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Orion Bennett

CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Death, Other (proceed with caution) and may not be suitable to all readers.

Orion Jason Bennett
Light Mage

Brant Daugherty


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
He | Him

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
125 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him


Occupation Indepth:
Orion has been a doctor, and then a Paramedic, for more than 80 years, though he has had to change locations and names regularly due to his lack of aging.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Dark Brown


General Dressing Style:
Off the job, Orion wears casual and comfortable clothing, usually jeans and a plain t-shirt, though cargo shorts aren't uncommon in the summer months, and he prefers hoodies in the winter, but obviously wears heavy coats when required by the Canadian winter. He prefers sneakers over dressier shoes, but has been known to spend up on fancy hightops -- his absolute favourite pair being custom cosmos hightops that his then-girlfriend Chiara bought him for his birthday.

On the job, Orion wears the appropriate paramedic uniform.

General Description:
Standing at a tall 6 foot, Orion is broad of shoulders, with a fit and toned body that he takes care of, to better do his job. He has brown hair, often cropped short to keep it out of the way, and can usually be seen sporting well maintained facial hair.

Gorgeous blue eyes are set under heavy eyebrows, and above a strong nose. He has a wide smile, with straight and white teeth and cupid bow lips.

Brant Daugherty


- Horror and Thriller movies
- Astronomy
- Stargazing
- Mythology relating to stars, moons and planets
- Healing
- Saving lives
- Custom Hightop shoes

- Healing, both magical and mundane
- Fitness; he enjoys working out
- Running/Jogging
- Swimming
- Sweet-natured
- Gentle
- Enthusiastic

- Slasher movies
- Losing a patient
- Recreating himself

- Superstitious; he believes in horoscopes and the mystic, among others.
- Impulsive; notably when someone is in danger or need.
- Soft-hearted; he cannot resist helping someone in trouble, suffering, or in need, and often doesn’t think of the repercussions or situation before doing so.
- Bouts of depression

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Extremely devoted to personal hygiene; showering, handwashing, sanitiser... he's a bit obsessive.

Runs a hand over his head when he's frustrated, thinking, confused or anxious. It can be difficult to tell which of the emotions are fueling the motion.

General Personality:
Solem. Sweet. Gentle. Private. Superstitious. Secretly emotional. Loves fully. Impulsive, even reckless, when it comes to helping people in trouble. Healing is a huge part of who he is.

Brant Daugherty


Father: Atticus Bennett, Arcane mage b.1650 {247 when Orion was born}
Mother: Elenore Bennet, Elemental mage b. 1575 {322 when Orion was born}
Siblings: N/A, despite both his parents desiring more children, it just wasn't to be.

Current: None
Past: Chiara Angeles, from [date] to 22-oct-2021.
[Further Past, assorted. HMU to apply - all genders are acceptable!]

- Orion has gone through so many names over the past 80 years since he can only keep an ID for approximately 10-15 years before being required to recreate himself in a new location. Despite this, he has almost always kept his family name of 'Bennett'.

- Born and raised in England
- Educated in the USA

Orion has a talent for healing, able to exceptionally well without killing himself; he uses his power while on the job on the sly, to help ensure his patients survive with the assistance of mundane health care. While he isn't always successful with his magic, he is often enough to continue with his use.

While his speciality is definitely in healing magic, he can produce a decent shield, but he is crap at healing poisons, which he hates.

Important History:
After many years of trying, Orion's parents finally managed to produce a child, and he was born in April 1897, to a pair of rich, upper-class English Mages. While his parents employed maids and servants, Orion was taken care of primarily by his mother, who after such a long attempt to have children, was unwilling to share her little boy with servants. He attended a prestigious school when he came of age, amongst other prominent mages and a few shifters. Early in his youth, he showed signs of being a Light Mage, with a strong talent for healing. He can produce shields, but never really worked hard on the skill as he grew, focusing primarily on his abilities to heal injuries, both minor and major.

After graduating high school, Orion entered college, studying to be a doctor with a specialty in the ER setting. He cheated a lot, honing his skill with healing magic, and used it almost recklessly to help prevent his patients from dying. In the early days, he would often expend more magic than he should, and would set himself up for migraines if he was lucky, or blackout entirely if he wasn't - which was more common. He ended up pairing with another Light Mage, who would help him learn to control how much energy he expended in magical healing, as well as help him strengthen and grow his abilities.

After the role of Paramedic was born in the early 1970s, Orion soon took up instruction to become one himself, joining the crews and finding he really enjoyed the new role. It was more hectic than the ER room, in a way, but also allowed him to travel around their range. Sometimes things were horrifying, sometimes they were little more than false alarms, but every trip was a life that could be saved, and Orion thrived.

- Grew up in England
- Began training as a doctor.
- Became an early form of a Paramedic in the 1970s
- Moved around the USA every 10-15 years to re-create his identity and avoid being noticed for his lack of visible aging.
- Met Chiara Angeles in [Year], and began dating her soon after. He found her bright and enchanting and she became the highlight of his days.
- Chiara Angeles suddenly broke up with him on 22-oct-2021, leaving him heartbroken and confused.
- Depressed, he lost his sparkle and with some urging from his parents (who still live in England) he opted to move on again; a new country was called for.
- In March of 2022, Orion confirmed his move to Greenbrooke Ontario, a central location for mages and other preternatural creatures.
- Continuing to work as a Paramedic, Orion is due to start work in April 2022, giving him a month to explore the city and get to know the layout.

March 1971 - paramedics created in UK

Brant Daugherty

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Brant Daugherty

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