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We are an 18+, Preternatural RP site, set in a fantasy location based near Toronto, Canada. We are set in AU current time, and have a loose wordcount of 200. While we draw aspects of our site from many forms of common media, we are unique and not expressly set in those worlds. As such, no off-site knowledge is required!
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2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

IC, school is back in swing after Easter took place in April. This month, May 23 is Victoria Day, meaning all the schools will be closed! You can find more information about Ontario's school year here!

2022.02.19 - Welcome to 2022! We hope you had a good holiday season! While we were quite slow over the second half of 2021, we're chomping at the bit to get things underway, and increase our community! Have a wonderful day <3 BT Team

2021.09.17 - From today until 19th, we're celebrating our first Site-Wide event! Welcome to the Apple Fest! You can read more about the Festival here.

2021.08.03 - We have added some new IC-communication forums for you to use! More information here.

2021.07.28 - Welcome to the Fae race! You can read more here.

2021.07.15 - Grand opening! Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay! -- TP

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Edwin Jameson

Edwin Jameson
Vampire, Sired by TBA

Froy Gutierrez

Eddie, Baby Boy, Sparkles

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
229 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Owns an apple farm; Setting up his House

Occupation Indepth:
In July 2021, Edwin bought the apple farm of an old retired couple that was downsizing and their kids didn't want to run it. He will continue with production while establishing his House.


Eye Colour:
Pale Blue


Hair Colour:
Light brown


General Dressing Style:
'Business casual' would best describe Edwin's preference. he enjoys a nice tailored button up shirt in either solid darker colours or a bold pattern. This likely comes from his sire's penchant for dressing nice and expecting his Family to do the same to uphold the image and reputation.

Sometimes he can be caught in more casual attire like jeans and a t-shirt when the occasion calls for it.

General Description:
Edwin is about average in height and shape and well-proportioned. He rode and tended to horses on his family's farm in his human life and has the muscle still to show for it, however, being only on the verge of adulthood upon being Turned, he still has a bit of softness to him. This shows mostly in his cheeks and in his arms that have clearly seen hard work but lack true definition and toning.

His most defining feature would be the spattering of freckles across his nose and slightly onto his cheeks. They add to his boyish appearance and coupled with his expressive blue eyes and playful smile, he can seem somewhat innocent in nature.

Froy Gutierrez


Horseback Riding

Strong Leadership Skills

Instant Coffee

Far too polite/kind
Can't always say 'no'

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Bites the corner of his lower lip when he's thinking or panicked.

General Personality:
Edwin is a good guy. The boy next door, the boy your parents would love. He's a sweetheart that tries his best to please everyone and would rather make others happy and help them first before seeing to his own needs and happiness. For the most part, this has worked out for him and leads to him easily making friends and being rather popular.

He's also known for being a hard worker and not one to cut corners no matter what he's doing. He's going to give it his all as failure is not an option and disappointing others doesn't sit well with him.

But sometimes he's too nice and people try to take advantage of it. He often knows it's happening and is fully aware of this weakness but he doesn't do much to change it. Asking politely if they could change what they were doing or follow the rules. Sometimes that works and sometimes he has to put his foot down a tad harder than he prefers.

Froy Gutierrez


Parents and siblings have all long passed though he does keep tabs on their descendants.

Kids: He had two before his death. He’s also kept track of their—his—descendants.


Currently nothing of note.



He's strong in mind reading but just learning how to use energy burst. It's a new skill that comes out sometimes when he's frustrated at not being taken seriously.

Important History:
Born in 1792, Edwin was raised on the family farm and lived a happy life tending to the crops and horses. It was a simple life but a good life.

It all changed in 1812 when the United States attempted to push at the border. Edwin was prepared to go south and fight if needed but he instead stayed to help defend their lands as their town was close enough to the border that there was a high risk of invasion and he had a young family now.

Everything was going well for their side, however, Edwin was unaware of the preternatural war that was also happening around the area. One night as he was out doing patrols with a couple of other young men, they came across two vampires fighting. They couldn't see the beings but heard the ruckus and prepared for what could have been enemy soldiers or even wolves. Edwin would later learn that the one that killed his friends and left him for dead had gone feral and the one that had saved him had been trying to rid the world of that nuisance to prevent further bloodshed.

His sire also took care of his family and faking his death, leaving them to believe he had died valiantly while defending the village. It nearly destroyed Edwin to watch his parents, siblings, and wife mourn him but he could barely control his hunger and the urge to feed from everyone in the village was too strong to risk even pretending he could return.

After they left, Edwin spent months learning his new nature while adopting a nomadic lifestyle as staying in one place for too long always led to questions. Eventually he learned more about his sire and why she kept saying Family was important but he had only ever seen the two that also travelled with them. It turned out they were on the hunt for the perfect location to plant roots and once it was found, the remainder of the Family was called.

Edwin enjoyed his his life and continued his hard work ethic while also building strong friendships within the Family. He earned a reputation for loyalty and someone who could be relied on. This was doubly beneficial for him when he approached his two hundredth year as a vampire and his sire mentioned he was growing strong enough to support his own House if he desired. Edwin waved that away but the thought stuck with him for several more years before finally deciding he was up to the challenge and that it would help prove that he was more than just a baby face that some in the community never took seriously.

In present day, he has a small Family of his own comprised of a few members his sire gifted him, two more that he received from other masters through various means, and one fledlging (his first that he Turned).

Froy Gutierrez

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Froy Gutierrez

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