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Nicholas Erobern
Last seen 2021-Sep-22, 04:10 AM


Nix Arach'Rosa
Unseelie Fae

Nicholas Erobern

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Desire granting

Occupation Indepth:
The closest comparison would be "homeschooled" as he was taught by his parent, back at the Otherworld. A strong focus was put on potion-crafting, as well as, enchanting and spell weaving. The boy is particularly skilled in curses and more time-consuming rituals.


Eye Colour:
Brown with glamour


Hair Colour:
Black, though, its changed oftenly.

Slim and fit

General Dressing Style:
Back at Otherworld Nix's clothing consists of silk woven from precious metals and gems, leather sourced from mythical beings, as well as, cotton spun from clouds in the sky. While his parent always tried for their son to not stand out, it didn't succeed, the fae choosing bright and vivid colours.

Here, in the world of humans, clothing is still a "journey" for the fae, as he hasn't fully grasped what is considered a "normal" outfit for them. He did fall in love with hoodies, as well as, sweaters and the man learned he can re-use some of his Otherworld clothing "to look sexy".

General Description:
Nix's human shape is that used by his parent and their parent before. Average in height, the man seems of asian descent. He has high cheekbones, a sharp jawline and overall the man seems quite fit, though, lean. He likes to keep his nails long and black with the tips changing in different neon colours, similar to the man's hair. People would find him bare-faced, as well as, with a full face of makeup on an equal amount of time.

Most fae, though, know the male for his set of large spider eyes, pointy ears and 4 pairs of black spider legs that can be seen coming out of the fae's back. His teeth are sharp and he strongly smells of freshly dug earth.

The most unlucky, though, would be those faced with Nix's feral form. It's a buss size spider, visually like a black widow, if not for his human-like face. The fae's mouth would sport a set of huge spider fangs, dripping neon green venom.


New facts, human food, coffee, libraries, gardens, roses, insects, boys, all kinds of valuable objects, shiny crystal balls, woven objects, workshop classes.

The Unseelie prides himself on the quality of his crafts, as well as, the man's sharp mind. He has no problems grasping how magical phenomena/constructs work, seeming excited whenever there is something new to pick apart.

Fire, birds, thieves, cold, long and boring rules, rude people, dry sense of humour, disrespect for books and culture, being "the but of the joke", aggressive people.

-An airhead;
-Sometimes petty;
-Easily falls for a pretty face.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
The most noticeable quirk would be how much he uses his hands when speaking. Asides from that, the fae seems to always have some sort of snacks with him, as well as, small knick-knacks for a ripped shirt, tiny bruises and such.

General Personality:
Nix has an upbeat, energetic personallity, one that doesn't always rub people in the right way. He sometimes may be too into your face, though, at the same time, the fae will show amazing insight when the situation demands. Mostly, towards clients.

While at Otherworld reserved, now the male has lost all his shyness. He doesn't fear speaking his mind and it seems that the fae always has one or another project in progress.

After his last "big love" the fae has closed up in that regard, though, put a pretty boy in front of him and you will get one highly distracted fae. It's even worse when he tries to flirt.


Parent, Kei Arach'Rosa

Single at the moment. Dated a fairy prince until he traded his heart for a chance to take the throne from his brothers.

Those desperate know or learn about the fae that can grant their wishes if they pay the right price.

What almost no one knows is that Nix is new in his families trade, fresh out of the Otherworld.

Only the oldest of those in the human world would know that the Arach'Rosa clan has never had a good relationship with Seelie or Unseelie. Their constant dealings had earned them a quite unsavoury reputation but the same deals had also accumulated enough power for other fae to not bother them. Because of their specialization, they have perfected a ritual that can open a portal in Ley lines. It's a week-long endeavour that can be tracked by a large number of spiders that will gather in one place to build a web portal.

To everyone else, he's just an exchange student, new in town.

Curses - Varied in strength and complexity, all curses need a target, a sacrifice from the curser, as well as, condition for breaking the curse. As the process of creating the curse gets more complicated and the sacrifice greater, such, also the conditions of breaking the curse will become harder to accomplish. In certain circles, it's rumoured that the Arach'Rosa clan was at fault for bringing cursed items into Earth.

The Weaver - Nix sees and can interact with magic and emotions, seeing them as threads. While wild magic is easier to spin on its own, emotions/attachments are a much stronger source of magic. To interact with that one, though, he needs the person's permission, usually in the form of a deal.

As the fae needs to weave the magic inside an item to use it, they can also gain access to particular energy through personal items that are tied to it. As an example, friendship bracelets of best friends, a flask of long time alcoholics, used diary of a grave keeper.

Basic magic - With so deep roots in magic Nix is capable to perform minor feats of elemental magic, like, boost plants growth, make a firebolt, windshield and such.

True Form - A last-ditch effort, Nix would turn into his pure spider form if greatly injured or enraged. While gaining a boost in speed, durability and strength, as well as, venomous bite, the fae would lose the ability to perform any magic except the basic one.

Important History:
Nix comes from a line of mages and dealmakers. They had the skills, as well as, resources to make even the most unsavoury wishes true for a certain price. All magic costs and theirs weren't different.

As fae left the human world, taking their portals with them, the Arach'Rosa clan developed a spell to be able to travel in between the two. A big part of their business was with the short-lived races and they weren't willing to part with their main source of power.

At the same time, the Seelie and Unseelie courts started to view the spider fae family as a bother and attempted to eliminate them. While with a powerful army, the rogue Unsellie's had the advantage of home ground, as well as, many pacts with the fae, humans and different creatures. This confrontation wasn't long, both courts deciding that it wasn't worth wasting so much effort on only one court. The three sides made a deal that while Arach'Rosa didn't actively search for customers between Otherworld fae the courts will leave them alone.

When Nix was born it had been already a couple of millennias since the event and his family had created quite of a business dealing with Earth. The boy was thought his clans techniques, as well as, how to use his magic. The boy proved as gifted as his parent and those before, though, he also proved to be more emotional and impulsive than those before him. Additionally, while those before choose to use gender-neutral pronouns, Nix came into existence as a male.

It was relatively recent that Nix got in a relationship with a Seelie court prince, a fairy prince precisely. As the youngest son, he couldn't claim the throne and had left his homeland to find something he could call his own. The spider fae met him, fell in love and helped the prince get an apprentice position with his father. Shoulder to shoulder they studied together, shared a bed and it seemed that it will be one of those beautiful love stories.

Sadly, even those had a tragedy and Nix's wasn't different. He doesn't know why or for how long his love had planned this but one day the young fae learns that his boyfriend had made a pact with his parent. The fairy prince wanted the throne and in return, he gave up his heart. He lived but the man wasn't capable of any emotions anymore.

Heartbroken, Nix decided it was the last lesson he could learn from the Otherworld and arranged to move to Earth. He needed to learn about humans, their world and, maybe, manage to forget how selfish could living beings be.

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