things get a little dangerous when she can’t stop looking at your mouth
. she’s discreet, never kisses and tells
. looses interest like flipping a switch

General Personality:
First and foremost, Constance Lavore is a well-mannered young woman. Regardless of whom she speaks with, she maintains a warm tone that is eloquent and respectful. Her line of work often weaves her through the circles of some of the most influential figures in supernatural society, and because of that Constance takes great pride in cultivating an illustrious reputation.

Of course, she couldn’t give a single fuck about anyone personally. To her, it’s all just business— a necessary evil in the balance. Since awakening in this form, Constance has never valued mundane life. It is cruel, it is selfish, and it is little more than a festering cancer consuming everything that it touches. Constance would say that is precisely why she was manifested in this world: to deal it the same bottomless agony.

You could say that Constance is a bit of a sadist. She lavishes in tormenting others, using one’s desires as a means to choke and drown them. It comes off as seduction. Her intimate presence is often based on the principle that lust can be found on the other end of pain, a reward, you might say. Though she merely craves the taste of obsession that flavors the blood. Once that obsession turns to agony, her targets having successfully met the pit of no return, she quickly loses interest and disposes of them– be it with heartbreak or a knife to the throat. Misery is an awful taste…

Constance Lavore does not make friends. Her acquaintances are limited to business favors and she likes to keep it that way. She doesn’t love, or at least she’s never had the heart to do so, and she doesn’t pretend that her interests extend beyond what is tasked of her and what is in her very soul. She is cold and calculating and that is what people value in her, that is what makes them seek her services.

Laura Harrier


It’s been so long… she can’t quite remember. Was there ever a before?

A romantic creature, Ms. Lavore. Those that have called her a lover in the past are likely nursing a sorely broken heart. She is vicious with her affection, and leaves her lovers desperate for more but dying all the same.

She’s been masquerading as a vampire for centuries. Constance is actually a vengeful spirit known in Russia as a Burber.

Constance’s skill set is most famous amongst the elder and elite circles of vampires. Though she frequents company with mages, werewolves, and shifters alike. Business is business, no matter the species.

Burbers can possess humans in their sleep. The effect is not unlike having a horrible nightmare, though like most night terrors this can be stopped if you're able to wake yourself up. As Burbers love nothing more than to ruin human life, they've been known to use their possessed vessels as serial killers. Humans only recall these events as an awful dream, but nevertheless, the evidence is often damning against them.

They are most famous for their kiss of death, which is the method that they feed. Their kiss triggers like a poison in humans and causes them to choke and spew blood, which the Burber feeds upon. (Romantically, Burber's don't favor kissing as it's a means of feeding and 9/10 kills the victim. The effect is only triggered through a kiss on the mouth.)

Burbers are weakest against the wood of an ash tree. Though hunters have records of fire also being able to kill one of their kind, and horseshoes are considered a powerful ward to keep the burbers at a distance.

Important History:
Once upon a time, Constance Lavore was alive. Though whatever life she lived she cannot recall but in mere fragments. She was a beautiful young woman, no doubt, as when she looked in the mirror she recognized herself as though confronted with a ghost. There had been a ring, yes, a golden band and a heavy sparkling gem that spoke of wealth only Kings could possess. Yet she felt no happiness in the accessory, only fear, only pain. And so, so much hatred.

She was a noble lady from a forgotten court, engaged to an over-ambitious ruler with a cruel heart. He had not treated her kindly, he couldn’t have or else she would not have awakened anew feeling as ruined as she was. His sneer echoed in her memories, as did the laughter of other unknowns who had no right to handle her. Constance was aware that she had lost so much that her heart could no longer ache. Her memory was a reflection of fire, and screams, faceless people she might have loved once but were lost to this history she couldn’t give better details.

What she understood was that she was given as a plea for peace, and she was taken instead as a trophy while peace was met with devastation. She’d spent her life as the vessel for all their suffering even beyond their graves, until one day she arrived at Death’s door herself. Whenever she looked into mirrors she could see the dirt and tear-stained face of her other self, whispering a prayer through her gritted teeth. A chance– to reward all her suffering– she just wanted a chance to give men the anguish they’d given to her.

Constance awakened in a barren desert with a lust for ruin and an awful hunger that burned through her core. For years she haunted cities between the Middle East and Russia, a vengeful spirit that feasted on blood. Yet she was a monster that was adored for her beauty. She was so loved and adored that her partners fell apart in heartache, dying and crumbling to dust. Only then did her spirit appears to settle– satisfied.

“Oh, but there is so much more you are capable of, my dear.”

She was discovered by a Robin, a woman dressed in red that seemed to understand the vengeance that comprised Constance’s soul. In her, Constance found a mentor and a mother, a safe place to pay her loyalties and theirs became a relationship that stretched centuries. The Robin knew a great deal about where to apply a vengeful blade. She taught Constance everything that she knew and introduced her to a family of sisters all sharing in the same pain and heartbreak. The Robin nurtured them, dearly, and promised them a home where they could exploit the wretched desires of the mundane.

They settled in Greensbrooke, where rumors took flight in whispers– so many conflicting stories surrounding a stockpile of bodies that evolved into a legend even the mundane conspired to understand. The Robin made herself known in the depths of the underground for those that didn’t want to get their hands dirty, offering her precious birds to reap the souls of those deserving.

Evil? Or a blessing. Well… for most it seemed that she had heard their prayers. Constance Lavore, once a broken girl, had become a blessing of vengeance.

(Note— the date October 31, 1104 is when Constance awakened as a Burber. She is actually much older than that but her historic origins are unknown to her at this time.)

Laura Harrier

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