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Gavin Piers

CAUTION. This profile contains instances of Violence, Sex, Blood, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Gavin Piers
Vampire, Sired by Currently Unnamed

Gui Fedrizzi


Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
737 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him


Occupation Indepth:
Thanks to centuries of living and smart investments, Gavin lives a life of luxury and plays up being a playboy with nothing else to do.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Brown, short


General Dressing Style:
When it comes to fashion, Gavin has an eye for it. He follows the trends put out by the high end designers that fill his closets. Even his casual wear has a pricey name tag attached.

General Description:
Gavin was deemed tall in his human years but rather average in height in modern terms. He was a soldier, trained in swordplay, and thus has a fit stature with good upper body strength. Still, no one will be washing their clothes on his abs as he did also lead a comfortable life as a lord that created a little padding.

Gui Fedrizzi


Sex, wine, and parties. In that order.

Strategist. He may not appear it, but Gavin is usually decent at thinking ahead and there's often some method to the madness.

Hard work and commitment. Neither sound that fun.

Arrogant. He knows he's sexy and among the elite so why deny it?

Often runs late. Sometimes by design, or at least he says it is.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Sings along to music while in the shower. Loudly. The showers are rather lengthy as well.

General Personality:
A once arrogant man that flaunted his wealth and power, Gavin has calmed a bit over the centuries. He is still a very self-assured man and he has amassed quite a bit of wealth and power, but he tries to keep it a bit more under wraps. He doesn't always succeed, but he's learned when it's appropriate and who he shouldn't mess with.

He is, however, still a man that knows what he wants and expects to get it. He is skilled in the art of negotiation, possessing quite the silver tongue. That tongue works just as well in times of leisure, as Gavin adores being adored. He is a natural born flirt and has created himself a reputation as a playboy. Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne has nothing on Gavin Piers. This fact also reflects in how he doesn't keep a lover around for long as Gavin doesn't have time for lasting relationships. If lucky, a lover is kept in his 'little black book' and future rendez-vous may happen.

After working hard when needed and investing wisely over the years and in multiple names and accounts, Gavin is more a man of leisure at this point in his extended life. On superstitious and paranoia-filled days, he sometimes thinks he's reached full circle to the point in his life that brought about his demise. These days don't happen too often and they're usually banished with a party. Other than his investments and playing the stock market, Gavin is simply enjoying his life and attempting to keep his cool.

Early into his vampiric life saw Gavin rampage across Europe as he revelled in the blood and sex and cared little of the mayhem he left behind. His sire made half-hearted attempts to calm him but upon much later reflection, Gavin believed she enjoyed the wild life as much as he had. When the fires of rage were finally doused, Gavin swore to himself to never let such a thing happen again and has done his best to seal that beastly side away. Since then, the beast won their battle twice but on a much smaller scale. Usually he finds a compromise with his warring desires of peace and war with a little torture.

Gui Fedrizzi


None living.
Sire: Unnamed.
Vampiric Children: Karl Zahringer and a few others to run his household.

Lovers: plenty. Nothing serious as he won't allow himself to feel that deeply again.

Only a very small handful of vampires know his past identity as Piers Gaveston.


Telekinesis and touchless feeding.

Important History:
Everyone knows me, yet not many are aware that they do.

I was not born Gavin Piers; that is a name I simply adopted at some point over the years to mask who I really am. Perhaps I also saw it as a chance at a fresh start. We are all creatures of habit but there always comes a time when we reflect and wish to change--for better or worse. I have yet to decide which way my changes have made me.

I was born Piers Gaveston in 1284. What you know of that man is partially true. Yes, I was an English nobleman. Yes, Edward I liked me enough to put me in his son's household. Yes, I was exiled thrice over the years. Yes, his son, Edward II, and I were close. He was, and always will be, my soulmate on every level. I loved that man, for all his faults, just as he did me. Neither of us were perfect and we paid for it in the end, didn't we?

