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Lyric Jackson

Lyrical Dream Jackson
Elemental Mage
Maddy Ziegler
Lyric, Lyri, Ly
Age Apparent:
Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her
Date of Birth:
Current Age:
14 years old
Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her
Student; waitress
Occupation Indepth:
Lyric works at a small, family owned restaurant where she is a waitress on most weekend nights. She has to roster her shifts around her dance schedule, which means she doesn't get to work as much as she would like, but more than her Papa thinks she should.
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Dark brown
lithe, dancer
General Dressing Style:
Lyric loves to be comfortable, and she’s comfortable in almost anything! She loves even more to look cute, and wearing cute clothes is a great way to achieve that! In the summer months, Lyric has a preference for flowy dresses, short shorts, and singlet tops. She isn’t afraid to show off her skin, and thinks nothing of it after so many years of dancing and gymnastics, where more skin shown means more ease of movement.

In the winter months, Lyric still desires to look cute, so she tends to wear elegant clothing, with warm boots and fancy jackets. She loves the cold, but prefers to be warm, so scarves and gloves are certainly never gone without. Heavy woollen sweaters are a deeply loved favourite, and Lyric has quite the collection of ‘ugly sweaters’ – which she will be quite firm about being cute!
General Description:
With a bright, warm smile and warmer blue eyes, Lyric easily draws people to her with her friendly disposition and cheerful nature. While not someone that would be considered stunning, her wide smile and genuine warmth are inviting and its hard not to be taken by the girl. Her lips are full, with a wide smile and her nose is almost a bit big for her face. Her eyes are wide and framed by thick long lashes, even without the help of makeup. Her eyebrows are kept neat and tidy, as are her fingernails. Lyric wears her hair long, usually around the middle of her back, but mostly tied up and away from her face – she’s not fond of it being loose.

Her body is slim, and while it shows hints of adult curves, they are understated, almost invisible against the toned strength of her dancers’ body. Her hips and bust are not worth mentioning, and are usually outshone by her long, strong legs, and smooth, flat stomach. Her skin is genuinely tanned in the summer from her love of being outdoors, while she fades to a creamy white in the winter.
Maddy Ziegler
Chocolate, dancing, gymnastics, magic, her family, her friends
Physically strong, cheerful and genuinely happy, friendly, following schedules,
Spicy food, scary movies, school (but especially math)
Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Upbeat: it is almost impossible to get Lyric down; she's genuinely a cheerful and happy girl. When she is down, Lyric simply withdraws into herself, and becomes very quiet and almost entirely mute.
General Personality:
By and far, Lyric is a cheerful, upbeat girl who hardly ever has a down day. She’s quick to smile, friendly, and easy to get along with. Naturally a socialite, Lyric enjoys being surrounded by friends, or actively making new ones. With her wide, genuine smile and easy going nature, Lyric finds it easy to break through the rough outer shells of most people. Confidence isn’t something Lyric is lacking, in part due to her nature and in part due to her growing up dancing in front of some pretty judgemental judges.
Maddy Ziegler
Father: Abraham Jackson
Mother: Nightingale Symphony (MIA)
Brother: Nocturne Jackson (+9 years)
Friends: Cody Park

Rivals: Female #1, fellow dancer
Important History:
Maddy Ziegler
Creator Credits
Inactivity Preference:
Character By:
Played By:
Additional Credits:
Maddy Ziegler

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