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Chance Warden

Chance Warden
Vampire, Sired by Rafe Dubois

Austin Butler

Lucky, Kid

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
20 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Grunt Worker for Rafe

Occupation Indepth:
He does the thankless and menial tasks for Rafe.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Blonde, long


General Dressing Style:
Chance’s personal style is casual, preferring t-shirts and jeans or sometimes even going with leather pants for special functions. Thanks to Rafe’s standards for the members of his Family, he’s usually seen in high end brands like Versace and Gucci. He also now owns more suits than he’d ever thought he’d need, again because of the standards of the Family. When it comes to jewellery, he will occasionally wear a necklace but he always wears on his right ring finger the Warden family signet ring.

General Description:
Tall and lean, Chance often looks like he could do with a few more burgers but that’s just the way he was built and will forever be now that he’s a vampire. His hair is around shoulder length and he often wears it loose but when he needs to ‘clean up’ for an event or it’s just bothering him that day, he’s able to pull it back in a bun or pony tail.

Austin Butler


Ice cream: It doesn’t taste quite right any more but it’s a treat he always loved and it reminds him of simpler days.
Movies/TV: Not much else to do while sick at home. He loves the escapism and simple entertainment.

Respectful: Respect is important in the world of vampires and having been raised amongst them, Chance knows all about it and who to give it to. This extends outside of the Family and vampires in general as he’s polite to everyone he meets.

Observant: Rafe’s Family is known for being excellent at gathering information and Chance is no different. Even as a young child, he was always watching everyone around him and picking up on little details and what people could say with body language.

The voices in his head: He’s still not used to having the members of the Family talking to him mentally and what seems like constantly.

Timid: He’s always been one of the lower rungs on the ladder and gets nervous when he has to interact with someone higher ranked or more powerful. He’s content to sit back and be ignored.

Sheltered: Given his poor health as a human and his family's dedication to keeping Rafe's line safe, Chance never really got out much. Now that he's out in the real world, it's all rather overwhelming.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Given how new he is to being a vampire, Chance is still a pro at breathing and looking/acting like a human. But, on the flip side, he can also look a little twitchy when he's trying to control any urges.

General Personality:
Chance is a pretty laid-back man that almost prefers to observe than participate when given the chance. It's not that he's anti-social or thinks himself too good to interact with certain people, but he wants to know more about someone before letting them get close. To him, it simply seems to be a waste of energy to get to know someone and let them in only to have them betray you or not want to be friends any more. Overall, he's easy to get along with since he's not the confrontational type but the amount of close or dear friends can be counted on one hand.

He’s extremely loyal to the Family, thanks to being born into it and raised to respect Rafe and all of his vampires. That loyalty can and will extend to any friends he makes and trusts enough to let in as he doesn’t want to lose anyone that is important in his life.

He can come across as a bit odd thanks to both being extremely new to being a vampire and to the world in general. He was born with poor health and rarely left the Family's country estate that his parents helped to oversee and guard. He'll often find joy in the simplest of acts and compares things to what he's seen in movies and shows or from what he's heard Family members talk about.

Austin Butler


Parents: Lisa & Jonathan Warden
Siblings: Derek (M, 2004)
Kids: None

Friends: Lyric Jackson
Baby vamp handlers: Ricky and Marco, both vampires older than 300, lived at the manor with Chance so they're friends to him as well

Only those within Rafe's Family know about Chance's family being guardians of Rafe's bloodline. The bargain was struck in 1785 and the following are some of note:
Great x6 grandfather Gerald (born 1755, Turned around 1800) (made the deal with Rafe and is known as the Original Warden and oversees the security at the city mansion)
Great grandmother Greta (Born 1925, Turned 1975) (6th generation) oversees the country manor
Grandmother Anna (born 1953, did not want to Turn, died 2018) (7th generation)
Mom Lisa (born 1979) (8th generation) lives at the city mansion
Dad Jonathan (born 1976) (married in) lives at the city mansion
Brother Derek (Dare) (born 2004) (9th generation) lives at the city mansion


Extremely new to the vampire life, Chance is still learning to control the basics and hasn't yet mastered any or shown signs of excelling in a specific area.

Important History:
Chance was born into one of the bloodlines that has served Rafe Dubois for generations. They were trusted humans left to take care of daytime business like errands, shopping, maintaining the household, and listening for local gossip. They also acted as security for those that slept hidden away from the deadly daylight, ensuring they weren’t disrupted.

Unfortunately, he was born prematurely and with a congenital heart defect that left him unable to fully assist in all of the demands his family dealt with, though he did his best.

Chance knew early on that vampires and magic existed and never thought there would be people that didn’t believe that as well, though movies and TV showed how wrong he was and it only made the young boy sad that so many were missing out on the truth. Because there weren’t kids around his own age (aside from his little brother) at the secluded manor out in the country, Chance was comfortable around the vampires and adults. This continued into his teen years and left him a bit closed off—especially since he also didn’t know what to talk about as a ‘hey, guess what this two hundred year old vampire told me about history’ wasn’t exactly acceptable when he was allowed out on errands.

Rafe didn’t visit often as he preferred the city and only returned when he needed to get away from the politics and chaos that only came from the going-ons of a city. However, when he did, Chance was always reminded of who and why they served him and Chance was always left both in awe and a tad frightened of the master vampire. Still, he wanted to make the vampire proud and worked hard around the house and learning everything he could about the Family, the business, and what was expected of him as he got older.

In his teen years, Chance realised that there wasn’t much for him to truly do outside of the light duties he was allowed around the manor and pretending gossip in the nearby small town was important when he was brought along on errands. He was often ill and left in bed or on the sofa with Netflix and a vampire or two as his viewing buddies. This was becoming more the average for him and while Chance hated it and always tried to assist in some way still, though he was growing weaker and often sent to rest.

A few months after his nineteenth birthday, his health issues finally caught up to him in full and one day he was found unconscious in the bathroom. Several tests and observations followed and it was finally determined he was dying with little that could be done. Chance was terrified but continued to smile for his family every time he was awake—which was growing to be less often than not.

He thought it was a fever-induced hallucination at the time but was told later that Rafe actually had been informed he was dying and the master showed up immediately, taking the emergency portal set up between homes. Rafe apparently said that their bloodlines were connected and just as one served, the other protected and made the decision to save Chance by Turning him. It was a painful experience and waking the first time after it was all said and done wasn’t much better. Everything was brighter and louder and Chance huddled in a corner of a darkened room, holding his head when Rafe appeared, explaining what he had done to save the boy’s life.

That night, Chance was swept away to a safe house where he spent the following three months learning to control his hunger, figuring out how to use his new powers, and adjust to his new life. Rafe once more appeared, testing Chance personally before deeming him safe enough to return to society—and the city. While he wouldn’t be denied access to his parents, Chance was told it would be hard on them all for a while and it would destroy Chance if he accidentally hurt them.

So to the city he went, where he spent several nights adjusting to the new sounds and learning his place amongst the new household and the world in general.

Austin Butler

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