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Mirabelle Winters

Mirabelle Suzannah Winters
Dryad / Wood Nymph Fae

Luca Hollestelle

Miri, Bell, Iri, Elle, Suzie

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
347 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Florist Assistant

Occupation Indepth:
Mirabelle works most weekends in a local florist shop Downtown; the owner is an aged widow who spends the weekends playing Bingo and hanging out with her equally old friends.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Dark red


General Dressing Style:
Mirabelle has a preference for bohemian clothing; loose and baggy pants, featuring tye-dye and fun patterns. Her skirts are patchwork and flowy, falling to her ankles. She enjoys wearing sleeveless dresses during the summer months, and piling on the woollen jumpers and parkas during the winter months. Almost all of her clothes are handmade.

General Description:
Mirabelle has a delicate, small build with light bones but no shortage of muscle mass. She's strong, with wiry arms and powerful legs, toughened from years of being a Taekwondo student. The lessons have also resulted in Mirabelle carrying herself with an assertiveness and self-assurance that make her appear quite a bit bigger than her diminutive height; not a lot, but enough.

While Mirabelle has milky skin naturally, it is so thoroughly covered in freckles wherever the sun shines that Mirabelle often looks more like she’s tanned from a distance. The freckles are a variety of brown; they cover her face, shoulders, arms and legs quite heavily – the colour isn’t too different from the hazel-brown shade of her wide eyes. A darker brownish red is the colour of Mirabelle’s eyebrows while her hair is a very dark red, with hints of brown washed through it. Her hair is on the straight side, and generally falls to her mid-back though Mirabelle has been known to chop it off at around shoulder length.

Mirabelle has a scattering of small, delicate tattoos as well as a full sleeve on her left arm. Her ears are pierced twice each.

Luca Hollestelle


Cookie batter
Her tree
Rewatching movies


Porcelain dolls; they're creepy as fuck
Clothes shopping; it's hard to find things in her size
Social media


Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Picks at her fingernails
Chews the inside of her cheeks

General Personality:
Mirabelle is a bright, loud young woman; she isn’t a wallflower in any way, and everyone knows when she is around. With an easy laugh, and sparkling brown eyes Mirabelle has an infectious enjoyment of life and the world around her, and it is displayed in her bouncing movements and her general enthusiasm for anything and everything that she does. That, however, isn’t to say that her movements are clumsy; Mirabelle has fantastic control of her small body from years of Taekwondo. She carries herself with a delicate balance, always ready to react or act to any situation.

Despite her constant readiness, Mirabelle isn’t actually prone to being pessimistic. She knows that bad stuff happens, she’s certainly seen enough of it and heard of more, but that doesn’t mean that it's sitting there in the shadows and ready to drop on them. Quite the opposite - Mirabelle believes the cup is always half full, and that the world is her playground - even when there is actually nothing in that cup that anyone else can see.

With her easy laugh and bright smile, Mirabelle finds it pretty easy to make friends. She’s curious, amiable and easy to get along with. Mirabelle rarely lets other people’s opinions dampen her mood; it isn’t her fault that some people are dumb and their stupidity is certainly not any reason for her to be upset. Even when that stupidity directly affects her, Mirabelle is inclined to just look dumbfounded, and or laugh outright. Sometimes she might even ask what someone has mixed in their coolaid - not to be cruel, but because she’s genuinely curious about how someone could be so impossibly dumb.

Mirabelle isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, of course; it simply isn’t possible. When the really grey days come to hover over her shoulder, Mirabelle has a terrible time at pretending it isn’t happening. Mirabelle is incapable of a poker face, and her every thought and emotion tends to show right there upon her freckled features. Expressive eyebrows and lips don’t help, and while they are prone to arching and laughing, they aren’t unknown to pout of furrow.

An incredibly ugly crier, Mirabelle isn’t prone to tears though that isn’t through vanity. Her upbeat nature means it takes a lot to bring her down, but with her heart on her sleeve, it isn’t exactly hard to break Mirabelle, either. She loves deeply and thoroughly - be it family, friend or romance.

Mirabelle is a physical girl, loving to hold hands, and be in the space of her friends and family, constantly right underfoot or curled up under someone’s arm.

Luca Hollestelle


No blood relatives.




Mirabelle has her own tree, something resembling an Oak, in the Otherworld where she originated from.

Mirabelle arrived in Greenbrooke in 2019, on May 15. She was given papers and a modest bank account before crossing from the Otherworld. Her weekend shifts provide her with spending money, while the issued bank funds cover rent and utilities.

Her last trip to Earth was in 1702, when she was just a sapling.

Mirabelle is currently attending a mundane college for Botany and Plant Science. She is halfway through her five-year course. (Started the year of 2020, September Intake)

Mirabelle's magical talents are those of nature, and as such she tends to portray herself as an elemental mage when in such circles.

Mirabelle has a talent for making plants grow and bloom, but she can also wield the dark side of that, killing the plants by sapping their lifeforce. She doesn't particularly enjoy doing that, but has found it useful upon occasion.

Important History:
Mirabelle’s first trip to Earth was in 1702, when she was the equivalent to 28 years old. She found the world to be interesting, but dangerous, and didn’t hang around for long before returning to the Otherworld and her beloved tree. It was several Earthly centuries before Mirabelle came back through the Portal.

Arriving in Greenbrooke on 15 May, 2019, Mirabelle was given a modest bank account, as well as an Earth identification and all that that entails for her to blend in to her new world. While her bank account provided is a long shot from millions, it is more than enough to keep her afloat as she works on weekends, which she primarily uses as spending money while her provided funds take care of her rent (utilities included) of the very small single bedroom unit she lives in.

Since arriving in Greenbrooke, Mirabelle has applied to and been accepted into a mundane college where she is studying Botany and Plant Science; she finds it absolutely fascinating to learn about what the mundane humans know about plants, and the ones that cover the Earth. Some of them are very different to those in the Otherworld, while some are quite similar.

During her so far short time on Earth, Mirabelle has gotten a full sleeve tattoo on her left arm, several ear piercings, and signed up for and excelled at Taekwondo, which she has found to be the most like her Otherworld self-defence training. She tends to float around in mage circles, posing as an Elemental mage.

Luca Hollestelle

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Luca Hollestelle

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