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Naomi Antonis
Post What?

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CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Violence, Sex, Blood, -Isms, Death, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Naomi Ilona Antonis
Black Leopard Shifter

Halle Berry

Nae; Omi

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
108 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Dance Choreographer

Occupation Indepth:
M.A. in Dance & Theater
Dance Instructor Certification
Several trainings in different styles of dance
Tantric healer

-Employment Details-
Teaches mainly teens and adults for the dance company. Teaches pole dancing & heels classes. Teaches women empowerment & sexuality through dance


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Dark brown with highlights

Petite; curvy

General Dressing Style:
Outside of workout and dance-ware, Naomi likes to look stylish and polished. Her attire ranges depending on her mood. Sometimes, she likes bohemian clothing. She likes the flow and freedom it provides. That mainly consists of dresses, skirts, and pants. As much as she likes the loose clothes, she is selective over her clothing. Naomi likes to show off her shape and doesn’t want to be consumed by clothing. There are times she will be in jeans and a blouse, but she has to have an accessory to make her outfit shine. On the other hand, she does like her leather and lace. It isn’t uncommon to find her in a corset, leather pants and skits, and leather boots. Naomi likes chains, studs, zippers also. No matter what she wears, it has to reflect the moment.

General Description:
Naomi is petite with curves all in the right places. Her caramel complexion glistens like gold against the rest of her features. Her almond brown eyes twinkles when she smiles, which highlights her cheekbones. She has patches of rosettes on right hip and left upper thigh.

Currently, Naomi's hair is long with highlights. She will often wear her hair in its natural curly state or straighten it. There are times she will cut her hair to a pixie style, but that urge has not surfaced in a while. Her ears are pierced and often will wear no to little make-up. Naomi had burns from silver around her wrists and back. Also, a lot of scars and deep cuts.

Shifted Description:
142 lbs. long and sleek black leopard. Her coat is dark and glossy, only giving a hint of rosettes in the right lighting. Eyes are emerald green. The typical white spot on the tail has small rosettes all the way to the tip.

Halle Berry


- Dance and music is medicine to her. Even though she dances for a living, it has helped her with healing and expressing her emotions
- Spirituality and alternative medicine has always played a factor in her life from juju, meditation, tantra, qi gong, herbalism, etc.
- Affection and intimacy are very important to her. A touch orientated person, it is a way she communicates in a subtle fashion. This doesn’t necessarily mean in a sexual content, but sometimes she can communicate better with body language
- Nature ranging from the beach to the woods and a good bonfire under moonlight. It is a way she recharges especially when she has been around a lot of people
- Drinking tea is more of a spiritual experience, especially herbal for medicinal reasons

- Intuitive and empathetic; she listens to those gut feelings and her inner voice which never steers her wrong even if she doesn’t want to listen
- Passionate and intense; she pours all of herself into everything that she does. She is not the one to half ass something. Its all or nothing and often takes pride in what she does
- Dependable; when she saids or agrees to do something, she will
- A very determined mindset when focused. She will stop at nothing to achieve goals no matter the duration
- Works well under pressure and almost goes into a meditative state. She is able to stay calm while others are panicking

- Clutter; she is rather a neat and organized person. Not to the point of OCD, but she like things placed in specific spots and she just enjoys a clean space
- Some foods like blue berries and grapes. More of a texture issue
- Sharp loud noises tend to trigger a fight or flight response within her
- Driving; does it because she has to, but doesn’t like it. She prefers to walk if she can get away with it
- Caustrophobia; from an early age she never liked being ‘boxed’ in. Causes her anxiety to raise
- Liars; she would rather someone speak the truth even if she doesn’t like what is said

- There are times when she is too much in her emotions which often clouds her judgment
- Blunt to the point of not considering other’s feelings. She will speak the truth no matter if someone doesn’t like it
- After losing several of people in her life starting at a young age, she doesn’t trust people easily as of way of protection of her heart
- She can be very stubborn, even if she knows she is wrong. given the circumstance which often bites her in the ass later on
- Procrastination is an old friend especially when it comes to dealing with her own emotional dramas

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
- Eyes can turn emerald green during heightened emotions
- Has a very “flowly” gait
- Extremely agile
- Brushes up against things
- Can purr, growl, and meow in both forms. Only can roar and make a “sawing” sound in animal

General Personality:
There is an ere of mystery that surrounds this woman. Most people can’t exactly put their finger on it. She is soft spoken with a sense of delicateness to her. One would never catch her screaming at someone. Naomi likes to present herself in such a fashion as she would think of as good character. Some would say she is a well put together person on the exterior. She has a calm and soothing demeanor. Most people find themselves drawn to Naomi, sharing their life experiences or problems. Others might spend time on trying to figure her out. She is the one people lean on for advice, however some might not be able to handle what advice or truths she might uncover. Speak the truth, know the truth, understand the truth is a statement she holds close to her heart. For that reason, she may come off as blunt and a bit cold on her deliverance depending on the situation. However, everything stems from the heart and never with ill intent. She can come across as intense however, she is a soul full of passion and that intensity does comes from a loving place.

