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Naomi Archived
Last seen 2021-Dec-10, 10:51 PM


CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Violence, Sex, Blood, -Isms, Death, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Naomi Archived
Leopard Shifter

Nae; Omi

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
109 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Dance Choreographer

Occupation Indepth:
M.A. in Dance & Theater
Dance Instructor Certification
Several trainings in different styles of dance
Tantric healer

-Employment Details-
Teaches mainly teens and adults for the dance company. Teaches pole dancing & heels classes. Teaches women empowerment & sexuality through dance


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Dark brown with highlights

Petite; curvy

General Dressing Style:
Outside of workout and dance-ware, Naomi likes to look stylish and polished. Her attire ranges depending on her mood. Sometimes, she likes bohemian clothing. She likes the flow and freedom it provides. That mainly consists of dresses, skirts, and pants. As much as she likes the loose clothes, she is selective over her clothing. Naomi likes to show off her shape and doesn’t want to be consumed by clothing. There are times she will be in jeans and a blouse, but she has to have an accessory to make her outfit shine. On the other hand, she does like her leather and lace. It isn’t uncommon to find her in a corset, leather pants and skits, and leather boots. Naomi likes chains, studs, zippers also. No matter what she wears, it has to reflect the moment.

General Description:
Naomi is petite with curves all in the right places. Her caramel complexion glistens like gold against the rest of her features. Her almond brown eyes twinkles when she smiles, which highlights her cheekbones. She has patches of rosettes on right hip and left upper thigh.

Currently, Naomi's hair is long with highlights. She will often wear her hair in its natural curly state or straighten it. There are times she will cut her hair to a pixie style, but that urge has not surfaced in a while. Her ears are pierced and often will wear no to little make-up. Naomi had burns from silver around her wrists and back. Also, a lot of scars and deep cuts.

Shifted Description:
142 lbs. long and sleek black leopard. Her coat is dark and glossy, only giving a hint of rosettes in the right lighting. Eyes are emerald green. The typical white spot on the tail has small rosettes all the way to the tip.


- Dance and music
- Spirituality and alternative medicine
- Affection and intimacy
- Nature
- Drinking tea

- Intuitive and empathetic
- Passionate and intense
- Dependable
- Determined mindset
- Works well under pressure

- Clutter
- blueberries and grapes
- Sharp loud noises
- Driving
- Claustrophobia
- Liars

- Emotions that often clouds her judgment
- Blunt
- Distrustful
- Stubborn
- Procrastination

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
- Has a very “flowly” gait
- Extremely agile
- Brushes up against things

General Personality:
Mysterious. Soft-spoken. Delicate. Well put togther. Calm and soothing. Easily to talk to. Honest. Blunt. Occasionally cold. Intense. Passionate. Ambivert. Airy. Flowy. Thinker. Observant. Moral. Abandonment issues.


Father: Darien Collins (Deceased)
Mother: Cora Collins (Deceased)
Brother: Stephen Collins (Unknown Whereabouts)
Maternal Aunt: Meredith Bernnan

Husband: Castiel Antonis (Deceased)
Partner: Trevin Romas (Deceased)
Other: Packmates (Deceased)

Has fae blood on maternal side which she doesn't know about.


- Skilled in rootwork, conjure, folk magic, and varies forms of ritual work
- Tantric healing and yoga
- Latin, Modern, Hip-hop, Afro-fusion, & Contemporary dance

Important History:
- Born before WWI in Chicago
- Younger sibling to a brother.
- Took an interest in herbology as a child
- Parents were murdered when she was in her early teens.
- Taken in by her aunt.
- Brother disappeared not long after
- Took up dance
- Met her husband in the 60s
- Husband died in 70s
- Spent time drinking and partying
- Moved again in the 90s; took up dance again.
- Captured and tortured by a wolf pack
- Escaped; tended to by a mundane
- Moved again after healing.
- Moved to Greenbrooke, Ontario.

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- Original FC: Halle Berry

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