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We are an 18+, Preternatural RP site, set in a fantasy location based near Toronto, Canada. We are set in AU current time, and have a loose wordcount of 200. While we draw aspects of our site from many forms of common media, we are unique and not expressly set in those worlds. As such, no off-site knowledge is required!
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2022.05.10 - Hello! We've been a bit on the slow side, but we're getting back on the move again!

IC, school is back in swing after Easter took place in April. This month, May 23 is Victoria Day, meaning all the schools will be closed! You can find more information about Ontario's school year here!

2022.02.19 - Welcome to 2022! We hope you had a good holiday season! While we were quite slow over the second half of 2021, we're chomping at the bit to get things underway, and increase our community! Have a wonderful day <3 BT Team

2021.09.17 - From today until 19th, we're celebrating our first Site-Wide event! Welcome to the Apple Fest! You can read more about the Festival here.

2021.08.03 - We have added some new IC-communication forums for you to use! More information here.

2021.07.28 - Welcome to the Fae race! You can read more here.

2021.07.15 - Grand opening! Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay! -- TP

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Samantha Renwick
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CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Abuse, Drugs, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Samantha Renwick
Crow Shifter

Sofia Boutella


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:
She | Her

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
30 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
She | Her

Thief, Spy, Trash Bird, Artist

Occupation Indepth:
She uses her artistry and calligraphy skills to forge documents and copy signatures. She's good at basic breaking and entering and great at watching and listening to get juicy dirt for people.


Eye Colour:
dark brown


Hair Colour:
Black, usually wavy, a little wild


General Dressing Style:
Samantha has a fondness for lace and sparkly accents. If she's dressing down then she goes purely for comfort, either sticking with tank tops or sweaters and sweatpants or jeans. She always is wearing some sort of jewelry, usually several rings and bracelets.

General Description:
Despite being thin (some people might think she's a little too thin), Samantha does not appear to be frail. Even when she's lounging in a haze of drugs and alcohol she has the appearance of a spring loaded trap, ready to snap. Her tan skin makes the pale scars across her knuckles and along her right bicep stand out a bit more sharply.

Shifted Description:
A large but rather average looking crow. Great for blending in.

Sofia Boutella


Shiny things
Turning off feelings with poor coping mechanisms
The thrill of getting away with it
Boxing. Great stress relief.

Keen Memory
Oddly functional while high

Ravens. They know what they did.


Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Nods her head a lot, even when people have finished talking. Frequently preens in one fashion or another, either fussing with her hair, or making small adjustments to her clothing.

General Personality:
Samantha is her own worst enemy, overthinking her feelings when she has them, and preferring to keep herself heavily inebriated with a cocktail of drugs and booze whenever fits of treacherous emotion strike. When she's not in a drugged up stupor she's rather cheery, cocky even. So long as she's having fun, everything is fine.
Her moral compass is heavily askew, and while she's not entirely heartless, money and (especially) drugs will triumph over any sentiment. Samantha prizes her (perceived) independence above most things.

Sofia Boutella


Father: Corbin Renwick
Mother: Mia Quispe(dec.)
Half Sister: Isa Renwick
Uncle: Paul Renwick

Ex fiance: Jake Williams - Police Officer

Her father is a much better thief and burglar than she is, and Samantha worries she's just disappointing him.

If you need someone followed and watched, Samantha's eyes and ears can be easily bought.

Creative, good head for business, can turn into a raven. Rather good at mimicry while shifted. Keen memory. Good eye. Poor decisions.
Has a way with other (mundane) crows, and can convince them to help her frequently enough.

Important History:
Born to a very supportive, if unorthodox, father and a mostly disappointed and concerned mother, Samantha had a rather good if hectic childhood in New Ashcroft, Colorado.
Her father and mother never married (he was still married to his first wife when he had an affair with Samantha's mother, Mia), but despite that he was a prominent figure in her life.
Things began to go downhill when she fell for Jake, a cop in her hometown, and decided to try to change herself to suit his whims. He was controlling, manipulative, and eventually outright abusive, and Samantha's pride kept her from seeking advice or help from her family and friends. She turned to alcohol to cope and eventually harder drugs. A fight that culminated in her father nearly beating Jake to death resulted in her leaving town and striking out on her own.
She's since made her way to Greenbrooke where she has settled in as an artist who makes most of her money illicitly.

Sofia Boutella

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Fade Out
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Additional Credits:
Sofia Boutella

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