Naomi is a true ambivert depending on the situation at hand. She enjoys being around others, however has much appreciation for solitude and a change to recharge. Naomi is the kind of person that has an airy personality and often goes with the flow, often allowing situations to roll off her shoulders. Underneath it all, she is a deep thinker and can get in her own say by over thinking. Naomi has a keen eye and very observant. She pays attention to body language, the way people speak, and hold themselves like the feline counterpart. Naomi is a strong woman with good morals and would fight for what she believes in. Whether that is physically fighting or spiritually.

To the core, Naomi is a woman with large heart that has been battered and bruised. She tries not to get too close to people due to her own abandonment issues. After losing so many people in her life starting at a young age, she unconsciously doesn’t easily let people in. Even though she yearns for deeper connections, there are trust issues that arise. There are a few that have managed to get past that barrier of fear. She doesn’t want to seem vulnerable and therefore being taken advantage of or lose another. Once Naomi allows people into her heart, they are family and she would be there through thick and thin.

Halle Berry


Father: Darien Collins (Deceased)
Mother: Cora Collins (Deceased)
Brother: Stephen Collins (Unknown Whereabouts)
Maternal Aunt: Meredith Bernnan

Husband: Castiel Antonis (Deceased)
Partner: Trevin Romas (Deceased)
Other: Packmates (Deceased)

Has fae blood on maternal side which she doesn't know about.


- Skilled in rootwork, conjure, folk magic, and varies forms of ritual work
- Tantric healing and yoga
- Latin, Modern, Hip-hop, Afro-fusion, & Contemporary dance

Important History:
Naomi born to a middle class family in Chicago to Darien and Cora, right before War World I. Darien was a factory worker and Cora a housewife. Before Stephen was born, she was a midwife. The youngest out of two, she was far from the typical spoiled second child. Cora showered her daughter with love, while her relationship with her father was strained. In truth, Naomi was the child he didn’t want. She was always classified as a mistake according to Darien. He did not want another child, let alone a female that inherited his shapeshifting gene. He was a man that resented being a leopard shifter and therefore his own issues were projected onto his daughter. Naomi was never good enough in his eyes therefore doted on his son, Stephen.

The bonding experience she had with her father dealt with shifting. An excellent teacher, he taught his daughter the ways of her ancestors despite his own views. Naomi never knew about the rest of her family, he kept a tight lip on that. On the other hand, she took an interest in the Craft at an early age. Despite not being a mage and having no abilities like her mother, she started taking interest in herbs. Which led to ritual, ancestral, divination work and study of the occult with mother and aunt.

Teenage years were mundane for the era until around the age for fourteen. Everything the siblings knew crumbled in an instant. Their parents were murdered. Many suspected it foul play. Despite the evidence that pointed to an accident, something about the sequence of events never settled well with her. The closet family member they had was their maternal aunt, Meredith. Aunt took Stephen and Naomi under her wing, raising them like her own. She wasn’t fond of her Aunt Meredith, and often gave the woman a hard time. Her brother outright didn’t like the situation, having a hard time grieving and took his anger out of everyone. It was a difficult few years or her life and things worsened once her brother disappeared.

One day she woke up and Stephen wasn’t there. Family and friends searched everywhere for him. The police had been out an alert for him, but ultimately, he was deemed a run away. Naomi could have killed him for leaving her. To this day, she does not know if he was dead or alive. She still pray and hope that one day she would be reunited with her brother again whether in this world or the afterlife. Aunt Meredith knew something, but she would never share. After awhile, they gave up with no mention of her brother after a few years.

Naomi was a teenager who had lost those closest people to her and lived with an aunt that she had not fully trusted. Meredith knew something and she wasn’t going to tell. There was enough sweetness to her that showed she cared, but she was no mother. Meredith continued to raise her niece, but life had been hard for Naomi. Instead of finding a healthy way to deal, she was swept away by jazz and dance during Chicago’s peak. Maybe it had been the booze, maybe it had been woman’s rights and rebellion. Whatever it had been, Naomi was a part of the scene. It was a wild ride and a dangerous one. She had several clients ranging from musicians to criminals. Some she was not proud of, but not all ritual and candle work was used for good. She often stay neutral and very selective over clients.