Historians are an amusing lot. They spend so much of their lives pouring over letters and scraps of papers and tapestries doing their best to piece together life before their time. I suppose when it comes to Edward of England and Isabella of France, I am to blame. I did my best to preserve what the three of us had in private by destroying evidence of it for years after we had all long since passed and no longer the hot topic of conversation. Believe what you will about the three of us but behind closed doors, there was love amongst us all.

I will say that perhaps I did have a bit too much fun at the expense of other earls with the nicknames, provoking them, and having some influence over Edward. The Irish, however, adored me. I made sure to keep their notes about me intact. I needed a bit of good to balance out all of the negative, didn't I?

I could sense my downfall approaching with that third exile near the end of 1311. Many believe I returned two months later because of the birth of my daughter, Joan, but that is only partially correct. Margaret, my dear wife, was important to me but more as a social status than anything deeper. I did well by her but Margaret never held as much of my heart as Edward or even Isabella did.

By that time, I was already rather disenchanted by the church and had no love for the Lord and his minions any longer. I met with Edward early into the new year and it was then that I knew he would do anything to keep me safe. We discussed witchcraft, perhaps a charm of some sort could keep me safe. I recalled stories I had heard while in Ireland and the whispers of a powerful woman. She was sent for in secret, by my own hand so that Edward could claim no part in this. If I were to still believe the church, my soul was already damned, and perhaps even Edward's but I didn't want to further risk his.

Relying on a messenger to bring my sealed letter to this woman I didn't even have the name of or true location for other than somewhere in Ireland was rather nerve-wracking. However, my luck continued to hold as I was preparing to fortify in Scarborough and a woman appeared, as if stepping straight out of the shadows. It was not the one I had sent for and there are days where I wonder what my life would be like if the witch had found her way to me first--though I always decide it would be a lot shorter if she had.

I entertained my mysterious and rather alluring guest for several days before giving my soul to the devil. That night the process to Turn me began. By the time I surrendered, I was a creature of the night. It was a risky move to allow them to move me given my new aversion to daylight but they took my need to stay covered as another oddity of mine.

Men are simple creatures. Do not wound their pride but offer them enough money and you can have a deal made for anything. Including your own murder. Guy de Beauchamp was easily bribed despite his hatred of me. He took credit for killing me and leaving my body out on that back road while two poor men were paid to take the corpse of a man I had killed earlier and say it was me. Thanks to a little beheading with the head in a sack, it was easily passed off.

Edward went into a rage upon hearing of my death. The night before my so-called body was to reach him, I visited him. It took a while to convince him I was not a dream or a ghost. Our reunion was sweet but short as I explained my new mistress was close by to keep me under control as I learned more about my new life. We had to part for a few years both so his act would be believable and that I could return safely to him without fear of harming him.

Oh how I wish I had returned sooner! Perhaps he would have had a better life with Isabella. Even to this day I cannot dwell long on his final days without finding myself a crying mess or covered in someone's blood after a fit of rage. I will only say that we were too slow. We should have acted sooner and I would have had my king with me now.

I don't recall much of the following century or two. Edward's death by Isabella's betrayal triggered my rage and I went on a slight rampage across England, France, and eventually Germany. I gave into my grief and the nature that every vampire is constantly at war with took advantage of that fact. Sex, blood, and death. That was my life and even my mistress did little to quell it. I believe she, too, delighted in letting loose for a while, though she was the guiding hand that made sure I didn't wipe out an entire village and we moved on before we were discovered.

When the bloodlust finally faded, I found myself in the company of Karl Zahringer. He said we made a bet that I don’t recall and I ended up Turning him, also something that slipped my mind. Feeling the bond, I had to believe everything else he said was true and took my new child along with me on a much calmer tour of Europe.

Eventually we found ourselves in the new world where I found it to be incredibly dull but we stayed and continued amassing wealth and enjoying the high life. Someone had to make the new countries entertaining! When it became clear that Greenbrooke was becoming the latest preternatural hotspot, we relocated and settled in.

Nearly a decade later and I find I’m still not bored of the city. Perhaps I am getting old and looking to settle down. More likely, I’ve learned to be patient and wait for the fireworks to begin.

Gui Fedrizzi

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Gui Fedrizzi

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