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Cassandra-Jade McDonald

CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Sex, Abuse, Drugs, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Cassandra-Jade McDonald
Mundane, Preternaturally Unaware

Charlotte Free

Cassie, Cas, CJ, Jade, Ceej, Skittles,

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
20 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her


Occupation Indepth:
Jade works in the Downtown area, primarily, where she hangs out with her fellow working girls between clients.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:


General Dressing Style:
Cassandra-Jade has two primary wardrobe styles; Worker girl and homebody.

When she is working, Cassandra-Jade tends to wear typical streetwalker wear; short leather skirts, strapless tops, occasionally a cardigan or jacket when it is particularly cold. She prefers to wear high heeled boots to pumps, and tends to avoid stockings since they only end up with ladders anyway.

At home, when no one can see her or she just doesn’t care, Cassandra-Jade has a preference for oversized teeshirts, sloppy track pants, oversized hoodies and big fluffy socks that hide her feet. She wears her hair pulled back into a messy bun. In the summer, her clothing is more oversized teeshirts and a pair of comfortable shorts, or just her undies.

Cassandra-Jade, when not at home or working, prefers skinny jeans, fitted shirts, and lace up shoes. In the summer she wears cute little dresses that flow around her thighs.

General Description:
Cassandra-Jade, while not tall, has most of her height in her long legs. Her hips are narrow, as are her shoulders, and her waist is pinched with a stomach more concaved than flat due to her use of drugs and lack of healthy meals for many years. Her body is on the verge of being too skinny, with pointed elbows and knees, sharp hips and her spine and ribs prominent with most movements. Despite this, she retains a wiry strength in her limbs, and a face that tends to wear ‘fuck off’ more than ‘fuck me’ expressions.

While Cassandra-Jade’s natural hair is a dirty blonde colour, she is usually found to have it bleached and died a hot pink, though it tends to fade fast into a cotton-candy colour. It's rather dry and brittle from a life of bleach and abuse, but Cassandra-Jade takes good care of it, or at least the best she can.

Cassandra-Jade isn’t prone to makeup, leaving her features natural, including the bitten nature of her lower lip and the bruises that pop up from time to time from a rougher than acceptable client. There is a long, raised scar across her left calf from an accident when she was a small child.

Cassandra-Jade has a c-section scar above her panty line from when she gave birth to her daughter . She also has some stretch marks remaining.

Charlotte Free


Good food
Hot Cocoa


Bad Sex
Drug dealers

V addict

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Tugs on a lock of hair when thinking

General Personality:
Cassandra-Jade is a spunky young woman who takes shit from very few people. She’s crass, snide, and distrustful. This makes her incredibly difficult to get to know on a deep and personal level, but she has no issues making superficial friends; she’s good at her job and makes her johns feel comfortable and at ease, especially those who aren’t prone to using prostitutes or escorts. When it comes to her workplace attitude, Cassandra-Jade is smooth, sultry, and elegant in her word usage where required, and bold and crass otherwise.

Having dropped out of school when she was fourteen, Cassandra-Jade is not well educated; she can read, write and do basic arithmetic but beyond that is beyond her scope of skills. Despite that, she’s an intelligent girl who has a good head on her shoulders, even if she doesn’t use it for much. World weary, Cassandra-Jade has seen a lot in her young years, and been through even more. She has no sympathy for people who complain about how hard their life is, and rarely voices her own dissatisfaction with her lot.

Charlotte Free


+ Unnamed female child, born 2015

Rhys Evans - met in elementary school, before CJ took off. Have an on-again-off-again friendship. They haven't seen each other for a several of years as of July 2021
Malachite - Her dealer in V, a good lay, and a relatively decent friend. He's been trying to get her to go to Indulge for the last year or so, but she's been warned against that place, and he's yet to succeed.
Nocturne Jackson - CJ's newest friend. She isn't yet sure what to make of him, but she likes him and enjoys texting him though she's still a bit skittish about meeting up in person.

Malachite - sex is the usual payment for more V.


- Cassandra-Jade goes by different names, in different circles; Jade is her Working name, Cassandra is her social name. Cassandra-Jade (or CJ) is for very close friends only. Very, very few know her last name.
- Ran away from her foster home at 13 after becoming pregnant to her foster father. She later abandoned the newborn at the hospital, after giving a false name. She has no idea what happened to the child, nor does she care.
- Cassandra-Jade has no idea who her birth family are.


Important History:
Cassandra-Jade was born to a heroin addicted mother, and so came into the world small, addicted, and with a prognosis of little worth. Thanks to the work of the doctors, she grew into a healthy baby who was fostered into the system when her mother over dosed a few days after her birth. Cassandra-Jade would grow up knowing nothing about her birth mother, and with no idea at all who her father was.

As an infant, Cassandra-Jade spent the first three years of her life with a lovely family, that took good care of her and she felt loved and safe. Unfortunately it didn’t last, and when she turned three she was moved on to the next family. This one had more children, four of them, and like her they were all foster children. They were a fierce bunch, and the parents were strict but not cruel. Cassandra-Jade was left feeling disorientated. She began to withdraw, settling into herself and watching her new foster siblings with bit wide eyes.

When Cassandra-Jade hit 6, and started school, she was moved to a new family yet again. This time she was an only child, and after the initial disorientation that came with the change, she slowly began to come out of her shell. These parents were warm, affectionate, and reassured her that she was loved and safe. School was taken to in earnest, with Cassandra-Jade making friends with growing ease and engaging in her lessons happily.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to last, and Cassandra-Jade was in for another family shift when she turned 12. Her previous family had wanted to adopt her, but a tragedy struck when they were killed in a car accident; Cassandra-Jade hadn’t been in the vehicle at the time as she was at school. The principal had come and collected her from class, handing her over into the custody of the police, who then set her into the hands of the foster system. She was given very little time to mourn, and wasn’t able to attend the funeral of the people who had been her parents for the past six years.

Cassandra-Jade’s newest family seemed good in the beginning; they were a middle aged couple with a son a few years older than herself. Still a bright and eager child, she slotted into the family with the same way she had for all her previous families. They were nice, strict but fair, and she got along well with the older boy whom she quickly formed an innocent crush on. He responded to her crush the way most fourteen year old boys do when ‘little girls’ fawn over them: he was disdainful, and teased her, but was never cruel.

Unfortunately the bright outer image hid a darkness inside, and within six months Cassandra-Jade was being violated by the father. She didn’t know what to do, who to talk to, or how to handle it. Other than his visiting her room at night, Cassandra-Jade felt she’d found a good family and was comfortable and happy with them. She fell pregnant shortly into her thirteenth year, and was accused by her parents of sleeping with a student at school; because she hid the pregnancy until it was too late for an abortion, she was forced to carry the child to term.

Cassandra-Jade went into labour on her way home from school, and made her way to the hospital without friends or family; she gave birth via c-section after a long, hard delivery. Lying about her name, and her age, Cassandra-Jade stayed in the hospital just long enough to regain her strength – but not long enough to be required to feed the baby that first important feed – before bolting. She’s still not sure how she managed to get away without being caught, or survive the pain of so much motion after having a baby literally cut out.

The next several years were spent on the streets, dodging authorities who wanted to put her into foster care. She’d had enough of people pretending to care about who she was and what she’d been through. Cassandra-Jade ended up working as a cheap prostitute to buy drugs – she went through a few, before settling on V – and keep herself fed. That’s where she’s been since she was thirteen, working the streets and keeping her distance from anyone who thinks they know what is best for her.

Charlotte Free

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