It was during that time Naomi took real interest in dance and the theater life which led her to leaving Chicago and traveling. She stayed under the radar for the most part, guided by a sense of freedom and the love of life. Naomi took on small jobs and studied all forms of dance as time had passed. The 60’s was when her life took another turn while she was in St. Louis. That had been when she met Castiel Antonis, a jaguar shifter who was a mercenary. They were opposites that had seemed to attract because she brought excitement into her life and he in return provided calmness. Their time together was a whirlwind of love and tragedy. He introduced Naomi to the pack and there she had remained for years as they went from dating to eventually marriage.

The 70s was a time of mayhem. Everything had changed when a vampire was outed in public. Riots had started as mayhem spread through the city. The pack was targeted much like many groups within the city. They fought hard that warm June night, but many had lost their life including Castiel. She couldn’t stay there any watch everything she knew and love continued to be destroyed due to hate crimes so Naomi ran.

Naomi moved from place to place, not settling in one area long for the most part during the 70s and 80s. Maybe it was a way to numb that pain. She took on mundane jobs for she was in no shape to teach. On the side she took on private clients, creating candles and giving reading that what might have suited their needs. She had started to shut down, not thinking and wanting help. Eventually that led to a life of drinking and heavy parting. Naomi found herself with a gun with silver bullet to her head one morning. One of her friends, Danielle, had found her after receiving a cryptic text from Naomi a few hours prior. That had been the night she was held as she screamed with the gun beside her.

Life after that moment changed. It all had been a blur as she found the will to live and fight. During the 90s she relocated to New Orleans and there she remained for a little over a century. During that time she took interest in using dance and tantra as a way of healing. The feline redefined her spiritual connection as a means of understanding and healing her past. Then something shifted as she was communing with her ancestors. Naomi knew was time to move and found herself in Essex, New Jersey. It was an area she was drawn to without much of a reason. There she resumed her career as a dance choreographer and took on private clients on the side. The mysteries of her life still haunted her, but she was learning to deal with the skeletons in her closet.

There she ran into the leader of the pack her and late husband were a part of. Naomi was shocked to have known that he and other family members had survived the brutal riots. Rorik had accepted her back into the pack with open arms and life had seemed to blossom from that point. That was when she met Romulus and Remus Saber who were the Beta’s of the pack. Naturally, she was close to everyone, but there was something about Remus that Naomi couldn’t put her finger on. The more she had tried to figure it out, the more it made Naomi want and had been drawn to him. The feline had not reacted due to dating Trevin Ramos, but her heart ached for Remus.

Not shortly after rejoining the pack, roughly six months later, a war had broken out. It had been started by a vampire (who had been the nephew of their Alpha) and the twins where a fight on another pack’s territory turned into the death of another. Naomi had not known the full details for she had been at work when this had taken place. There had been many sides, but the truth still stood that the pack had been in danger.

The night the neighboring wolf pack had attacked in the woods and captured Naomi. She fought hard as she watched her pack mates be murdered. That night she vaguely remembered as there had been so much blood. She had watched again, those she considered family slaughtered before her eyes. Yet as she watched bodies fall all she had been concerned about was knowing the mass of corpses, Remus and Romolus had been among them. Her heart had been torn to pieces, feeling the deepest pain she had ever felt. Yet there was no time to process as she fought and had been handed over to another pack’s ally, a demon coven. There she had been tortured with silver and brutally battered. On the brink of death, it had been Trevin who had saved her. Sacrificing his life for her freedom. Naomi was able to get away by the skin of her teeth as she took all the strength she could muster and ran before she had blacked out.

When Naomi had regained consciousness she had been on a farm with an elderly woman tending to her. Barbara had been her name and she had been a human The lady had been sweet and had not questioned what had happened to Naomi. For a week she had taken care of her, allowing the feline to build some strength. As much as she had been grateful for the woman’s help, Naomi had been tormented by nightmares. Each time she had closed her eyes, all the feline saw was blood. Her heart had been so heavy, trying to process those she had lost. Naomi couldn’t stay, she needed to keep moving. Her soul wouldn’t let her rest. The feline hadn’t known what her destination was, but continuing to live on the farm in Pennsylvania wasn’t it. She had thanked Barbara for her hospitality and had been on the move again.

For the past two months, Naomi had continued to travel, taking on odd jobs just to get by as she made her way to New York and crossed over to Canada. The feline had been exhausted, broken, and mentally ill. With not much money left, she stayed in animal form for the most part and only shifted when needed.

It has only been two weeks since she has arrived in Greenrbooke and the severity of everything has started to settle in. There had been no more running or hiding. Naomi has to face the pain from the traumatic events. What troubled her more that after losing everyone she loved. A new life, a fresh start, but the past yet again continued to plague her. Staying in a hotel until Naomi could get her life together, she must push on.

Halle Berry

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