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Nocturne Jackson

Nocturne Moonlight Ballad Jackson
Nulls Mage

Brenton Thwaites

Noct, Tigger, Moonlight

Age Apparent:

Preferred Pronouns:

Date of Birth:

Current Age:
27 years old

Assumed Pronouns:
He | Him

Stay at Home Brother; The Guardians' Occasional Bitch

Occupation Indepth:
Mostly, Noct has been asked to stay home and look after his little sister when she was younger and their dad was away for work. Sometimes, thanks to his 'special skill', the Guardians drag him in on a larger mission.


Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:
Brown, long


General Dressing Style:
Nocturne is pretty casual in his clothes. Jeans and a shirt are his go-to items with no real preference for colours. In fact, he's kind of a mess it terms of colours. He has tie-dyed some of his own clothes, can be seen in all black, and likes funky socks that are colourful or crazy patterns.

He does own a couple of suits but they don't see the light of day that often, usually only for special events and they're just a unique as the rest of his wardrobe.

While he doesn't have any piercings, Nocturne will wear necklaces and rings when the mood strikes him and sometimes bracelets.

General Description:
Nocturne falls somewhere between lean and bulky for his rather average height. He’s muscular but more like a swimmer and dancer than someone that lifts. He’s grown up swimming and doing gymnastics and has continued with both out of enjoyment and maintaining his strength.

He often gets lazy with his hair and lets it grow out, showing off the fact that it's actually curly and a lighter shade of brown. There have been times over the years where it has reached his shoulders but he usually doesn't let it go past his earlobes since that's long enough to be pulled back into a pony tail if needed.

He also tries to grow out a goatee from time to time, but unlike his dad, Nocturne struggles with it. It comes in thin and almost patchy and his sister usually ends up calling him a werewolf for spouting random hairs. It typically doesn't last long after that point.

Nocturne has several tattoos, all with some sort of significance to him.
On the right inner forearm, an hourglass with the sand coloured in purple and teal to represent twilight.
On the right outer bicep in the same colour palette are three large claw marks that reveal the nebula with black music notes. (image is a leaf but the nebula is referenced)
On the left inner forearm, a dying oak tree.
On the left bicep, a cat done in sumie style that he painted himself.
On the right calf, a female dancer in motion, in water colour tones.
On the right inner bicep, a delicate sword with forget-me-nots
The left calf will be his next target when the whim hits.

Brenton Thwaites


Various Fighting Disciplines: Given he has no magic to fight/protect with, Nocturne keeps up on physical skills.

Gymnastics: His mom wanted him to do something not quite as violent as karate or the typical contact sports. She suggested dancing or gymnastics. Young Nocturne figured gymnastics could help him more with fighting bad guys like his dad and went with that. He genuinely grew to love it and continues to this day, mostly doing tumbling and sometimes the parallel bars.

Riding Motorcycles: Nocturne has a need for speed and living in the moment while pushing the limits. He’s been riding motorcycles since he was eighteen and his parents couldn’t keep him from getting one any longer. His current toy is a Kawasaki Ninja in Candy Plasma Blue for a little added flash. His father puts up with it though he hates when Nocturne picks up Lyric from school or practice on it.

Trying New Hobbies: Nocturne likes to be kept busy and try new things. Life is short, got to experience it all.

Easy-going: Not much gets to him and he's more than willing to just go along with what he's been saddled with or what a friend suggests than fight it. Though he might grumble a bit, mostly for show.

Quick-witted: He's rather good at coming back with a retort, whether kind or not. While caught off guard in a situation, he's fairly quick at figuring out what to do.

Mornings: Whether his name influenced him or it is mere coincidence, Nocturne prefers to stay up all night and sleep through mornings whenever he can.

Summer: It’s hot, humid, and just gross. Sure, the outdoor activities are great but the weather sucks when dodging between one air conditioned building to another.

Guardians: He used to love them and wanted to be one like his dad, but as he got older and learned more about what being a null meant, he’s learned not to trust or like most. They only use people for their own means and don’t care about their well-being.

Brutally Honest: If he doesn’t like you or your idea, you’ll know. He is a master of ‘are you stupid?’ faces.

Reckless: This isn't a constant but Nocturne does have moments of not caring, knowing his life is short and he might as well be crazy and have fun.

Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks:
Smirks when amused by something and rolls his eyes and sighs when exasperated or annoyed--usually by someone's foolishness.

General Personality:
Nocturne is a pretty chill guy despite his career choice. He’s easy to get along with when he wants to be and hard to rile up as he doesn’t let negativity get to him. Heck, he’s more likely to join in and tease himself if he’s in the mood for it. Otherwise, he just lets it roll off his back and go about his business.

He is fiercely protective of his little sister, though. If anyone tries anything against her or says one bad thing about her, Nocturne’s not nearly as forgiving or all smiles. Lyric is pure and precious and he doesn’t like seeing her cry. Anyone trying to court his sister will face the dragon that protects her. They might think her dad is the one to be afraid of, but Jax doesn’t have anything on Nocturne.

When it comes to his job as a pseudo-Guardian, Nocturne is all business. He needs to be alert and take it seriously, otherwise one tiny slip up could leave someone injured or worse. He’ll also voice his opinion if he thinks someone is being stupid or has a horrible idea, especially with safety concerned.

Brenton Thwaites


Parents: Abraham Jackson, Nightingale Symphony
Siblings: Lyric Jackson
Kids: None that he knows of


Not many know that he's a null. If a weak/young mage is near him, he's likely to zap their magic without meaning to since he is constantly giving off a little of the dampening but stronger mages won't notice it until he exerts his void outward, killing off all magic and charms within his radius.


As a null, he can absorb magic or exert his will/aura outward and nullify all magic in a certain radius.

Important History:
Nocturne was born into the interesting world of a hippie mother and a Guardian father. As far back as he can remember, there were always times his mom would tell him stories of love and take him out to help in the garden and feed animals in the area. But there were also times where his dad would tell him stories of epic wars fought throughout the years between the varying factions—or within their own—and how he would also grow up to be a Guardian and help fight the bad guys and keep the peace his mother loves so much.

When miracle of miracles happened and Lyric was born, Nocturne was instantly in love with the little girl. He knew even without his parents telling him that he would be her protector. He was still rather young himself, only nine, but he knew even if he never became an actual Guardian like their dad, he would be hers. No one would ever harm his sister with him around.

Unfortunately, as much as his dad hoped he would be an elemental mage like himself, Nocturne didn’t show any aptitude for that kind of magic, or any other, and the dream of being a badass Guardian was starting to die. He was fourteen when a fluke happened and they realised no one could use magic was because of him. He was brought to the Society for further testing and it revealed that he was definitely a null, one that had too much of the power to fully reign in and it was always 'on'.

He was sixteen when their mom left. She dropped Lyric off at a dance practice like normal but didn’t show up to pick her up and never returned to the house. He wasn’t surprised that she finally gave up the lie and pretending she was okay with the violent nature of the world she married into but Nocturne couldn’t believe she could give up her children so easily. It only ended up making him more determined to keep Lyric safe from the world at large and those that would hurt her like their mom had.

Since then, he's helped raise his sister and tried to find his own path while sort of being a Guardian. Because of his ability, he's more of an on-call special weapon for the Society and doesn't get to go on actual missions with the real mages in case he zaps their powers. That’s fine by him as he no longer worships them and would prefer not to have anything to do with them. However, he’s usually stationed in front of a computer, monitoring the city or raids when they go down.

Brenton Thwaites

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Brenton Thwaites

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